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Hobby King 401B AVCS Digital Head Lock Gyro

Hobby King 401B AVCS Digital Head Lock Gyro

The now famous HK401B is known to have the same characteristics as the Futaba GY401. In fact we guarantee you wont know the difference!
No tail drift, excellent hold characteristics and a level of reliability only found in $100+ gyros.
Dont risk your heli with other cheap Gyros when the HK401B has been proven by thousands of pilots to be stable and accurate in a variety of temperatures and helicopters.
Compatible with both Digital and Analog systems
Minimizes rudder trim changes caused by wind, other meteorological changes, and varieties of helicopter attitude changes are automatically cancelled.
Sensor vibration proofing
Simple sensitivity adjustment
Digital proportional RIC system
Operating voltage: 4.8V ~6V( common for receiver)
Operating temperature: -lOL r-.rf-45 C
Dimensions: 28x26x20 mm
Operating current: 80mA

IMPORTANT: Make sure you isolate your Gyro from vibration. Use double sided foam tape and never use cable ties. Vibration will cause harm to the Gyro and degrade performance.
Manual found in the files section below.


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 Customer rated
Total of 516 discussions.
Dbtchrman  2308 points - 3/24/2014
Have been thinking about to use it to lock the jaw position on a camera mount! would it work??
P3K33  2 points - 2/27/2014
I bought one of these to tryout with a erevo(ground Rc car model) but turns out that it can't link to the ground receiver, but it does well when I plug it to an air system, can any one tell me how to manage this problem in order to make it work with a traxxas ground receiver? I know this gyro is for helicopter but bought it for cheap
 Davidross 19 points
Heard about problems with traxxas receivers, better buy the car gyro
 P3K33 2 points
Do you know what causes the incompatibility and how can I fix it?
 Davidross 19 points
No sorry, I have no solution
 crazycarmaniac 334 points
do you use it as a traction control in the high power/ speed beasts?
 Brandon 1 points
I'm not sure if any one of these HK gyros work. Just get a Futaba G190 for Traxxas stuff. It's as simple as servo>gyro>radio. Plug n' Play basically.
bagija  11 points - 2/25/2014
shopping at hobbyking number 2008669092 $ 115.24 Received orders, payments received but goods not delivered, contact customer support also can not, how responsibilities hobbyking??? Your credibility we have repeatedly questioned ...... I sent an email but no response, careful shopping at hobbyking, because you will always long to wait ... hobbyking is no customer care.
 Davidross 19 points
Contact HK in the live chat with your order number. I got always a good solution for any problems. The customer service like a live chat is very good! They will help you out
Sven  6 points - 2/17/2014
Der Kreisel geht super in jeder Grö*ß*e von heli und hä*lt das heck super stabil
 kevin 2 points
Help other customers with their questions.We have given out more than $13,088.80 in credit!
Mannish Boriikar  6 points - 2/6/2014
Can i use this gyro in raptor 30.
 Davidross 19 points
I think so, why not. Is a nice cheap gyro
 kevin 2 points
Help other customers with their questions.We have given out more than $13,088.80 in credit!
 funflyrc 5 points
Yes, but make sure that nothing is loose or unlevel inside the gyro. We always fill the inside case of the gyro with hot glue.
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gyro used for Esky HB King 3
Fly less, spend more.
Overall Rating
143 thumbs up!
Ensure you do the fix for this gyro. This is a pretty decent gyro at this price... HK Rocks.

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Overall Rating
68 thumbs up!
IMPORTANT 2-minute fix for this gyro: ("" slash "hk401fix")

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Overall Rating
17 thumbs up!
The gyro is amazing. I used it in the road car model to manage and everything is in perfect order. I recommend this product for its sensitivity and price.

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Overall Rating

13 thumbs up!
i figured for the price i couldnt resist trying one of these and i am not dissapointed this things works great just as good as my 401 futaba gyro you need to look at the mods section on this as i had to do that but the little time i spent doing the mod was more then made up for with the low price and great performance

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Overall Rating
12 thumbs up!
I bought this gyro to try out for HK 450 it does very well ,hold the tail is solid with JR servo DS290G, First I received, inside board was sloppy & I try on heli it doesn't work, then I Open in back gyro I sim double tape to hold them inplace worked very well fly good,good for $ too

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