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ZIPPY 138mAh 20C Single Cell

ZIPPY 138mAh 20C Single Cell

Zippy Flightmax Single Cell batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the hobby market today! Ideal for light weight applications, a JST connection has been pre-installed eliminating the hassle of making single cell packs.

Capacity: 138mAh
Voltage: 1s / 3.7v
Discharge: 20C Constant / 30C Burst
Weight: 6.6g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 37x26x3.2mm
Discharge Plug: JST


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Capacity(mAh) 138
Config (s) 1
Discharge (c) 20
Weight (g) 7
Max Charge Rate (C) 2
Length-A(mm) 37
Height-B(mm) 26
Width-C(mm) 3
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Price $2.00

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 Customer rated
Total of 5 discussions.
Dr. NLT  27 points - 8/12/2014
HI! I would like to know if it is possible to charge this on a HobbyKing E4 Balance Charger ? I have this for my other batteries and am wondering if I can charge this on it to ? The HobbyKing E4 Balance Charger page said you can charge a a 1 cell but how?
Aman2  3 points - 1/23/2012
will this charge on a parkzone charger that comes with the ember 2
 Hoovernaut 140 points
No, the charger you mean is for the batteries looking like a stick. This one has wires and a JST-Plug.
 Matias Enrique 4 points
tendrias q fabricarte un cable para poder adaptarlo al cargador.
Hamdhan  190 points - 11/17/2011
Which charger should I use? Preferable Cheapest
 newstar 122 points
why get a cheap charger? it may damage your Lipo is over charge. 1 cell no need to balance though.
 Hamdhan 190 points
By cheap, i mean below $20-50
 Hoovernaut 140 points
Get an Imax B6 or something like that. not very expensive but good for your Batteries!
 Steven 23 points
Great for LIPO, not so good for NIMH, overcharges them so get cheap NIMH and all is ok :) My cheapies are still good after 2 doz charges but it pushes them to 1.6v percell instead of 1.4. Also works well on lead acids. Irony, Charge lead acid battery that charger uses out in the field to charge lipos. yo dawg....
CraigR  5 points - 9/21/2011
how do you charge ZIPPY 138mAh 20C Single Cell
 John D. 9 points
maximum charge rate is 2C I charge with 0,2A on a Lipo charger
 DanyVV 15 points
Use a good multi charger like the HobbyKing ECO6 50W 5A Set it to charge at 0.2A and 3.7V for LiPo. It's a great charger and you can keep using it if you ever step up to the bigger batteries
 Hoovernaut 140 points
I would prefer a loader espacialy for LiPo etc. Recommended is a load current of 0,1-0,2A, not more.
TechnoFinder  140 points - 8/24/2011
this is only with JST plug. how can i charge it with my balance charger? do i have to order a mini jst and a male JST
 robson_silva 162 points
you will ake adapter
 DanyVV 15 points
You don't need a balancer cause it is single cell, are you sure your charger is OK for single cell batteries? if yes you can make adapter cable
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Je to dobra bateria do haloletov,len treba strazit vahu lietadla,aby potom stacila bateria na pohon motora.Ale inak dobra kvalita.

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extremely small, great for indoor planes

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Bateria com boa duração, estou utilizando em uma câmara filmadora Fly cam, pois a original estragou.

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Overall Rating
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Good buy. excellent value for money, very light and powerful. battery wires are heavier and longer by the same battery. I suggest buying for your specific needs. For now I have to do only one positive comment.

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Very flat Lipo. I use it for my selfmade night flying blades. Very good item.

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