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HobbyKing® ™ Brushless Car ESC 30A w/ Reverse

HobbyKing® ™ Brushless Car ESC 30A w/ Reverse
HobbyKing® ™ Brushless Car ESC 30A w/ Reverse

A standard car esc. providing forward and reverse with a large range of motor compatability for up to 240,000RPM motors. 

Full protection feature including low voltage, over-heat, throttle signal lost, startup
protection and self-check.
Compatible with sensorless brushless motor.
Excellent startup performance, linear and quick throttle response.
Supports highest motor speed 240,000RPM(2 poles), 80,000RPM(6 poles) and 40,000(12 poles).
Easy to configure with program card.
System can automatically detect throttle neutral point, and neutral range is adjustable.
Three work modes for different environments.
4 step reverse force adjustment
5 step start force adjustment.
3 step brake force adjustment
5 step drag brake force adjustment,
4 step initial brake force adjustment.
Input voltage: 2-3S Lithium batteries / 4~9 Ni-xx
Cont. Current: 30A
BEC output: 2A /5V (Linear)
Size( length X width X high): 45x32x20mm
Weight: 51g


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Nigel  1 points - 3/7/2016
It took a long time to figure out just the right PWM frequency and duty cycle to make this unit happy - it supposedly 'learns' but I've had no luck with that. There is also a way to program it with the on-board button, but again, that doesn't seem to work. I also fried one of mine by putting through too many PWM changes too quickly - could have been ground bounce or something else though... either way the magic smoke got out. However, all that aside it does work well once you get it going and get past the cryptic setup. And most importantly, if you want an ESC with reverse there are virtually none on the market anywhere so your choices are limited for this price range.
 RovBuilder 1 points
Hi I have problems with c***bration via my arduino control. What PWM frequencies did find out is the best?
Guido  2 points - 2/22/2016
Can you set the number of poles to 14?
Goran  25 points - 12/26/2015
How does revers work in this ESC? Is it a direct reverse, when moving throttle stick slowly through neutral into reverse will reverse engage straight away? Or is it a double-tap esc? where you have to move stick to neutral, then to reverse (nothing happens) then back to neutral, then to reverse and it will finally move? If it is 'double-tap' reverse, can the programming be changed to the 'direct-reverse' type?
 Luke 18 points
It is a double tap ESC. When going forward if you put it to reverse(neutral to reverse) it engages the braking function. Then once the car stops moving if you put the throttle to neutral then to reverse it will go backwards. BUT it can be programmed to do either function. The included manual tells how to do that.
terencechan  175 points - 12/18/2015
This ESC has a nice translucent green acrylic case that protects the PCB. I used it in the FlutterScout 3D printed off-road car. With the canned settings, reverse is too slow for my liking. I shouldn't complain for this price though.
Ismail  47 points - 11/21/2015
for those looking for the program card search 'HKProg-card' and you can edit all your settings! the program card works with all hobbyking sensorless car escs. hope this helps all RC'ers!
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wery good controller for 1:18 car but little to big for this power but the price is unbeleavable.

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Overall Rating
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Nice esc.

I bought it to use in my evader EXT, the first time i was running the esc turned off alone, but now its working okay! i dont know what heppened.
Gets hot but have great power!
I recommend.

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Installed this to Mini inferno ST with 3800kv inrunner and 12T pinion. Now the little machine zooms from one place to another. Reverse is a bit slower, but that feature is programmab.e Very fast startup and quick response time.

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The Speed control is very good... the heat sink is made of good quality material... the reverse throtle is a very good option... i am really impressed by this speed control...

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