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HK-600GT 3D Electric Helicopter Kit w/o blades

HK-600GT 3D Electric Helicopter Kit w/o blades
HK-600GT 3D Electric Helicopter Kit w/o blades

Finally, big scale heli flight on a small-scale budget.
The HK-600GT breaks all the rules and sets a new precedence in big 3D heli value.
Modeled on the famous, award winning and proven T-Rex 600, the HK-600GT will push your 3D flight skills to their limits.
The 600GT is an exciting helicopter to see in action as it roars through the sky and is surprisingly much easier to fly than a smaller version.
It's 7075 alloy head ensures hard core 3D pilots wont be dissapointed in the performance and the simple yet light weight and attractive cowl plus Titanium anodized components make this a visually stunning helicopter with performance to back it up!
We guarantee you wont find a better priced heli of this size anywhere!
Light weight design provides awesome flight performance and extreme 3D capability.
Rotor head/tail with thrust bearings.
Center of gravity of battery tray designed close to the rotor head.
High efficiency belt driven tail.
Fully driven tail auto rotation system.
Tail servo boom mount.
Carbon Fibre boom support rods and tail servo mount.
Carbon Fiber main frame, tail Fins and anti-rotation bracket.
Length: 1200mm(47.25 in)
Height: 388/405mm(15.25 in/16 in)
Main Blade Length: 600mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1350mm(53.15 in)
Tail Rotor: 240mm(9.45 in)
Motor Drive Gear: 10T(11T optional)
Main Drive Gear: 170T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 180T
Tail Drive Gear: 40T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:17.0:4.5/1:15.45:4.5
Weight(w/o main blade): 1340g
Flying Weight: Approx 3000g(6.6 lbs)
Required items.
Brushless Motor
Servos : See linked items below.
Radio Gear : Gyro/Rx
ESC : 80A or greater.
Battery: 3300mAh or greater


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 Customer rated
Total of 234 discussions.
Andrea  10 points - 3/19/2016
Boon  8 points - 2/28/2016
When these kit HK-600GT will be back?
Brian  1 points - 12/31/2015
Hi, can anyone help me with information on the correct wiring servo to receiver. I have a HK600 GT helicopter using a Turnigy 9X transmitter with a Turnigy receiver. No 1 is aileron No 2 is elevator No 3 is esc No 4 is gyro No 5 is gyro adjust No 6 is pitch / aileron. would you agree this is correct for this helicopter, I would so appreciate any help.
Giuseppe  2 points - 12/10/2015
Salve volevo sapere se sono comprese le pale e se posso montare 2 lipo 3s 5500mha prmer far volare questo modello .
stiletto13540  28 points - 4/29/2015
Please help me!! what Helicopter Pinion Gear 6mm Shaft -??? i have Turnigy T600 Brushless Outrunner for 600 Heli (1100kv) is:0.7M Hardened Steel Helicopter Pinion Gear 6mm or 1.0M Hardened Steel Helicopter Pinion Gear 6mm thk
 WTWUK 3894 points
1.0 Modulus.
 stiletto13540 28 points
thank you very much
Customer Reviews
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Overall Rating
40 thumbs up!
i received the kit today.
impressive! but there are some little failures:

- pins at the head are too short
- the two rods of the flybar cage broke at screwing BOTH!
- one ball was glued with loctite to the mixing arm, there was no thread! unfortunately, the hole has 3,1mm too big to make a new thread...
- the hole in the tailboom

the great advantage to 600ESP is, that you can throw the push-pull out!

the canopy is really ugly *sorry*

i had no problems with the tail, the head is smooth too.

thanks hobbyking!!!!!!

BTW: where are spare parts?

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Overall Rating
Vincent F
31 thumbs up!
I have just received my HK600GT.
It is not one of the first fabrics, but it is the actual version.
I can tell you quality is OK and pinpoint are exactly 23 mm on mine.
All seems very high quality and I'm very satisfied of the improvements wich were made on the kit.
Sorry if I won't be able to give you "builder's review" or "flying test" before a few months because I have other private projects on the way, but I can tell you my HK600GT will be

2 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
29 thumbs up!
Very nice kit for the money. The head pins came at 23mm on mine. So it looks like they are fixing some stuff. it has alot of bling and carbon fiber

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Overall Rating
26 thumbs up!
I received my HK 600 apx. 3 weeks ago. There seems to be different quality levels, because against all already given negative statements, my heli is nearly perfect. Equipped with a Align BL 650L with a 100A Roxxy ESC and Flightmax 6s 5000mAh the heli flies stable, powerful and without any problem. The rotorhead is o. k, all parts fit well and without any additional fitting work. Only the ball bearings of the tailrotorshaft had to be replaced.

2 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
19 thumbs up!
Finally got the kit, overall looks good, as others have said, a bit rough, well packed, nothing seems to be missing. Not happy about the head pin issue, HK needs to fix this, and a couple bucks in store credit would be nice for those of us who have to make this repair. Will post flight test and setup after build.

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