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HK450 CCPM 3D Helicopter Kit (Align T-rex Compat.) Ver. 2

HK450 CCPM 3D Helicopter Kit (Align T-rex Compat.) Ver. 2
HK450 CCPM 3D Helicopter Kit (Align T-rex Compat.) Ver. 2

HK-450 CCPM 3D Electric Helicopter Kit (Align T-rex Compatible) Modeled on the famous and proven Align T-Rex 450.
90% parts are compatible with the Align T-Rex 450.
This is a very popular helicopter for sport or 3D flying and with huge parts availability and a low price. Its an extremely good heli to learn new maneuvers or improve your skills.
V2 heli includes 4mm feathering shaft, updated components AND more alloy!

Main Blade Length:325mm
Main Rotor Diameter:700mm
Tail Rotor Diameter:150mm
Motor Pinion Gear:12T/13T (Not included)
Main Drive Gear:150T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:106T
Tail Drive Gear:25T
Weight(w/o blade):450g
Flying Weight:730~760g
Upgraded belt pulley gear & shaft. (No-slippage)

Required items.
Brushless Outrunner Motor
Servos, Gyro, Receiver and ESC
Lipoly Battery (2200mAh 3S)

We have plenty of spare parts in stock for this machine.


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Weight: 869g
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Price $27.99

  • Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 Optical Tachometer 1000~3600RPM

    Combo Price: $12.96   IN STOCK

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Matthew  1 points - 10/26/2014
How assembled does this come?
 Andrey 242 points
Look in the videos tab, video name: "Unboxing HK450 V2 Kit " you will see how it comes.
 r_g_r 1334 points
You can take a look at the unboxing video that I created. You'll find it in the "VIDEOS" tab above or on youtube (Unboxing the HobbyKing HK450 v2 helicopter kit)
Andrey Viacheslavovich  7 points - 10/7/2014
r_g_r! You are absolutely right. Today I've hovered well) But I think this kit very heavy in comparing with my crashed carbon Belt edition and lifting force of kit blades less then regular. So I turned up collective pitch by control thing RC side and magic was there. And I am still shocked of kit quality: tail blades had very different pitch and i fix it by BENDING!! aluminium arms... Is that I was so 'happy'? But more hobby time)!
Andrey Viacheslavovich  7 points - 10/5/2014
I've tried to hover with black fake blades - it is impossible)) Only funny jumping on full throttle - very 'useful' item for 'test' purpose)
 r_g_r 1334 points
The plastic blades that came with my HK450 were OK for hovering and for simply flying around. Then I would guess you did your CCPM setup wrong. You should never need full throttle to hover. I hover my HK450 at about 55% - 60% throttle. Double-Check your complete CCPM setup, especially the swash setup and the pitch setup. I don't know how exactly you did your CCPM setup, but just in case you are a beginner I recommend to watch several different videos to get a better understanding. Search on youtube for "Trex 450 ccpm setup" there are tons of good videos out there.
Rodney  1 points - 10/4/2014
How do I find out which parts are compatible with this kit? Like motors, ESC flybarless conversion things like that....
 r_g_r 1334 points
I recommend to search on google for "HK450 Configurator". There you find a tool that helps to find the best matching components to setup an HK450. All the components that this tool suggests are available here at HobbyKing, so no need to order from different suppliers.
Andrey Viacheslavovich  7 points - 10/3/2014
Gerry01! Could you suggest what should i do with notreal_blades. Does it make sense balance, install, fix 'butterfly' and hover awhile.. If i can not fly with it - what's a propose of this item so i need to repeat all steps with real blades. Still can not accept that i missed last days of flying weather... Is it possible to fly 'calm' - blades have strange profile and less width?
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Overall Rating
15 thumbs up!
ok, maybe i was unlucky but the tail boom needed to be cut to fit the tail rotor housing (see forum topic 'belt too short??'), also the screws are way too soft, i rounded off two screws and i was CAREFUL. The main gear was very slightly bent so i've replaced this with a trex one (i might of gotten away with it but replaced just incase). That being said would i would buy another? MOST DEFINATLEY, considering the price and the fact most of the head is metal. The main shaft, head and swashplate assembly are very smooth and there's no problems with binding. The tail gear pulley is metal and again very smooth. For someone with a bit of experience this heli is a fantastic deal and i suppose for the newbie, prepare to have to 'tinker' with the kit to get it perfect all in all a good buy and sent to the U.K within three days!!, thanks HK

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Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
I´ve received it. Everything is precise and works smooth, combination of metal and plastics (plastic parts - probably composite plastic - looks worse than HK450 V1 I think). Included pair of full plastic 325mm blades, looks exactly as Align basic blades. Main frame is the same as V1, but included metal tail shaft gear. Canopy holders are metalic. All parts are tuned to black/grey colors. Good work HobbyKing, this heli is winner for its ratio between price/quality!

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Overall Rating

14 thumbs up!
what can i say low price good quality i dont do 3d with these but i use them in my 450 scale heli's and they work great i outfitted it with everything from hc and i had everything but the reciever trans for 122 shipped to the states excellent i now own 3 of these great deal hobby king

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Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
Pretty nice machine.Build went well except for some slightly misaligned holes in the bottom base plate,being plastic this wasn't really a problem i managed to get the screws in.I also did notice that the metal gear pulley/shaft that drives the belt for the tail rotor is bent a noticeable bit.The head is all metal except for the blade grips themselves,for the price this is definitely worth it i cannot comment on flight performance a sit is not ready.

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Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
This kit came in a much smaller box than I 'm used to with other helicopters, but it was packaged really nicely and all was complete. I purchased all the alu parts available with it, which makes it a really nice heli!!

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