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ZIPPY Flightmax 2500mAh 6.6V 5C LiFePo4 Receiver Pack

ZIPPY Flightmax 2500mAh 6.6V 5C LiFePo4 Receiver Pack

Zippy Flightmax LiFe batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the hobby market today!

The Zippy Flightmax 2500mAh LiFe Receiver pack provides unequalled voltage stability and lighter weight than stock receiver batteries. Ideal for the latest high torque, high speed servos that require more current.

Capacity: 2500mAh
Voltage: 6.6v
Constant discharge: 5C
Burst discharge: N/A
Weight: 132g
Size: 131x32x18mm
Discharge plug: EH
Balance plug: JST-XH

Note: EH to JR Servo adapters are available for this battery, see the related items below.



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Capacity(mAh) 2500
Config(s) 2
Discharge(c) 5
Weight(g) 132
Max Charge Rate (C) 2
Length-A(mm) 131
Height-B(mm) 32
Width-C(mm) 18
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  • JR to EH Adapter wire (2pcs/bag)

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Daves  3 points - 2/9/2014
quanto tem po de voo essa bateria pode suportar em um aeromodelo com 5 servos extronic digital de 10 kilos e um futaba 3034 ?
 MARCELO A. 199 points
tenho um cesna motor 20cc, voei este fim de semana com uma dessa p/ 8 servos de forç*a(15kg) fiz cerca de 3 voos e sobrou bastante bateria, porem o meu aero é* voo basico, se vc for por em um aero acrobatico acredito q ira gastar um pouco mais, mas creio mesmo assim q da p/ fazer uns 4 voos no dia duns 10/14 minuto.ok espero ter ajudado
igorc  37 points - 11/16/2013
Will this battery fit on the frsky taranis X9D radio ? also is the voltage (6.6v) good for this radio ?
kmh299  18 points - 6/11/2013
I wonder if I can use this battery in my futaba t8fg? I'll need to do some configuration on the TX? This battery will last longer than the original battery? this battery can ruin my TX? Thank you.
 Ranjit Talwar 6 points
Yes! you can use it with the Futaba T8FG Rx if you have upgraded the Firmware. Fits snug. You will have to change the voltage alarm settings, you will see it in SYS > Sound > Low Bat. Just buy 2............these tend to puff.
 dejavuno1 28 points
Its not fitting the futaba t8fg. Got a battery today 20130609. And it doesnt fit.
 pchri12 2 points
They must have shipped wrong battery, or it is damaged. This battery fits perfectly in the 8FG.
 Basil 72 points
These are great receiver batteries but I wouldn't use them in a transmitter. I have the Futaba 12FG and I use a Power Edge 7.2 volt 2600mah 5c lipo which works good - very small battery. The Volt On 7.2 volt 2100mah Lipo HK sells - fills most of battery compartment. I use both and get around 6 hours on a full charge. Futaba should not have gone down to 7.2volts on there more power consuming radios.
Kingsley  2 points - 5/26/2013
i was wondering if i can use the zippy battery for a heli
 wesix 249 points
You cant use this battery because it has a very low C rating which means it cant give out enough amps to drive your heli. Look for something with at least 30c,depending on heli size
sibel  2 points - 3/6/2013
futaba 8FG 2.4 GHZ transmitter can ı* use these batteries. yı*lmaz rc tü*rkiye
 CQ_helis 48 points
Yes, it fits perfectly. Be sure to change the voltage settings in the 8FG. See the Futaba website for updated manual instructions for this.
 kmh299 18 points
hi friend I'm reading your message, most do not understand what I have to modify the RX to put this battery, consutei the manual and did not comment anything about it. you know how to do this modification? Thank you.
 efespilsen 23 points
What configured alarm t8fg ?
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Ivan Delac
Like it?
Iam buy 3kom , finally good replace for nimh rx battery pack.Servos and reciver work perfect without ubec.Recommend !

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Overall Rating
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i bought 2 of them and used it in my sailing-boats at the 16. Naviga Worldchampionship. 5 to 6 races a day, the 2500 lifepo4 5C has enough capacity for more then 12 races!
2500mAh Lifepo4 is less weight than a 5-cell Eneloop pack!
i will give away all my Nimh and change to Lifepo4!

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Overall Rating
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I placed one or two diodes in series in order to reduce the voltage. Better safe than sorry.

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Overall Rating
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Smaller than it looks in picture
one cell a little lower voltage than the other only reason giving a 4star rating. 2 cycles on it as of now, will comment to this post after more time using

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Overall Rating
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otima bateria para usar no rx para modelos maiores

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