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High-Quality FBL Flybarless Head for T-Rex and HK450 heli.

High-Quality FBL Flybarless Head for T-Rex and HK450 heli.

Flybarless upgrade for 450 T-rex and HK style helicopters.
Includes thrust and standard bearings.
Well machined with tight tolerances.

Direct bolt on for the following;
Align T-rex 450
We do not suggest using this head with eBay purchased 450 clones unless you upgrade the clone's ball-ends to the correct tolerance balls. Otherwise you will experience head slop.

This kit works perfectly with HK-450 and Align 450 helicopters.

Why so cheap?
This is an in-house designed product & you are getting the factory direct price!


Weight: 55g
International Warehouse
Price  $11.95

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Radoslaw  1 points - 2/27/2015
There are no dumpers in this head set (so I must buy it separately), but spindle (feathering shaf) is included but not visible on the photo above.
El Luz  87 points - 1/26/2015
I tried to assemble this head but failed without any manual... I've build some kit's so far... I want to build a scale FBL Project. maybe some parts are missing? The description reads: High-Quality FBL Flybarless Head for T-Rex and HK450 heli-Direct bolt on for the following* Align T-rex 450... thank you for your support. ****
iansydbr  91 points - 4/29/2014
I was wondering if somebody has come across a problem I found during assembly of the flybarless head?The balls on the swashplate have been replaced with the ones supplied in the kit.However I have found if I operate the radio and activate the swash in roll and pitch the arms from the blades drop off the balls on the swashplate. My question is which way do the ball links connect onto the swashplate balls.One side of the links seem to have a small champher and the other side doesn't.So which way to connect?
 iansydbr 91 points
Only way I could cure the problem was to refit the original balls and rod ends on the swashplate .
Erwin Z  109 points - 3/26/2014
What spindle or feathering shaft works with this head, HK450GT or HK450PRO ´*s ?
 nelio 6 points
450 pro ok
 iansydbr 91 points
HK supply the feathering shaft and 4.8 mm balls for the swashplate now .The only thing you need from the old head is the head damper rubbers .
Samuel  2 points - 1/29/2014
Does anyone know what size the links and rods are on the HK 450 FBL Head Blade Grips? I can't find them anywhere. I used standard Trex 450 links on the bottom of the long rods and didn't change out for the larger swash balls but had too on the wash out arms. It seems that the only way to get links for this guy is to buy a new head. I'm thinking 600 size links and rods might work.
 2Doggs 372 points
Both of my heads came with four oversized link balls. I used two on the inner swash for the swash locker arms, but used regular HK plastic links on the bottom of the linkage rods from the main grips - leaving me two spare oversized link balls and two spare oversized plastic links. These heads seem to stay more slop-free than my Tarot heads, and so far I haven't needed to use my spare bits, after well over a hundred flights on each head.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
2 Problems:

- it's not an update fr a HK450 / T-REX 450 but for the 450 PRO! You need dampers and shaft from 450 pro.

- The included golden washers are wrong size, they touch the inner ring of the bearings. Outer diameter is ok, but inner diameter should be >1mm larger. This is a big problem, I could not find these washers anywhere :( It _works_ with the included washers, but it is suboptimal, the gearings are not working smooth.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I managed to get this together and when put together correctly, it does fit and align as required. When assembling the swash follower arms, it's important to get the directions of the parts right, otherwise the alignment is out.
A small 0.25mm washer between the flange bearings stops them from binding when the screw is tightened.
The links on the plastic arms are a fraction too large. Align balls are 4.75mm. These links are more like 4.8mm.

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Overall Rating
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sehr effektiver und preiswerter Umbau fr die 450er Klasse- wichtig unbedingt Blattlagerwelle vom Pro nehmen-

mit dem- Beastx - zusammen ein super Combo

Gruss Thomas

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Overall Rating
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bought 2 of these,really nicely machined well made unit. Requires 450 pro feathering shaft, and some Curtis Youngblood green(hard)dampers.
I'd rather pay more and have these included in head kit. Follower arms have very large and inconsistent ball link holes. 4.68mm to 4.84mm. No balls out there that fit properly and you don't want to lose these arms in flight, read major crash!! (assembly guide pix

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this is not a straet fit on a 450 v2 as the fether sharft is to short you will need a 52mm sharft from the 450 pro not that mind but i have to wait for them to be in stock [hk y not put it in the bag]

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