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DLA-112 112cc Gas Engine 11.5HP/7500RPM

DLA-112 112cc Gas Engine 11.5HP/7500RPM
DLA-112 112cc Gas Engine 11.5HP/7500RPM

The DLA112 twin cylinder engine packs an 11.5HP punch and includes an all machined billet alloy crank, high-power reed valves and porting for high torque!

DLA-112 Spec.
Performance: 11.5hp @ 7500rpm
Idle: 1400rpm
Thrust: 24.5kg @ 100mtr / 21kg @ 1800mtr (Above sea level)
Suggested prop: 26x10, 26x12, 27x10
Spark Plug: DLA TYPE(CM6)
Bore/Stroke: 45.1 x 35mm
Compression: 7.8:1
Fuel: 2C Regular Gas mixed 30:1(break-in) - 40:1~50:1(Normal flying)
CDI Electronic Ignition.


This is an archived page. This product is no longer available and has been replaced by a newer product.

Weight: 3925g Quantity: 

  • Prop & Back-Plate Drill Jigs for DA100&150 \ DLE111 \ 3W50-170 \ TMM53-106

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  • TCF 27X10 HighPrecision Carbon Fiber Sport Propeller

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  • TCF 28X10 High Precision Carbon Fiber Sport Propeller

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  • Opto Gas Kill Switch

    Combo Price: $11.15   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy Fuel/Oil Mixture Mixing Bottle (Ratios 30:1 & 35:1)

    Combo Price: $2.25   BACKORDER

  • DLA112 Replacement Mufflers (2pc)

    Combo Price: $33.98   BACKORDER

  • DLA112 Replacement Gasket Set (8pcs)

    Combo Price: $4.44   BACKORDER

  • DLA112 Replacement Sensor Unit (1pc)

    Combo Price: $4.44   BACKORDER

  • DLA112 Stand Off (1pc)

    Combo Price: $3.04   BACKORDER

  • DLA112 Replacement Screw and Washer Set

    Combo Price: $4.44   BACKORDER

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Total of 35 discussions.
Hurley  314 points - 11/28/2013
I don't think they are going to restock this motor any time soon. DLA don't make the 112 no more. It is now a DLA 116. ***********feiaomodel****/e_products_show/?id=628
ArcticRc  17 points - 11/26/2013
Killer sound and the engine is easy to start. Im hoping it will be in Stock soon so i can put it in my sbach 342
 Hurley 314 points
I don't think they are going to restock this motor any time soon. DLA don't make the 112 no more. It is now a DLA 116.
 ArcticRc 17 points
I know its 116cc now. But HK Will have it it stock soon i guess
 Hurley 314 points
Yes, but it will be a new part #. And it won't come up on here. And the back orders will not be filled. and No emails will be sent out. P.S. I watch your utube channel for a long time and been a subscriber for a long time. Look forward to each new video. Thanks for doing them...
 ArcticRc 17 points
Thank you so much sir. I hope to continue my selv. Looking for some sponsors. I will keep my eye out for the new dla engine. I want it in my new project.
Josef  66 points - 8/28/2013
I would like to know, what time we finally get some spare parts on this motor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Hurley 314 points
Will sense DLA don't make it no more (112cc). Because now it is a 116cc. I don't see the part coming up any time. I have one of these to. I can only hope the 116 part fix the 112.
ArcticRc  17 points - 7/1/2013
Hi everyone. We used this engine in our Hangar 9 the beast. and it has so much power and the sound is incredible. During the maiden flight it sounded a bit sour. but after a new break in with about 3 litre of gas it just rocks. And the price is amazing as well. I will use this one in my new 100CC Pitts.
 Hurley 314 points
If I'm not mistaken, This is the only fight video you have for this Beast on utube.
fred  2 points - 2/24/2013
hi, anyone know how to set the timming on a dle 111,can you use a test light? what are the degrees?
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
This motor is awsome,6800 with vess 27b outperforms dle, smoother,idles perfect,starts easy after ajusting timing, has a better sound.Flying a sukoi 26 like arocket.

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Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
Wow,this engine is sweet.It seems to have more power straight threw the powerband over the DLE 111cc.It starts easier than my DLE 111cc.It idles smoother than my DLE 111cc and it looks alot better with the polished heads and case,and cost less!For those of you who wish to start in gas engines this one is perfect.Everything about it is easy,and the price is SWEEEET!I will never get a DLE 111cc again,FOR ME ITS DLA 112CC ALL THE WAY!!!Thanks John!

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
Just bought second DLA 112 if you are looking for the best motor on the market this is it,half the price of DA and will out perform it, flying this on extra 260 rich model at 22lb. this plane is unlimited thanks HC for selling such afine motor.

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
This motor is quite the performer,6800 with vess 27b outperforms dle, smoother,idles perfect,starts easy after ajusting timing, has a better sound.Flys the 3dHS AJ Slick like arocket.

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
I asked for a Walbro Carb the other day, then one of the guys opened what came with the engine and was "stuck" he said, so he fixed it. Mount it back and worked Ok. 4th tank was runned on bench, GREAT. 6800 RPM easy with a TBM 26x10. Mounted in a Giant Laser (24 lbs total), chequed settings left on the rich side for first flys. 6500RPM strong, Idle 1700 easy, used starter (my fingers dont stand more bumps after 40 yrs doing this. First take of with 60pcnt of the stick, checked trim, and flew a few patterns, OK engine showing signs of need of more break in. Normal. On 3rd fly rechecked carb needels, took it to 6700RPM, it was awesome. Took off, point it 80 degrees up, made a few rolls, and kept climbing at vertical never stopping, I had to cut power, to come back down. Awesome (again) power. It has 6 flights now, Im not much of a 3D pilot (at 70 you know) but I know the power is there, for what I know it needs a few more tanks in the air to try to fine tune it Ill shoot for 7000RPMs or change the prop to a 27x10 and see. Im running the market for a 26 or 27x8, havent being able to locate it, I could use some help here. MY CONCLUSION?. BUY IT, IS GREAT, TONS OF POWER USER FRIENDLY AND LOWEST PRICE EVER (not cheap Ok?). But even though I dont need any part I ask Hobby King, why you dont have parts for this engine? Who sells them?

10 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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