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Mini Sheet Metal Bender

Mini Sheet Metal Bender

Mini sheet metal bender
Creates neat bends in copper, aluminum.
Maximum sheet width of 76mm
Maximum sheet Thickness 1mm 


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 Customer rated
Total of 6 discussions.
Celestino  6 points - 3/2/2013
could i know in which way you use this tool?
dps-dave  226 points - 6/29/2011
It's a shame they don't do one to take 100mm wide pieces so you could do a bit more with it
Kwnag-Ho  155 points - 4/19/2011
how to use it?
 ALEXANDER 5 points
See "Files" tab.
xtremware  10 points - 4/10/2011
Any manual? or even a YouTube video? How shall I managed to get the job done?
 snappy 2393 points
Look at the files tab
wile e coyote  2 points - 1/25/2011
Upto how thick is the metal that it can bend?
 Ben 343 points
Copper and aluminum up to 1mm
 Kensp 38 points
Real world. Look in files to see the motor mount I bent up from K & S METALS - .032 Aluminum Sheet. This is not soft aluminum but is the hard aircraft grade. Ken
 dps-dave 226 points
A nice neat job Kensp
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As a sheet metal worker by profession, I had to try this out. This is a simple tool for bending sheetmetal up to 1mm thick (soft metal, like aluminium). Easy to use, but it's a little bit of trial and error to get the correct angle. I'm giving it a full score, because it does what it's supposed to do, it's cheap, and is a valuable tool in my hobbyroom. I've already made a new transmission/skidplate for my scale crawler, see pics in link

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