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USA warehouse now open.
Our USA warehouse is now open! Low cost shipping and an ever growing variety make ordering from the US warehouse even better value!
Our Gyro range includes head locking as well as digital capable gyros.
Gyro's are extremely sensitive devices and the following important information should be noted;
1) Always use foam padded double sided tape to secure your gyro.
2) Due to different climate humidities and temperatures, be sure to have your Gyro switched on for at least 5 minutes then switch off before you start to make adjustments.
3) If you find that your helicopters tail continues to 'hunt', try adjusting the servo linkage to the outermost hole on the servo horn.
These little techniques can make a world of difference to your Gyro's performance.
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Gyro / Flight Controller Mounting Pad (10pcs/bag)
SKU: 402000001
Weight : 14g | IN STOCK
Turnigy Head Lock & Standard Gyro (Digital/Analog)
Weight : 48g | IN STOCK
Telebee R/C Car Gyro for Drift Maneuvers
SKU: Car-Gyro
Weight : 55g | IN STOCK
HobbyKing GA-250 MINI-MEMS Gyro
SKU: GA-250
Weight : 45g | IN STOCK
Hobby King 401B AVCS Digital Head Lock Gyro
Weight : 27g | IN STOCK
3M Gyro Mounting Pad (3pcs/bag)
SKU: 297000023
Weight : 10g | IN STOCK
Flymentor Programing Box
Weight : 135g | IN STOCK
BA Nano Gyro 2.3gram
Weight : 10g | IN STOCK
Turnigy Mini MEMS AVCS Gyro & Program Box
Weight : 163g | IN STOCK
Futaba BLS276SV S.Bus 2 Ultra High Speed Brushless Tail Servo 5.0kg 0.05sec/60deg
SKU: 476000022-0
Weight : 127g | IN STOCK
GWS PC-03 Pass-con Unit for piezo Gyro/JR
Weight : 29g | IN STOCK
FMA Co-Pilot 2-Channel Flight Stabilization System
Weight : 63g | IN STOCK
F-TEK 31AP Fixed Wing Flight Stabilization Controller (w/Self-Leveling)
SKU: 9276000004
Weight : 180g | IN STOCK
Assan GA-510 Tail Lock Gyro
SKU: GA-510
Weight : 79g | IN STOCK
Spartan Flash-Link USB interface cable
SKU: SRC03478
Weight : 33g | IN STOCK
BA-4-in-1CX Mixerboard (72mhz Single Conversion)
SKU: BA-4-in-1CX-Mix
Weight : 45g | IN STOCK
FeiYu Tech FY-90Q USB Interface Cable
SKU: 276000001
Weight : 42g | IN STOCK
HobbyKing PPM Signal Mixer version B for Head-Movement-Tracker Gyro
Weight : 15g | BACKORDER

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