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Turnigy 130A Watt Meter and Power Analyzer

Turnigy 130A Watt Meter and Power Analyzer

The TURNIGY watt meter is a very accurate R/C amp/watt meter.
Predict model airplane flight time with any given propeller. 
Ensure peak currents are safe for motor, ESC, wiring and connectors 
Check battery health and performance.
Evaluate R/C battery charging efficiency. 
Choose the best propeller or gearing and the most efficient motor 
Check for wiring and connector power losses 
Measure power and energy consumption of ANY device with a battery
Operating voltage: 4.8~60V (0V with optional auxiliary battery)
0~130A, resolution 0.01A
0~60V, resolution 0.01V
0~6554W, resolution 0.1W
0~65Ah, resolution 0.001Ah
0~6554Wh, resolution 0.1Wh
Screen: 16x2, backlit LCD display
Size: 85x42x25mm
Weight: 82g 

PRODUCT ID: TR-Wattmeter

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Weight: 129g
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 Customer rated
Total of 175 discussions.
Aussie pete.  144 points - 6/11/2015
The GT Power version of this product is on Ebay for only $12AUD with free postage. Much cheaper and i think the GT power Ver.2 is more accurate than the Turnigy.
 Richard 506 points
they are exactly the same, different face plate.
 Aussie pete. 144 points
Yes, Same internals same build, But from what i have read and seen, The GT is slightly more accurate, So they must calibrate the GT differently. I don't know what they do, But the GT is better, And cheaper!.
CNC mill  105 points - 3/19/2015
Can this wattmeter record the maxium values?? I need to install it into my boat . thank you
 Richard 506 points
it holds the peak values until it is disconnected from the battery.
 CNC mill 105 points
yeah, thank you, I need to know exactly this.
Baqar  32 points - 2/27/2015
How does it tell abt flight time
 Richard 506 points
there is no flight time, it isn't really meant to be left in a plane. Good for static testing. It does show total Ah and Wh.
 Baqar 32 points
It is written in specs that it can predict flight time
 Richard 506 points
IT means the device gives you the information you need to predict your flight times. If you know your current load at full and half throttle, then you could predict flight time based on your battery size and flying style.
 Baqar 32 points
How do u know that current load is full
 Andreas KarnÃ¥ 9 points
It shows the times the current draw is over 1 A.
Daniel  14 points - 2/18/2015
Guys, I need help. I have connected WM to battery and an ESC. It is showing zero readings at all times. Even after I have turned on the motor, all readings were "0". Wiring was done like in manual... Anybody with the same experience?
 Richard 506 points
make a little video, send it to customer service, get a credit.
 Peter 19 points
customer service in HK is really bad.
the snake  17 points - 12/30/2014
Does anyone know what will happen if the reading goes over the 130A rating of this meter? I have an EDF that should peak at 168 amps and wondered if it still reads or shuts off or what. Its says it will go over 6000 watts on this meter, i was hoping it would continue to read watts even if it may max out on the amp reading. Victor
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Turnigy 130A Watt Meter
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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
Oh cut the wires already to same length. Probably the cheapest wattmeter on the market.

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Overall Rating

4 thumbs up!
A little too big to mount anywhere on my cars. So, just relegated to pit tuning. Fun to watch anyway.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
it work's great nice blue backligthing makes it easy to see for us night flying guys. the only thing i would like to see is longer wires on the meter. mine were only about 3inches long 6 would be good. 4 stars for the short wires. still good for the price.Thank's HK

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
This box toggles through the several measurement parameters. The parameter can not selected individually. However this works also. A little bit bulky to go fly with it. Especially on a 450 clas heli. No problem to fix it on a 500 class w/o canopy.
Nice gadget every enthusiast should have :-)

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
Great meter, had some problems at first, but it all worked out. Turnigy is a great company!

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