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Turnigy Mini-Glider w/ Lipo & BL outrunner Plug-n-Fly

Turnigy Mini-Glider w/ Lipo & BL outrunner Plug-n-Fly
Turnigy Mini-Glider w/ Lipo & BL outrunner Plug-n-Fly

Turnigy Mini-Glider is Plug-n-Fly ready. This very light Glider comes with 6A brushless power system, pre-installed servos and 2S lipo. Just plug in your receiver and you will be ready to go.  

wingsopan: 695mm (27in)
Length : 490mm (19in)
Flying Weight: 90~100g with battery 
Motor: C10 Brushless outrunner
Propeller: GWS5030 slowflyer prop
ESC: 6Amp 
Servo: 2x2.5g
Battery: 7.4V 2S 350mah Lipo
Your own TX & RX

PRODUCT ID: Mini-Glider

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Total of 7 discussions.
Doug  107 points - 10/23/2010
I want to get one of these, but what is with the postal preferences?

International (Registered) Air Mail 501-750g $14.99 is available as a selection but when I go to the checkout to pay - the only postal options are EMS and are 2 to 3 times more expensive.

Can anyone at HK advise?
Amos  20 points - 10/19/2010
Can I use turnigy program card to program the esc

 rocco_mx 27 points
Don't think so, the included ESC is a Pentium-6A not a Turnigy ESC
Rifki  129 points - 9/29/2010
what type receiver can be installed?
i have turnigy 8ch (18gr)
can i use it?
 rocco_mx 27 points
That RX is too big to enter through the compartment's hole (I have one of those RX), however I checked and seems that there's enough room to place that RX inside the plane so you would have to place it before you glue the fuselage or try to mod the plane a little to let it in/out (widen the hole). My HK 6ch V2 RX barely fits in and it's way smaller.
James  645 points - 7/26/2010

What? Inboard ailerons or flaps?
 E.M.P RC 45 points
They are Inboard Ailerons Kinda weird but it probably would need it because of the small size it needs the ailerons in the trust of the prop to work
 Jurjur 32 points
ailerons i think
 slimjimmy 11 points
Robachan  1160 points - 6/26/2010
The foam on this thing looks like it would be totaled with the first gust of wind or misstep. OK on a 30g plane, but on a 100g one?
 Robachan 1160 points
Video - As often is the case, ebifrya0015 on YouTube has a couple of videos of this already up. Just search for "Turnigy Mini Glider." Seems to fly very
 slimjimmy 11 points
The foam is cheap and I broke almost every piece putting it together. I glued and taped the aircraft in many places.I re-taped the hinges because they were letting go. I melted the back half of the fuseloge trying to heatshrink the linkage. My assembled plane looked like a nightmare. I brought it to the park with the faimly because they wanted to see it crash. Wind was 15-20 knots blowing my hat right off my head, I was frustrated so it was time to trash it. It took off in 2 feet and darted like a rock solid flyer through the air. As bad as I messed up this model during assembly it flew perfect. I was absoutely amazed. I am also a beginner.
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Overall Rating
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Great Plane! Flies verry wel!
And has enough power

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Overall Rating
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Not so Plug-and-Fly but a great plane anyway. Takes off in 1 meter and flies very smoothly with the recommended 20pcnt expo settings. Has plenty of power, flying at 1/3 to 1/2 all the time, at WOT it flies like a rocket!!! The frame has withstand some rough landings like the one in my video without a scratch Thanks Hobby King for this great plane.

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Overall Rating
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Avin muy bonito, con un vuelo muy suave, muy rpido si se quiera a 100pcnt de motor, vuelo con viento moderado sin problemas, viene completamente desarmado, hay que montar motor, soldar el acelerador, pegar fuselaje, montar servos, lo recomiendo en todo caso, ideal para volar en espacios reducidos como plazas o parques.

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Overall Rating
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Flies really well, loads of power.

Down side one servo not working
The screws to attach the wing too short.
Split elevator is a pain so I modified it to one .... only needing one push rod and horn.

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Overall Rating
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Be prepared to assemble this. Parts are brittle and everything is tiny. My plane looks like frankenstein(broke wing and evevator just assembling it) but flies great all parts were there. Tape wings. I would say this would fly good for a beginner as I am one(under 10 flights) and have yet to crash it.

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