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EPP-3D unbreakable EPP foam model Kit (Oversize)

EPP-3D unbreakable EPP foam model Kit (Oversize)
EPP-3D unbreakable EPP foam model Kit (Oversize)

Bounce into trees, cartwheel down the runway and screw up every takeoff yet still be able to continue flying! That's what this 3D plane is all about.
Made from super resilient EPP foam, it's even more flexible than normal foam and can handle impacts without breaking!
Fuselage made from 2cm thick EPP foam and has an Aluminum insert, Wings & Elevator have carbon fiber inserts which makes this plane really very unbreakable!

This ARF requires a motor, servos, esc and prop. Also needed is your own receiver and battery to be flight ready in under 1hr.
Length: 1220mm
WingSpan: 1210mm
Wing Area: 34dm2
Flying Weight: 1000 - 1100g 
Motor : 1000kV Brushless outrunner
ESC : 50A 
Airscrew : 11x6 or 12x4 
Servo : 4 x 18~25g (2.5kg/cm of torque)
Recomended servo: GWS NARO-MAX-BB or TGY-S3317M
Battery : 11.1V 2200mah 20C 
Your own TX & RX


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 Customer rated
Total of 24 discussions.
eddy  13 points - 8/18/2015
eu warehouse plaese hk.
Nigel  104 points - 5/6/2015
Is this ever coming to the UK - It's no use in the international warehouse - check the shipping
eddy  13 points - 4/13/2015
eddy  13 points - 4/6/2015
why not eu warehouse
Evan  5 points - 3/24/2015
would this be a good plane for an experienced pilot but wants to get in to 3d
 Todd 83 points
Pick the fury.
 Evan 5 points
thanks for the suggestion
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
Just received mine, and although a little battle scarred from its flight down under I am very impressed. Its just a bigger version of the other Red Eagle unbreakables so quality is good (it's HUGE!!). Its not branded "Happy" like the originals (which I like). Its the version 2 Red Eagle kit as well, stronger wing and fuse spars. Quality excellent and from others I have seen flying flys very well too.
Build review in the forum under Foam Aircraft

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
The plane is different! I liked. Flies well. Weight 1200, Engin 35-42-1100 40A 2250ma 30c 10x7

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
It's a very good basic 3D flyer. Very good value for money. BUT! It's heavily underpowered (won't climb vertically very well). Ailerons are not very sharp and responsive. Suggested servos are OK, but hinges must be strengthened. Instructions are not that good for a beginner (get someone who has built several models next to you). It takes about 2-4 hours to complete construction if you are semi-experienced. Some modifications are needed to the model during construction. If you want all the building tips, do's&don'ts - feel free to Email me at ALL IN ALL - VERY NICE - LOTS OF FUN - GOOD VALUE - NOT A PRO 3D MODEL.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Good value for money. Quality could benefit from better instructions and more accuracy in cutting the parts. Performance: it's a 3D trainer, Not a Pro 3D so do not expect that. The airframe is too soft to perform accurate stunts. The model is vastly underpowered. Requires a stronger (over 550w) engine and a larger ESC as a result. Servos recommended are OK but the hinges are too soft (need strengthening). Build time: 3-5 hours, but as the instructions are not that good - get an experienced builder to help you. CG is exactly 1/3 of the wing from leading edge (for suggested spec) OVERALL: A good 3D trainer for beginners. Nice material. Fun to fly.

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Overall Rating
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Received from HK in late Sept 2011. I have almost completed assembly. Used mostly "UHU POR" glue. Here are the problems I had: - Holes for tail spars still wrongly drilled. - I had 3 wheel collars, all for 1.8mm. Two of these are needed for the tail wheel, one to retain the wheel, and one to put the load onto the black plastic holder. - I had ZERO wheel collars for retaining the front wheels. (3mm) - The upper-most bend of the front wheel struts should have been longer. Needed to cut foam so that the wheel struts could be inserted more into the the aluminium. - Manual is too brief. Kit doesn't fit perfectly, lots of time, patience and improvisation is needed. - The wing is EPP skin wrapped over foam and plywood framing, it *feels* much more fragile that I like... but I have not flown it yet.

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