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Radios & Receivers

Radio Control Radio Transmitters and Receivers (Tx and Rx) allow you to control just about any RC Vehicle that you could imagine.

A Radio Control (RC) system is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will need no matter what type of RC Model you’re going to operate be it a plane, car and motor bike, drone, helicopter or boat for example.

HobbyKing stocks a broad range of different types and brands of Radio Control transmitters, receivers and associated accessories in the air and surface use categories along with specialised Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Long Range systems. Simple 4 channel Transmitter and Receiver systems catering for the beginner all the way up to sophisticated 18 channel programmable systems for the RC expert in both Mode 1 and Mode 2 along with more specific Radio and Transmitter sets for Multirotor Drone users.

Telemetry-based Radio Control sets are now available which use multiple telemetry sensors to relay information from your RC Plane, Drone Car or Boat allowing the user to monitor parameters such as battery capacity, temperature and voltage along with motor rpm and aircraft altitude.

Sophisticated, adjustable 3 Axis Flight Stabiliser and Receiver Modules incorporating 3 Axis MEMS gyro units will allow beginners to fly their aircraft in windy conditions and will automatically compensate for wind gusts that would normally push the model of course. 3 Axis Flight Stabiliser and Receiver Modules are also ideal for First Person View (FPV) equipped aircraft to keep your FPV model stable in flight.

Surface Radio Systems specially made for drift cars and other surface vehicles also incorporate gyro system to allow for more predictable, precise steering,

HobbyKing caters for all different types of radio signal protocols such as;

• Automatic Frequency Hoping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS),
• Automatic Frequency Hoping Digital System (AFHDS),
• Digital Spectrum Modulation 2 & X (DSM2/DSMX Compatible),
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS Compatible),
• Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology (FASST Compatible)
• Advanced Continuous Shifting Technology ACCST to name a few.

All Receivers All Receivers
A full list of all Ground and Air receivers available from HobbyKing
Complete Systems Complete Systems
A full list of all Ground and Air radio systems (Tx & Rx) available from HobbyKing
OrangeRx Radios, Tele. Sensor & F. Stabilization OrangeRx Radios, Tele. Sensor & F. Stabilization
OrangeRX 2.4GHz products including Radio Transmitters, Transmitter Modules, Receivers, Telemetry and Flight Stabilization.
HobbyKing HobbyKing
Large range of HobbyKing Ground and Air Radios and Receivers
Turnigy Turnigy
Turnigy Radios, Receivers. Telemetry and Accessories
Quanum Quanum
Quanum Radio Transmitters and Receivers designed especially for Multirotor & Fixed Wing Drone usage and Quanum Ground Control Joystick Flight Stations
FrSky FrSky
Full range of FrSky Radios, Transmitter Modules, Receivers, Telemetry and Associates Spare Parts and Accessories
Futaba Futaba
Futaba Radios, Receivers and Accessories
Sanwa/Airtronics Sanwa/Airtronics
Sanwa/Airtronics Surface Radio Tranmitters, Receivers and Accessories
Hitec Hitec
Hitec Compatible Radio Receivers
Corona Corona
Corona DSSS Modules and receivers
JR Radios, receivers and accessories
Assan Assan
Assan DSSS Modules and receivers
Surface & Car Radios Surface & Car Radios
Full range of Surface Vehicle and Car Radios ideal for Cars, Boats, Tanks, Motor Bikes and other Surface Vehicles
Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Long Range Systems
SuperMicro SuperMicro
All-in-one Solutions for Micro Pilots
Synthesized Rx Synthesized Rx
4 to 9 channel Synthesized receivers on 35mhz to 72mhz
WiFi Receiver WiFi Receiver
WiFi Radio Control Equipment
RX Switches RX Switches
Large range of Radio Receiver Switches
Two Way Radios Two Way Radios
Large Range of UHFand VHF Two Way Hand Held Radio Transceivers, Microphones, Earphones, Batteries and Associated Accessories
Rx/Tx Batteries Rx/Tx Batteries
Large range of specialised Radio Control Transmitter Batteries such as NiMH, NiZN, LiFe and Lipo
Flight Simulator Flight Simulator
Flight Simulator Software, Controllers, Gamepads and Associated Accessories
Parts & Accessories Parts & Accessories
An Enormous range of Radio Control Spare Parts and Accessories, Neck Straps, Mounts, Gimbals, Cables, Cases, Bags and Gloves, Switches and Trays

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