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HK-450GT Pro 3D Belt-Drive Helicopter Kit (Align T-Rex Compat.)

HK-450GT Pro 3D Belt-Drive Helicopter Kit (Align T-Rex Compat.)
HK-450GT Pro 3D Belt-Drive Helicopter Kit (Align T-Rex Compat.)

HK-450 CCPM 3D Electric Helicopter Kit (Align T-rex Compatible) Modeled on the famous and proven Align T-Rex 450Pro.
Take a close look at the head and tail of this awesome machine. It's ultra light, yet rigid design is strong enough for even the most skitzophrenic of 3D helicopter pilots!

This is a FULL 450Pro. All components are newly designed. Unlike other vendors, this helicopter DOES NOT share parts with previous versions. It is completely new.
When comparing helicopters, carefully look at the tail and head unit. Although our head block and blade grips are a slightly different design from the Trex 450 Pro, this is purely aesthetic. They are fully compatible with Trex 450 Pro parts.
Newly designed head block with high rigidity and stability.
Single piece integrated design of main bearing block and servo mount.
Single piece integrated design of anti-rotation guide and gyro mount.
Single piece integrated landing gear.
Highly stable flybar control system.
High precision bearing mixing arms.
Newly designed high resolution swashplate.
Single piece battery mount with integrated canopy mount designed to bring CG closer to disk plane.
Highly rigid frame with single piece carbon side and bottom plates.
Highly efficient Belt driven tail design.
Weighted tail rotor blade grips to repel centripetal forces.
Straight-up in-frame rudder servo mount for improved geometry.
Newly designed aerodynamic canopy.
Newly designed high strength main blade grips.


Length: 635mm
Height: 230mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 710mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 158mm
Motor Drive Gear: 14T
Main Drive Gear: 150T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 106T
Tail Drive Gear: 25T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:11.5:4.24
Weight(w/o power system): 450g
Flying Weight: Approx. 780g
Required items.
Brushless Outrunner Motor
Lipoly Battery (2200mAh 3S)


Weight: 997g
International Warehouse
Price  $55.95

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Total of 141 discussions.
james66  12 points - 2/18/2013
I need a new rotor head wheres the parts at?
 machete 22 points
just go to replacement parts for hk450pro, and look for it.
 Satho 1050 points
Produkt ID: GT450pro-001
Patrick  4 points - 1/28/2013
Is it worth the price instead of a hk450v2? Thanks
 vrwolf 753 points
That depends how you fly, if you want to do more 3d the this is worth it, if you just want to cruise around, have fun and maybe do a little light 3d then the hk45v2 is worth it :)
luke  6 points - 12/19/2012
hi can you help me i have a aztech razer 450 can i still get parts and if so were would be best? thankyou from luke
 luke 6 points
 dhruvafreak 1206 points
you mean dynam erazor 450 ? well no for erazor 450
NOBLER2  51 points - 12/18/2012
As ever,the difficult thing , before order is which BL engine do you advise ?
 vrwolf 753 points
The Turnigy typhoon series like the 450H 2218H Heli Motor 3450kv motors are a popular choice and have high reviews.
AJG747  29 points - 12/13/2012
I want to use a small servo in the tail, a DS420. But the space is for big servos. How can I do ?
 edwin46 112 points
Search for product ID : TSMP-450
Customer Reviews
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Overall Rating

21 thumbs up!
The HK-450GT Pro 3D Belt-Drive Helicopter Kit is the same as a CopterX CX 450PRO V3 Kit.
However, colors are different.
It is a helicopter very of good quality and A price is low.Very good.

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Overall Rating

16 thumbs up!
For the beginner the belt unequivocally is better. To repair easier. Has corrected also all works.

8 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
Wow this Kit is perfect, flight great I think It haves more power than the real Pro, really I am surprice as soon they arrive again in stock I will maybe buy 2 mores.
My Setup is:
1-Mystery 40A Brushless Speed Controller (Blue Series),3-Hextronik MG-14,1-Turnigy 2200mAh 11v 3S 30C,1-Turnigy Typhoon 2215H Brushless,1-Tail Servo Aling,Used Gyro JR 770

5 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
Graham helis
9 thumbs up!
i have been running a 450gt for a few weeks, and have been happy with that.
but the HK 450 pro is way above that.
i am running a scorpion 2221 8 on a jeti spin 44 and savox servos, hk401 b gyro.
the quality is very good all parts fitted well, the only thing i could say was that there was no grease on the thrust races in the head.
well done HK five stars again!
( thinks i might get a 500 pro now, see what the bank manager says!)
Graham Helis

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
I have to say that this kit has positively sureprised me. Great stuff everything seems fine. but the quality vary as well as my other TT came with some rough parts but overall 5 stars. Price is great and the heli flyes great no vibration at all nice steady flight. It is great for beginer. Do not listen yhat you should go with expensive stuff not true. Im not experienced i started with this and i have no problems . Nice flights since start

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