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Turnigy KeyChain Camera with 2GB Sandisk High-Speed memory

Turnigy KeyChain Camera with 2GB Sandisk High-Speed memory
Turnigy KeyChain Camera with 2GB Sandisk High-Speed memory

Its ultra small, light weight design and low cost make it a great camera for casual in flight videos.
Strap it to your wing, fuse, tail, canopy or just about anywhere. Its recessed buttons prevent vibration from changing the functions and makes it easier to attach to your model. And because the camera lense is mounted on the edge the whole case is more aerodynamic than other cameras.
The SD card is removable and the camera has a USB port for direct PC copying.
There are many similar cameras to this one on the market, but be assured this model has a true 30 frames per second rating and includes fast SANDisk memory for jitter free picture motion. Lense hardware is 640x480px and maintains the correct aspect ratio without AVI manipulation*. Producing a clear 640x480 AVI jitter free movie.


Size: 52x30x12mm
Weight: 18g incl. battery & keychain
Video lense: 640x480 pixel (correct aspect ratio)
Battery: Lithium Polymer 
FPS: 30 (True Rating)
Pixel: 1280x960
Continuous video recording time: 60min
Voice-activated standby time: 120 hours standby time
Capacity of memory card: Can support upto 16GB (max.)
USB interface: USB1.1/2.0
Included accessories:
Turnigy TD16 camera
Micro SD card (2GB)
USB Connector
*Other similar cameras have software AVI formatting to 720x480px, reducing clarity of the 640x480 native image from the lense. While this sounds good on paper, it makes the movie less clear and enjoyable.


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 Customer rated
Total of 69 discussions.
AgentSmith  50 points - 3/8/2012
Is there a minimum class/weight of the heli/plane for this camera of about 15g to be attached to?Can micro heli/plane of flying weight ard 40g support and fly with this camera? Rc noob here.
 Maximilionalpha 1124 points
Yes, it's the same size as a car alarm key fob adn just as light.
 RonRC 4445 points
Very light! I put one on my scratch build foam F-22 with a 24" wing span. It carried it easily.
Fugitive_Bill  448 points - 8/2/2011
Anyone know which battery to use as a replacement? - I've had my Key Cams forr about 2-3 years not and the batteris no longer hold a charge that will run camera anymore than 10-30 seconds. The one in the camera is single cell (1s) 4 volts and size 30Lx18Wx4D(mm). I was thinking of this one: 'ZIPPY 240mAh 20C single cell'
 Alexander 635 points
These are wholesalers of the LiPo battery used in most 808 cameras. 402030 = 4mm x 20mm x 30mm

HobbyKing R-C Hobby Store - ZIPPY 100mAh 20C single cell, 4 x 15 x 30, 100 mAh

HobbyKing R-C Hobby Store - ZIPPY 100mAh 20C Single Cell, 3 x 20 x 32, 100 mAh

 Alexander 635 points
Or try:
factory.dhgate****/china/?wd=402030 battery
 Alexander 635 points
 AgentSmith 50 points
*******chucklohr****/808/ the ultimate 808camera guide
 AgentSmith 50 points
concho  5 points - 7/31/2011
i have sound but no video some time when i put camera in video mode i get a picture
i tried to find the update for the driver with no luck i have a micro sd hc class 4 8 gb card
Dute-R  1 points - 7/29/2011
Hello, I've just bought the camera but the video is black (sound and pictures works fine).
 zuidhoek 9 points
It records in avi, use videolan player, that should solve the problem
 Dute-R 1 points
Tnx! It's working now :)
 zuidhoek 9 points
no thanx
aeros33  19 points - 7/8/2011
I have been charging it for a few hours and now when I connect to the computer it flash 10 times,then keep the led on,and repeat with 10 times flashing led. what does it means???
 JuanLucas 60 points
You try to reset? or take out the memory and insert again and reset, have a little hole to reset with a pin. Sorry my bad english.
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One of the best micro cams for the RC hobby
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Overall Rating
20 thumbs up!
Received mine today, it is working BUT:
1) very poor audio: voice records are very difficult to understand
2) video is not completely smooth as advertised, there is some noticeable jerk
3) MiniSD do not appears to be high-speed. There is no markings on it

The time stamp is white and is in the upper-left corner. It may be set with tools decribed by others here.

It appears to be the camera #7 model.

I got disapointed, bad HK advertising and lots of false/confusing information. Also be aware some people show videos of the #7 model (yellow timestamp) which has much better video and audio.

If you want more than very poor video/audio quality even for $16 you can find in other places.

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
It's a very good camera ! Not HD, but enough.

It's the best camera you can find for 16$ !

Look my video : une trs bonne camera ! Pas de l'HD, mais c'est suffisant.
C'est la meilleur camera que vous pouvez trouver pour 16$ !

Regarde ma vido :

4 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
Extremely good camera for this price.
Sharp picture/video and good colors.
For a funny test movie on my Golberg Electra glider see the video tab.

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
My cam arrived today and its a V1 Cam.
The Lipo has only 140mah but its ok for this size.
Im happy with this little thing and the price incl. 2GB Sandisc memory ist fine.
5 Stars for this

To set the date create a new file on the SD Card with name time.txt and write in it (for example):
2010.05.28 15:10:00
then turn off the cam and on again. Now you have set the date.
Have fun with this cam =)
regards Chris

7 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
The good:
- It is a good price with the included and removable microSD card
- You can flash it to remove datestamp, change framerate, and flip picture/movies
- Easy to mod... my camera weights now only 6gr (no bat, no case, no usb, no key chain)... So i can make 6 minutes movies from my cb100 without problem (camera share the same lipo as the heli)

The bad:
The microSD is only 2Go (30 minutes of movies) and low quality... Needed to buy a faster writing one to decrease some freezing

No comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
A really easy product to use. I tape mine to the canopy of my
HK-Pitts with no affect to the flight characteristics.
I suggest the first thing you do is remove the metal keychain
and charge the camera for 1hr with your USB port (on your PC)
before use. Camera working time on a full battery is around
45 minutes.
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