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HobbyKing Coota R/C Sea Plane Plug-n-Fly

HobbyKing Coota R/C Sea Plane Plug-n-Fly
HobbyKing Coota R/C Sea Plane Plug-n-Fly

Great fun water takeoff and landings! The Coota can land and takeoff from water in as short as 15 feet.

HobbyKing Coota comes ready to fly, complete with the large diameter powerful DAT-700 brushless outrunner, ESC, and servos. All you need is a 2S battery (around 1800mAh) and recevier to be flight ready.

This is not a performance plane, its a fun and exciting way to extend your hobby to the water and when you are ready, you can clip on the wheels for some old fashioned land takeoffs.

Wing Span: 930mm
Length: 680mm
Weight: 428g
Motor: DAT-700 Brushless Outrunner 700kv
Prop: 8050
ESC: 20A brushless
Battery: 7.4v 1300~1800mAh 2S1P (Not included)
Servos: 9g x 4

Your TX & RX
7.4V 2S 1300mah LiPo Battery (XT60 Plug)


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Total of 46 discussions.
Pericles  1 points - 3/24/2014
Hi, Could you help me, please? I´*m looking for a coota with complete componentes to use(RC, batery). I´*m wainting your response Thanks
 sofyan 1 points
you can separately order the battery, chose the battery as show in battery requirement for this plane
Electric Power  561 points - 12/8/2013
great plane have owned a couple over the years. I fly my stock but many upgrade the prop. It flies perfect on a 3s 1500/1800 ma batt. Flight times in the 10 minutes range. 4 other guys in the club have them so we zip around at the same time. Good off grass but better off water and snow .
Never had an issue with the ESC or servos and it you do bang it real easy to fix . I also fly the Skipper that is great off grass water, snow. Good winter and summer planes that fit in any car trunk
 sofyan 1 points
what is the maximum length of prop, I would like to use lower kv and use longer prop.
 Electric Power 561 points
8 inches maybe go a tick longer but not much. since any longer and it hit the fuse. like to use an APC The Skipper is a better plane also by HK. I own one of those as well with a APC prop it flies great on 1000 to 1300 ma 3s batts. Flies faster or slower and looks great in the air off grass snow water
 sofyan 1 points
ook thk, have you ever fly icon with span 1380mm, I already order that, and want to know the character, which one is wild? if booth of these product are nice and easy to fly I would like to order cota.
 Electric Power 561 points
Icon5 know a person who owns it, likes the Coota and Icon both. Of all I would take the Skipper as I said earlier With both the Icon and Coota you need to leave a tick of power on to land real smooth. The Skipper can have zero power as the big delta wing floats.
 sofyan 1 points
ok thx for the info, I would order skipper later because of my membership status I can't order skipper, I saw the nice flying of skipper very stable even if in low speed.
zaelistas  38 points - 12/1/2013
perfect plane. i have this plane almost 3 years and it is amazing on lakes and grownd.i think it is the perfect plane for everybody.
jonathan  6 points - 10/15/2013
I flew mine the first 2 times. It flew ok for the first 3 minutes or so, but it cut power soon after. I changed the reciever but did not give me the chance for a 4th flight as it plunged down smashing to the ground. I am pointing my finger at the speed controller as it cuts power not only to the engine but also to the servos ending up without any sort of control. Probably it survived the first 2 crashes as it ended up in the water and it was not so high up the sea. I must say that i am disappointed in this purchase as a defect in this product ended me up with it destroyed.
Jan  3 points - 8/22/2013
And the bad luck continues... I got it to work and flew one battery with decent success. This is really unstable plane, I mean really unstable. CG is ok, as are trims but still it handles like it would be really windy. Second battery was a disaster: During the flight left wing servo burned out and caused my plane to crash from maybe 100ft. I didn´*t have a chance because left aileron got stuck in furthest position... So three times at the sky and two mechanical failures. I think that says everything you need to know...
 Gerald 41 points
Mine flies nice and stable. Are you new to RC flying? Maybe you could use a 3 axis gyro unit untill you have a bit more experience.
 Sice Flying 87 points
I agree with both of you. I also bought mine as Art-tech plane. Still with a 35Mhz radio and NiMH battery. It takes an experienced pilot to fly it stable and I also had a servo failing when it was still new. Luckely on mine it was the rudder servo and it failed in a straight position. I never flew it on the old TX and NiMH battery. The day I bouild it I went to 2.4Ghz and a 3cell Lipo. I must say I totally enjoy flying it off water and off the grass, even on grass I take off and land without the wheels.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
Arrived last week and all looked fine, but I plugged in and the elevator servo was humming, after a few seconds it went on fire I quickly pulled the battery and the burning servo out, Im not sending it back as the freight costs to HK from New Zealand are too great, I have cut the burnt foam out and replaced the servo and it flies well, I have no counter weight and a 1800mah 2c battery and the COG is fine. all in all its a good kit but check your servos if you have any humming pull the power immediately and replace the servo, I gave it 2 stars instead of one because it flies well, looks good and is packaged well.

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
Just received mine yesterday in a very good condition. The plane was sweet looking Thank you HK

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Best foamie I have EVEr bought.
Cut, fit and finish...perfect.
Everything is installed.
Glue on wings (AB Gulite is best foam glue I have seen), add battery and RX.
Will take off grass with 2S LiPo.

Get one now.

Water report later.

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Overall Rating

1 thumbs up!
The dream comes true.... Flying on a lake or in the snow ! Incredible construction. I love It...Must have! Thanks HK

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Got mine and man is it cheap. However some things that need to be done is make a rod to support the wings. Skewers will work, make sure your metal weight is still attached in the nose. And enjoy flying it. Handles well on water or grass. Steering is better than you'd expected with only the rudder. On wheels too..

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