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ZIPPY 240mAh 30C Single Cell

ZIPPY 240mAh 30C Single Cell

Zippy Flightmax Single Cell batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the hobby market today! Ideal for light weight applications, a JST connection has been pre-installed eliminating the hassle of making single cell packs.

Capacity: 240mAh
Voltage: 1s / 3.7v
Discharge: 30C Constant / 40C Burst
Weight: 9.9g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 63x26x3mm
Discharge Plug: JST


Capacity(mAh) 240
Config (s) 1
Discharge (c) 30
Weight (g) 10
Max Charge Rate (C) 2
Length-A(mm) 63
Height-B(mm) 26
Width-C(mm) 3
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 Customer rated
Total of 9 discussions.
Mick  2 points - 3/14/2014
Would this battery be ok for a HUBSAN X4 V2 LED 2.4GHz 4Ch Mini Quadcopter UFO RTF - H107L ? Thanks in advance Mick
 SGMee 9 points
It will not suit the Husban X4. You can change the plug on the battery (or on the copter) but they are two times longer (63 mm vs 33 mm), so it would be difficult to install it correcly that means wrong center of gravity. That is not fun. Prsonally I would advice you to get Turnigy nano-tech 260 mAh, as they are more like original ones, their size is just perfecct, plug as well, and they are 260 mAh instead of 240 for the same
Nick  5 points - 3/10/2013
could this fit traxxas qr1
Weronika  3 points - 6/12/2012
This battery is long live?
 wrwe 302 points
Yes, battery is long long live..
lacey  1 points - 3/24/2012
hi i want to know what very cheap charger i could use to charge this? would this one work? ******************/itm/150641602171?ssPageName=STRK:
thanks jack
 Hoovernaut 150 points
This Mystery charger is with a balancer only for 2 or 3S Lipos. You need an output for only one cell! A computer charger is recommended for that, like Imax B6 or Accucel or similar products.
 Tony_Flyer 55 points
I have spend stacks of money on cheap charges which were the biggest mistakes in my hobby, for the fact of unbalanced charges not just ****py flying performance on the engine but also destroys the battery and in some cases my plane. If you are looking for something that is a least worth while would be getting a Turnigy A-6-10 200W Balance charger & discharger which is $38 which lasted me 2 years before i could start seeing slight power difficulties in charger and faulty alarms would sometimes bu
 hotsam 263 points
Hi lacey, this is a very simple 1S LiPo. So your easiest option would be a USB computer charger, which you can buy quite cheaply. Or use The 1S chargers supplied with 1S Micro Planes and Helis Like Horizon Ultra Micro series, MCX, MSR, MCPX,120SR or Kysho mMinium series. You just need to solder or crimp an adapter to make the connectors fit.. Hope that helps
MATTIASMTB  37 points - 3/8/2011
how do i charge them? my charger only has space for more than 2 cells?
 __Dak 29 points
I'm not sure what type of charger you have but you can make a simple cable to trick your charger to think it has a 2 cell or 3 cell. You need 2 or 3 jst leads (female), a charge lead for charger either for a 2 cell or 3 cell. You solder the first JST lead (Pos)to the charge lead positive, the JST Neg lead to whatever color wire is next on the charging lead. If this is making a 2S battery, solder a Pos JST lead to the black wire you just soldered. Now attach the hanging NEG JST wire to the black charging lead. Now your charger thinks it has a 2 cell pack and you can charge it according your chargers specifcations. To make a 3 cell or larger just that pattern up(Pos)-(Neg/Pos)-(Neg/Pos)-(Neg). Now you can charge as many 1 cell batteries that you want.
 Malcolm 5 points
what brand charger do you have?
 $anta 348 points
If your on about space for a 2S balance lead, you don't need a balance lead for a single cell battery.
 __Dak 29 points
I have a FMA cellpro 10 but this should work for any charger that can charge though balancing leads.
 waynemia 532 points
Your charger probably has a balance port and this is likely what you are referring to as your charger only has space for more than two. A 1S cell does not need to balance charge. Just put your charger in CHARGE mode and connect the main leads. It will charge just fine.
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1 thumbs up!
Batteries themselves are good. I tried these for mCP-x, not a good fit, they are large (length/width) but thin (just use rubber-band to hold them on). One has bent in a crash so be careful. They do work, even though they are about 2-3 grams heavier. The 30c does help, head speed stays fast. Would be better in a small plane or something like that, where it can be protected from crash damage.

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Overall Rating

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Used with a voltage booster to power small DLG. Weird shape so pay attention. Not shaped like the ultramicro 1s batteries.

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Overall Rating
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Have this one for my MCB for longer flights without the canopy perfect .

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Overall Rating
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Great single cell packs for all the micro models. Perfect power delivery capability. Might have to change the connector to suit the application.

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so tiny !! im using this battery on my glider to power up the micro receiver and the small servos ... it runs for 1 hour before discharged

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