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Batteries & Accessories > ZIPPY Lipoly
Our Zippy batteries deliver full capacity, full C rating and a long cycle life.
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12S 10S 9S 8S 7S 6S 5S 4S 3S 2S 1S        
ZIPPY 50mAh 20C single cell
Weight : 12g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 70mAh 20C single cell
Weight : 12g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 350mAh 20C single cell
SKU: Z350S20C
Weight : 16g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 240mAh 20C single cell
SKU: Z240S20C
Weight : 14g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 450mAh 20C single cell
SKU: Z450S20C
Weight : 25g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 600mAh 20C single cell
SKU: Z600S20C
Weight : 28g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 240mAh 30C Single Cell
SKU: Z2401S-30C
Weight : 13g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 400mAh 20C single cell
SKU: Z400S20C
Weight : 21g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 100mAh 20C Single Cell
SKU: Z1001S-20C
Weight : 15g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 400mAh 30C Single Cell
SKU: Z4001S-30C
Weight : 16g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 138mAh 20C Single Cell
SKU: Z1381S-20C
Weight : 9g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 350mAh 30C Single Cell
SKU: Z3501S-30C
Weight : 15g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY Flightmax 5800mah 1S2P 60C Hardcase Car Lipoly
SKU: Z5800.1SP.60C
Weight : 230g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 740mAh 20C single cell
SKU: Z740S20C
Weight : 29g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 850mAh 20C single cell
SKU: Z850S20C
Weight : 50g | IN STOCK
ZIPPY 100mAh 20C single cell
SKU: Z100S20C
Weight : 14g | BACKORDER

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