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HobbyKing® ™Seaplane RC Model Kit

HobbyKing® ™Seaplane RC Model Kit
HobbyKing® ™Seaplane RC Model Kit

Unusual looking, yet nicely scaled. The Icon-A5 is made from crash resiliant EPO foam. 
This 1.38m model RC seaplane is different from the real ICON A5 in flight, its very easy to fly and comes with a rudder for better control in water.

Wingspan: 1380mm
Length: 860mm
Weight: 600g
Propeller: 8x3.8
Battery compartment size: 117x27x19mm

Motor: 2410 brushless outrunner
ESC: 20A
Servos: 4x9g
11.1V 1500~2200mah 3S Lipoly 

PRODUCT ID: 098000010

2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1380mm (54.33in) 860mm (33.86in) 600g (1.32lb)

Weight: 3119g
International Warehouse
Price  $37.70

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horacio  10 points - 1/27/2015
$37.70 for the plane and hundred buck for shipping to USA, you must be kidding!
Homey6  30 points - 1/20/2015
Says in the description it weighs 600g. Go to checkout and it magically goes to 3119g! It's really too bad hk has gone this way. I used to order at least one item a week but that has gone down to little piddly things every couple of months.
Richard  3 points - 8/30/2014
Does this come with landing gear, or is it available as an option?
Demon  2 points - 5/25/2014
When this kit restock again? Is in any plug n fly version for this kit in international warehouse?
Karel  37 points - 5/12/2014
model ma spatne resenou odtrhovou hranu ,odtrhova hrana má* bý*t cca tak 0,5-1cm za tě*ž*iš*tě*m
Customer Reviews
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I have one, bought from somewhere else, paid alot for it ARF. It was under powered and pretty darn hard to fly, think it needs more airleron or lots of speed. Put it down for a while. Better they sell just the airframe, it's very nice construction, 36bucks screaming good deal.
Not sure what they mean by "fly's better than the real ICON".. Who's flown the real ICON? Cool vids out there of the full scale tho. RCgroups might have setup tips

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Ecconomico, per si deve fare un sacco della modifica sullo scafo sotto e mi sembra che gli allettoni sono molti piccoli rispetto l'apertura alare.

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I did the fuselage mod and had no problems getting it off the water with a 2410, 9X4.7 and 3s 1300mah li-po. Once off it flies poorly, underpowered with this setup. it likes to fly fast or not at all. the stall is terrible resulting in a violent wing drop. i made use of some flaperons to try to slow it for landing. Bad idea!! It immediately enters a un-recoverable spin. It is quite durable though. It is i nice looking plane, Just tough to fly!!

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Hi tryed my plane and it looks good out of the box
i put a rc smart 2810 brushless 30A esc
9x7 3 bladed prop 1850mah 20c lipo and
it fly's perfectly.

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Felar Furlong
Like it?
i have maidened her today from the water. she actually can do it without mods to the hull! forget about slowflyer props and low kv motors. i have used 1600kv bell outrunner with towpro stick mount, tgy ae-30 esc, 1800mah 3s zippy battery (have to sand battery tray to fit) and 7x6e apc style prop. main hurdles awaits you at the pushrod system for ele and rud. i had to build a guide to remove pushrod flex. look for videos of my maiden at video tab.

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