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2040SL 4800kv Brushless Inrunner (WaterCooled)
Mattyc (238 points)
  i think this would be far to small for a 36 shockwave, just going on the shaft size id say that its a smallish motor, get a kb45 8L for the shockwave and a turnigy 180amp boat esc, and a couple of flightpower 30c 2600mah 4s lipos to run parallel as 4s2p.. you should see 50mph with a decent driveline setup
-Reply from Madmax64 (1 points);
You will need a bigger motor 3660 model whit 2000kv to 3500kv rpm. Max
Mattyc (238 points)
  flightmax rather.
martiman (185 points)
  What's the best speed you got from this motor installed in a mini hydro? Will it survive 4S?
-Reply from Eric1180 (2289 points);
common sense would say 4s with a 4800kv!!! motor would be to much. Thats almost 70,000rpm unloaded way to much. 3s is almost pushing it
-Reply from Dirk (13 points);
2s is best, if you got more kv, select the 3060 Kv
hans (31 points)
  Quel variateur peut-on utiliser?
-Reply from Madmax64 (1 points);
Le mieux c'est un esc marin! donc avec un systeme de refroidisement a l'eau, il doit ètre résistant a l'eau(waterproof ou marine) , avec une puissance de 25a au minimum. Moi j'ai un 35a seaking . Max
RiMr71 (225 points)
  Have you any idea about ESC for this motor? Info about current missing...
-Reply from Madmax64 (1 points);
Work well whit my seaking 35a
RC trk (170 points)
  An Aquacraft Mini Rio that's about the right size of boat for this little one...
-Reply from Madmax64 (1 points);
will be Awsome !
Jonathan Ott (70 points)
  What about putting this in a Pro-Boat Mini V, or Mini Cat? Too much motor?

-Reply from Madmax64 (1 points);
Wy not ! lol
Dolores (11 points)
  would motor be good in 36shockwave
-Reply from obrien008 (47 points);
no, maybe in an 18" shockwave
Dolores (11 points)
  would this motor be fast in a 36in v boat
-Reply from Crashinbash (222 points);
In a 36 inch you'd probably want a lower kv with more torque.
-Reply from Traxx (36 points);
No, it would not. Think about what you are asking for a second. a 20mm motor for a 36inch boat!?!?! you need a 40mm motor MINIMUM for a boat that size.
Dolores (11 points)
  could someone recommed a good brushless motor for cheep
-Reply from Chronoholic (194 points);
well, for 2 sheep you can buy a Mamba
Duncan (11 points)
  How about this motor on a 18' Boat??
-Reply from martiman (185 points);
18 feet?!! If you meant 18" then yes, it should work out.
karpy78 (16 points)
  just a quick question would this 4800kv motor work well with a 30aEsc & 5000mah 11.1v li po. I have water cooling through the Esc. will i cook my engine or esc?
-Reply from Madmax64 (1 points);
Look ok to me have a 35a on it
-Reply from Chad (6 points);
no this motor will do what your wanting with no issues just dont run it with out the water at all gets hot very fast
VIOREL (7 points)
  I need to know if is possible to use 2 engines this tipe with a ESC 20A for my boat?(82cm long ,double engines) and how to do that?
-Reply from king_draki (40 points);
You need 1 ESC per engine. I recommend 40A ESC for this one. But for 82cm hull buy a bigger one. This is good for micros <50cm.
VIOREL (7 points)
  It's ok for this motor an ESC 25A (25-35 , 6-12V) ,2Amp BEC ?Or what kind of motor fit for my ESC 25A?
-Reply from AM1508 (20 points);
a 25-35A esc would be ok if you don't use the motor at fully load..greetz
-Reply from nitro (166 points);
hey guys just asking can i put this in the tunnel hull hornet and will it go faster cheers
-Reply from Adam (9 points);
i use this motor myself with a 25amp esc and no problems with 30mm prop. just make sure you have good cooling for the motor which can get hot quickly

peterhanna (7 points)
  would that motor fit on 550brushed motor place and wat esc should i get with it. ihave 30 in boat
-Reply from RC trk (170 points);
The overall size would fit but the mounting holes is not a direct fit, this can i smaller than a 550 brushed it's only 20mm in dia
-Reply from Madmax64 (1 points);
You will need 36mm or 28mm motor and 60a ESC or more !
Oleg (6 points)
  In my boat is equipped with two motors. Can I replace the 2x380 to 2x2040?
-Reply from Meinschein (13 points);
Olá, até pode, use helices de 27mm com bateria 2S.
obrien008 (47 points)
  Where can I find a coupler for this thing? Also what flex shaft are you using?
-Reply from Meinschein (13 points);
olá, use eixo 3.18mm, eu achei la na R2hobbies.
-Reply from obrien008 (47 points);
3.18mm for a 2.3mm shaft?
-Reply from mdgcrestani (14 points);
Motor muito fraco. Queimou rapidinho com 3(s).
-Reply from remon1 (1 points);
what esc do i need for this motor
Jon (6 points)
  What size are the bullet connectors/terminals?
-Reply from Ross (30 points);
3mm bullet connectors.
UweK-DE (54 points)
  Who is the manufacturer of this engine?
-Reply from john (1 points);
-Reply from elgusanobi2008 (72 points);
-Reply from Tim (48 points);
It's a Hobbywing/Turnigy in house product. I've got 3 of these, quality control it great, all three have not had any problems. It's a great little motor, just make sure to always watercool as it will heat up pretty quick without it.
-Reply from simmo24 (147 points);
Hey Tim, what size boat is this suitable for,I've got an old one that had a mercury 40 glow in it but want to change to electric.
Tim (48 points)
  I need to know the mounting hole width/diameter to get a correct motor mount, anybody have this information?
-Reply from Madmax64 (1 points);
It's 15.75mm width center to center
PILOTO-SP (66 points)
  This is the engine of moster Beatle?
HibridOPT (58 points)
  How everyone in the reviews say they use this motor in a boat with 3s? its like 50k RPM. Thanks insane -_-
-Reply from hooppjs (216 points);
2s is plenty with this motor. 3s I can't imagine it would last too long. Maybe the 3s users are SAW type clowns?
-Reply from Meinschein (13 points);
Hello, I have one of these in a shell of 45 cm, use batteries 2s. With 3s is much stronger, so far no propeller bore.
SJackson (41 points)
  Would a 35A ESC work with this motor or not?
-Reply from AM1508 (20 points);
yes a 35A esc would be very good for this little monster *) greetz
-Reply from Dirk (13 points);
yes, more then sufficient
TechKnow (10 points)
  I used a 26mm prop (slingshot by compass), 40A esc,11.1v 2700mah 30c 3 cell lipo(new)with about 30 min run time, a new 2200mah 3 cell 25c battery got hot and puffed up, in a striped Aquacraft Hammer abs plastic hull. It got about 27mph, It Jumped out of the water when full power given at start. My setup had Zero shaft vibration, On 10th run went to 24mm prop got better rpm, lost 2mph and then the magnet armature broke in half inside the motor and jammed up. Worst motor ever! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
jimbo171 (39 points)
  Would this motor be a good replacement for the Delta Force 16". ??? The stock motor is a 2200kv with 3s 2200mh. Would the stock 45amp esc be enough for this motor???
-Reply from AM1508 (20 points);
guess not..its way to much kv's!! with the same prop these will suck more than use a much smaller prop or reduce the kv..try between a 2800 or 3200 kv motor on 3s or use a 2s pack with these motor and a 28-30mm prop so you can use your 45A esc..greetz
-Reply from Adam (9 points);
i use a 30mm prop and works good but tried a 27mm worked but not really well at all
conca32 (2 points)
  i'm changing my 700mm twin hull speed boat motors(propeller) to home made jets, would this motor be suitable or would i need a higher kv for speed
-Reply from jaydenwaby (3 points);
no this motor would be suitable
Gustavo (32 points)
  Can this motor be used to upgrade from a Brushed Graupner Speed 400 7,2V? i use 2 motors in my boat. what ESC would fit 2 of those motors? tks guys
-Reply from steamboatbob (5 points);
depends this is a very high revving motor on 7.4V it will be generating 35,000 rpm and it does get very hot when a small load is put on it
if you are replacing twin 400s i would actually go for the next size motor up as this will give you more tourque this motor is really meant for micro hulls.
-Reply from boatee (340 points);
To run two motors use two ESCs. I'd use 2 30/35 amp ESCs fed from the battery with a Y cable (available from Hobbyking) As for the voltage, the maximum it will take is rated at 11 volts so your 7.2 should be OK. Id be tempted to spend a little extra and get two Turnigy Marine 35A Brushless Boat ESCs. Well built and rugged. You certainly won't have any heat problems.

-Reply from Phill63 (139 points);
If it will fit in your boat mechanically then you can use them. Use a seperate ESC for each motor. You could run each ESC on a seperate channel in your Tx and then mix the channels to get a balanced power output, or run a "Y" lead from your Rx to each ESC.
-Reply from Adam (9 points);
i use a 25amp with mine although a bigger esc would be a better safe guard

club17 (149 points)
  What is the dia. of the water jacket.
Mr wizzard (250 points)
  these parts should work fine together.your prop may be to much and loading your motor.try smaller prop dia.or raising prop to the surface more.
-Reply from Murray (8 points);
Thanks for the info. After talking to Hobbyking Tecs sounds like I put to many Amps into the motor,[Max 20], they advised dropping the Amps or step up to a bigger motor. Im going to try a 3900Kv brushless now. Fingers X
-Reply from Mr wizzard (250 points);
smaller prop lower amps
Mr wizzard (250 points)
  what prop are you using?
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
Im using a 35mm nylon 2 blade prop.
Mr wizzard (250 points)
  a 30 works watch the heat 32 is pushin it have mine in a Small Bolt sounds nice smoothe.hey have fun!
lardwick (11 points)
  what kind of cooling system do u need to use ? any link will help im a newb )
-Reply from AM1508 (20 points);
a cooling system is already mounted on these motor..u just need a "water intake" -> flexible tube to everything to keep cool (most: motor and esc) -> flexible tube to "water outtake".. i hope this helps you a little bit
-Reply from QIK-RX (29 points);
Have a look here, might explain it a little better:

-Reply from steamboatbob (5 points);
usually the rudder on your boat has a water pickup and you can connect that to your motor using silicone tubing.
-Reply from Dirk (13 points);
make a water pick-up in the boat and lead i to the esc firts, motor second, then back where i came from!
WillyTarner (4 points)
  What Esc it need ? ¿¿ Que regulador necesita este motor ??
-Reply from Meinschein (13 points);
olá , comprei esse , exelente conjunto, uso baterias 2s 3000mah . at.
-Reply from steamboatbob (5 points);
Turnigy 35 amp brushless boat esc
-Reply from boatee (340 points);
25 amps would do the job but with all my boats I overdo the ESC I'd go 40 amps to be safe. It's worth the few dollars to be sure. Make sure it's watercooled too.
-Reply from UNAL (8 points);
turnigy marine 35a water cooled. i use with it.
-Reply from snaychev (33 points);
If you ar going to push this motor to the limit , then 35 amp is not enough. 45 or 50 amp is needed for racing.
-Reply from Adam (9 points);
i use a 25amp although this is the Minimum size but i am still yer to run this motor at 100-it has power in bucket loads
Luckrapi (55 points)
  This motor is effective in Turnigy Taipan?
-Reply from zan (19 points);
Yes it is. I very recommend it.
-Reply from PILOTO-SP (66 points);
This is the engine of moster Beatle?
patheli (5 points)
  Salut à* tous. Ce moteur est possible de le monter dans le Magic Cat ? merci.
-Reply from jaydenwaby (3 points);
i love this motor very powerful and lots of fun not to heavy and doesn't break
-Reply from millesm (13 points);
I have this connected up to a Birdie 50A ESC in my NQD Tear Into Jet Boat... just need to complete the assembly and I'm ready to test it out!
-Reply from Eddie (5 points);
Have you test it out yet? I have the same set up for my mosquito craft but i havent test it out in the lake yet so idk if the esc will get hot. But i tested it for 5 mins full throttle without water cooling for the esc and it was still cool. But again that was without shaft or prop and outside of the water.
robin (8 points)
  can you put this motter in a 27inch hydro plane
-Reply from GliderJack (6 points);
This Motor in a Plane? No! This is a Inrunner Brushlessmotor for Boats. If you need a Motor for your Plane, look for Outrunner Motors (or inrunner-motors without WaterCooling) -Remember: Inrunnermotors are getting hot very fast... Thats Reason why I'm only using Outrunnermotors... ~Vijay
-Reply from Alex (9 points);
Nah man i i was you id go for something a bit bigger. like the size up from this 2848SL 3900kv Brushless Inrunner then it should be all sweet :)
-Reply from waterlogged (3853 points);
A hydroplane is a boat. DUH! You could put this in a boat, that's what it's built for but I think the 27 inch would be a bit much unless you use a small prop and run on 7.4 volts 2s. It's only a baby so it's really suited to much smaller boats like the Cobra.
Alex (9 points)
  The motors max voltage is 11v but will running 14.8 burn it out straight away or will it just get hotter faster?
-Reply from GliderJack (6 points);
With 11,1V its getting hot very fast... You cant use it without watercooling with 11,1v, bescause it would get too hot. I think with 14,8V watercooling would not help. I'm sure that this little powerful motor will burn out... :-/
-Reply from Alex (9 points);
Alright thanks for the help :)
-Reply from mdgcrestani (14 points);
Motor Muito fraco. Queimou rapidinho com 3 (s).
-Reply from mdgcrestani (14 points);
É uma pena que ele esquenta muito ! o meu já queimou.
RC Steve (16 points)
  Is this a good motor for the original Kyosho R/C surfer??? I want to upgrade to the more efficient/powerful brushless setup. MANY THANKS!!
baril (10 points)
  *kimberly ,tu peut lui mettre un accus 2s en 20c dans un boat avec une hé*lice k29 et un contro de 40 Ampè*re sans refroidissement dans un bateau de 40 cm
sam (2 points)
  Hi there, im having issues i have just run my second motor for the first time and it has done the same as the first.. which is melt the leads going into the motor. Its being run on a 3s 2200mah with the 35a turnigy marine esc.. cant figure out why its doing this.
-Reply from the right stuff (1736 points);
Can you tell me what size prop you are using, What ESC your using and the model its running in? I suspect its just overloading.
-Reply from sam (2 points);
Its the standard 20mm nqd jet unit in a nqd boat. The ESC is the turnigy 35amp esc sold on here.
-Reply from Hussain Joharji (365 points);
Hello, omg it is worryable i dont really know it is burning .. all specification other use it .. but in my opinion the esc is not much nice ... prefer to use 50A for sure.. you can call support and they assist u if they can refund the money for ... Best Regards
-Reply from jaydenwaby (3 points);
hey i had the same problem as you was running the exact same as you and some how it is the ESC, i put a 50a ESC in my NQD 757 jet-boat and it work fine now. best Regards
chauvet (1 points)
je voulais savoir comment raccorder le moteur sur le variateur sachant que j'ai 3 sorties moteur:
1 orange
1 jaune
1 bleu
merci beaucoup de votre ré*ponse par avance.
-Reply from Shimmer (22 points);
ce n'est pas grave, vous pouvez brancher les fils comme bon vous semble. si elle tourne dans le mauvais sens juste swap de deux des fils.
Schrauber (7 points)
  M3 screws are used to mount the Motor ! I run this Motor in a Hopf Lightning 1EVO with 22oo-3000 mah 3S lipo and a 32x1.7 Metalprop and it is very fast!
-Reply from Schrauber (7 points);
...oh sorry, the prop is a 2blade 33x1,7. I have tested in last summer it with a Turnigy 130A Wattmeter. ESC and motor water cooled only the LIPO was hot. -lipo 3S 2100 -ESC Turnigy Marine 120A -timing 15°* -71,28 A (peak amps) -776,2 W (peak watts) -3,2 Wh -0,294 Ah I think is a verry god motor .
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
The hex screw isn't M3 already tried it. Waiting for my M2 and M2.5 screws.
-Reply from Glen (3 points);
Mounting screws are M2.5
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
Thank you!
plantac (2 points)
  2040SL 4800kv Brushless Inrunner ..................Can anyone tell me what this means to a rank amateur ?
-Reply from VRSS Greg (270 points);
Hi plantac the 2040 means the motor is 20mm in diameter and 40mm in length. The 4800kv means the motor can turn 4800rpm per volt applied, with a maximum of 11.1volts or 3s lipo battery. Hope this helps
MrBrick789 (73 points)
  If i used two of these motors, would it work for an 800mm boat
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Yup it will work but it will be too much work for the motor with this size(small) on 800mm boat..possibly it will not last longer too..normally people will use 36mm size motor on that size of boat..
Josh (18 points)
  i really need to know what size flex shaft i should use withn this motor
-Reply from Maciek25 (21 points);
Hi1I use this motor for a small boat to 400mm.Flexshaft 1/8 or 2.3mm flex and propeller drive 3.16mm,propeller 27 to 30mm max,esc 35a watercooling and 7.4v lipo.Work perfect.Any biger shaft than flex 3.16mm and 4mm drive give you risk for lost(bend) motor shaft.
wildcat89 (1 points)
  i have to of these 4800kv motors in a AquaCraft's Mini Wildcat and going to us a gens ace 7.4v 4800mah saddle pack lipo with it and two 35a esc is that an ok set up or what
-Reply from Maciek25 (21 points);
yes!!!make sure this lipo is no more from 7.4v.For 11.1v this motors is not gut(burn) and change for 2500kv.No bigger propellers from 30mm
kevin (4 points)
  will this motor fit into the outboard motor unit sold with the hornet f1 tunnel hull/
-Reply from fratav (123 points);
Harun (2 points)
  how long i must wait stock item?was 7 weeks not yet became...
Shamzy (5 points)
  Is this motor suitable on a 17 inch boat? Can I use it with Turnigy Marine 35A Brushless Boat ESC? If yes, what size propeller should I use?
-Reply from norbique (467 points);
The size of the boat is about right. The ESC would do the job too. Prop should be around 31mm. Look around, HK has a number of smaller sized nylon props as well as metal ones.
Hayden (3 points)
  Is this a good replacement motor that does not need any modifications for the HK small bolt? thanks
-Reply from waterlogged (3853 points);
This little motor really screams and would be a good motor for your boat. Just be careful fitting the cooling hoses. If you put too much pressure on the especially sideways they will snap. Try soaking your hose end in hot water before fitting. It will just slide on easily.
-Reply from Hayden (3 points);
Excellent, thanks.
dominique (13 points)
  motor cool serious for ,700 grams
dominique (13 points)
  qualit motor for my boat ,cool ,great esc 40amp
dominique (13 points)
  perfec motor esc 40 amp ,me no problé*me ( boat eco speed for fun
Trump8r (32 points)
  If this is an inrunner can it simply be strapped down to the boat hull?
-Reply from Mr wizzard (250 points);
yes it can.
Sipuli (10 points)
  Heya.. Can anyone tell me whats the diameter of the screws needed for the attaching to a mount?? Thx :)
-Reply from Jason (1 points);
This motor takes M2.5mm mounting screws.
-Reply from millesm (13 points);
2.32mm I used ones from the head setup on a heli.
-Reply from Eddie (5 points);
Hello, do you guys know what size motor mount i can use with this motor? and where to find that size of screw? Thanks :)
Paul (18 points)
  how many poles does this motor have for setting the speed controller?
-Reply from Lachlan (10 points);
This motor has 4 poles.
-Reply from Danny (5 points);
This motor has 4 poles
-Reply from helari (17 points);
If i remember doesnt lie then there is 6 holes.
-Reply from Tim (48 points);
It's a 4 pole motor (with six holes for
-Reply from jaydenwaby (3 points);
it has 4 poles
-Reply from simmo24 (147 points);
just in case we didnt get that, its a 4 pole motor
avinash (1 points)
  anyone know the max smp on this motor?
-Reply from marvin8888 (146 points);
25A at full power with 3S
Travis (1 points)
  Hey, I was wondering if anyone on here knows if I'm able to run this motor in the relentless Catamaran boat?
-Reply from VRSS Greg (270 points);
This motor is to small in size dia for relentless and the Kv to high The original motor is 40mm dia you can bolt a 36mm motor in size bigger more power and tourqe and I'd go for around the 1900kv for the relentless Rc boat
Damien (1 points)
  what hose id goes on the water jacket?
-Reply from Gary49 (4596 points);
Use 3mm(1/8ins) silicone tubing.
RC 4 Life (2 points)
  I have a NQD Tear-In-to Jet boat. I tore out all the insides and i need to replace everything except the jet propulsion system. Ive already purchased a 1500mah 9v LiFe battery. Will this motor work? what is the best ESC and Servo. Also where could i get a radio?
-Reply from PeterBe (75 points); and HXT900 servo adequate . Motor shaft fits exactly with coupler
-Reply from PeterBe (75 points);
Link was to birdie 50 A water cooled speed controller . Maybe overkill but cheep cheep and better than under kill . I have this boat and setup but 2s 1700 lipo . You are already going to hit terminal velocity of jet prop. system.
-Reply from RC 4 Life (2 points);
Word, thanks a lot man!
millesm (13 points)
  I have blown up one Birdie 50A ESC and blown a wire off 2 more with this motor. Boat - NQD Tear Into Jetboat. Birdie 50A Brushless Boat ESC w/3A BEC Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Battery also got quite hot and soft so I'm guessing this motor is pulling far too much amps for the battery and ESC. Not put on an AMP meter yet but will be doing that once I solder the ESC.
-Reply from Mr wizzard (250 points);
try running a 27mm to 30mm prop this should keep your amps in range
emanuel (671 points)
  i want to make a submarine(handmade) and i need a brushless motor thst can give me power and can last at least 30 minutes of continuous running in 3s 4400mah lipo . Is this a good motor or i need another one ? if is not * can someone tell me what is the better motor for a 30 cm submarine?
-Reply from fastnut007 (18 points);
running on 3s this motor is too high a kv ,suspect you want forward and reverse ,look at car motor with sensor link to ESC approx 2300kv min 200watts ,? what size prop?
-Reply from emanuel (671 points);
thanx james but i don't need a esc because i want it just to go straight.
i need a brushless one and the prop size is 25 mm
-Reply from fastnut007 (18 points);
hi again ,still say kv`s of this motor too high on 3s for what you want ,something between 2500/3000kv`s would run cooler and longer on a 25mm prop calculation ,3sx4400 run time 30min`s equals max power draw =100 watts ,hope this helps,cheers.
-Reply from fastnut007 (18 points);
HI Emanuel had a look for motor poss and found this water cooler avail on boat accessory site ok
-Reply from emanuel (671 points);
Thanx James,
your information was very helpful.
Thanx again!!!
-Reply from Probelzaelo (2 points);
I think, use this one for submarine with 3S is not good idea. The best use this motor with same size but small KV1800 And water cooling jacket like this so you have same watercolled boat motor but with small power consum.
-Reply from Morten (1 points);
Lower KV if you have to use 3S, but maybe if you use an 2S. Remember to get cooling to this engine, mine got burned after 1 -15 minutes with a failure in the cooling circuit.
crispyspa (35 points)
  i'm going to go ahead and assume that this motor would be fine to run off 1 cell? I have an antique Chris Craft cabin cruiser that I want to drop this into.
The mad one (53 points)
  is it for 3s?
-Reply from emanuel (671 points);
yes you can use it for 3sor 11.1 v
-Reply from Ingar (10 points);
Yes you can, i'm running this motor with the turnigy 35amp watercooled esc in a modified "tear into" jet boat and it works great on both 2S and 3S
-Reply from jaydenwaby (3 points);
yes you can i have this one with a 35amp watercooled esc and i havent had a problem and im running a 3s
aleeza (7 points)
  are yaar ye kasi motor ha
chris (1 points)
  Would this work as a replacement motor on a the HK centurion??
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Yes it is, same specs as stock Centurion's motor, just different on kv tho..hope this help.
Hugh (12 points)
  does it come with the water cooling hose pipe
-Reply from lardwick (11 points);
its a watercooled motor all u have to do is plug ur pipe to the nipple and it work
-Reply from Hugh (12 points);
but do you have to buy the pipe that you plug into the nipple? thx!
-Reply from helari (17 points);
In the box there is just motor and ju have to buy pipe jourself.
-Reply from Hugh (12 points);
Cool thx!! But can u buy pipe on this website? I can not find any!
-Reply from Hobbyisity (206 points);
Hugh, in under gas&glow engines wnd parts, accecories, there should be clear pipe silicon that is teo dollars for a meter. :)
-Reply from Hobbyisity (206 points);
Two dollars a meter*
-Reply from jaydenwaby (3 points);
no it doesnt but you can buy it for like 2 dollars at a shop
Chris (1 points)
  Hi could someone please tell me if this motor would be ok for a boat I have made.The specs of the boat are: NotreDame Hydroplane Materials: balsa and ply 689mm(27in)long 300mm (12in)Wide I hope this will be enough information Many Thanks
-Reply from Ross (30 points);
Hey there.
I have run this motor in my own homemade jet boat.
It is 500mm long and 200 wide. Heaps of power for boating small flowing rivers,and very reliable.Will be buying a third motor soon.
Definately a good buy.

Hope this helps.
-Reply from Chris (1 points);
Thanks for the help I will give the motor a go
Lutz (2 points)
  HI, which motor mount can I use for this motor in a boat? thanks Lutz
Zolya (1 points)
  Hi, can i use 2 HobbyKing 50A Boat ESC 3A UBEC and 2 2040SL 4800kv Brushless Inrunner motors for a 90x40x30cm katamaran, or u recommend something alls? Thancs
roberto (1 points)
  code number that has the adapter to the propeller shaft 2.3 mm? ... thanks
roberto (1 points)
  how to connect the motor shaft to the propeller shaft (2.3mm)?... help
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
No collect/coupler that you are looking for here in hobbyking..try r2hobbies..i bought one there..hope this help.
-Reply from roberto (1 points);
thank you very much
roberto (1 points)
  Where can I find the adapters for this shaft?
Andre (1 points)
  Good morning, Please forgive my terrible english. :P I intend to use this engine in a ROV at a depth of 40 meters. This engine can be fully submerged in water?
-Reply from hoss2244 (6 points);
i dont think it is its water cooled cause it has to have water flowing through the water jacket i know that brushed motors can me sumerged
Rohan (1 points)
  i used a 50amp esc and a 2.2 amp batt my boat flies. my boat is about 45cm
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
45cm boat? did you mean Centurion mini or? what prop are you using?
Zack (5 points)
  I'm running this motor in my nqd jetbboat it works great! But i'm wondering about the 3900kv motor that looks like this one, Which one would give my boat more speed ? I've got the 35A marine esc
-Reply from Danny (1 points);
The NQD has a lot of issues surrounding speed etc what is ur main concern - hat this motor is to high on rpm and is spinning the jet to fast?
Zack (5 points)
  Hi I have this motor paired with the Marine 35A esc, A few months back it worked perfect but now i'm having issues. If i give it 1/4 throttle the boat will slowly go once i get to half throttle the motor stops and makes a very loud noise.
Lathalini (96 points)
  Can anybody tell me what hex screw is used for mounting the motor?
Seshadri (1 points)
  what is the thrust of this motor 2040SL 4800kv Brushless Inrunner (WaterCooled
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
It depends on what prop and power output you are using.
Seshadri (1 points)
  I am using Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 3S 35~70C Lipo Pack battery and HobbyKing 50A Boat ESC 3A UBEC
which propeller would you sugest to use. my boat would weigh close to 800gms excluding electronics.
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
I would say go for a 32mm prop. But make sure you have proper cooling.
Deves (3 points)
  hi, i search a brushless motor for replace my old speed 400 for my boat 400 class. do you know if this motor work for my rc boat?
-Reply from Scriptx (113 points);
Yes, It uses 16mm Mounting the same as most 400 motors.
-Reply from dominique (13 points);
yes perfect 3 s 40 amps no problé*me speed my baot ,thanks hoby king for price my boat mini eco speed speedd( 3 s ) Attention small propeller blade 2 go
-Reply from FIFOU (3 points);
This motor is perfect to a 400 boat. You can run with 2s for the race and 3S for fun. One 40A controller is perfect.
Murray (8 points)
  Hi could someone please tell me if this motor is compatible with a Turinigy Marine 35A Brushless Boat ESC and a Turinigy Nanotech 2200mah 3S 45 90c Lipo battery? The reason I ask is I'm running this set up in a Tearinto jet boat and only after 5 goes on the lake my engine has overheated an is seizing up.I have full flow of water running through the motor before the ESC... The first 3 goes on the lake everything was normal, on the fourth go the motor was warmer than the battery and on the fifth trial only got 3min before motor stopped.Have only had the boat up and running 2 weeks and never run twice in the same day..Any help would be much appreciated.
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
You could try getting the water cooled motor mount and also adding another water intake somehow. I fixed this motor on and old toy mastercraft boat from new bright. Im running it with a 50A birdy esc and 3s. Mine hasn't burnt yet.
VK777 (23 points)
  Hello there, I have bought this motor and HobbyKing 30A Boat ESC 3A UBEC. Please recommend me proper propeller with adapters and extension shaft. I want build home made catamaran. Weight will be near 500-700 grams. Please include links for recommended items. Thank you!
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
For this motor I would recommend a 28-32mm prop. Get the brass tube, a 4mm flexible axle and the "drive shaft with thread". HK-511B22,HK-510B30
-Reply from VK777 (23 points);
Thank you. I have ordered them. Can you also recomend me motor mount, water cooled ESC, and good battery pack for 15-20minutes run (with no motor overheating (it will be watercooled)) Thank you
VK777 (23 points)
  will this eng mount fit??? if no, pls recomend one. 36 Size Adjustable Motor Mount with Water Cooling SKU: HK-523B60
Jerry (2 points)
  I just got this "2040SL 4800kv Brushless Inrunner (WaterCooled)" I just need to know what ese will work with this motor? I'm new to this electric stuff. Thanks
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
I would suggest the birdy 50A esc. Product id-B50AUBEC. Im currently using it with this motor.
Jerry (2 points)
  Thank you very much Lathalini, I will try this.
larryj (4 points)
  Does it matter which wire goes where on this motor?
-Reply from Ross (30 points);
No. by changing the wires around you get a different rotation. Just try it out to get the rotation you need.
-Reply from larryj (4 points);
Thanks. Now I just need to figure out why I can't save the settings on my hobbyking esc.
-Reply from Ross (30 points);
can't help you on that one sorry
Boourns (1 points)
  I've just purchased this motor for a small micro boat I'm modding. For the recommended battery it says 2-3s 2200mah +... Does this mean I can't use anything less than 2200mah? Sorry for the dumb question!
-Reply from Boourns (1 points);
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
You can use anything below 2200MaH with a high C rating preferably nano-tech. But you will get much less run time.
Pognante (21 points)
  Is good for geico 17?
-Reply from Riley (1 points);
Hi. yes it will bolt to the GEICO 17 motor mount I have done to mine but space is a bit tight when fitting a brushless ESC in the hull.
bingen (4 points)
  what ESC would you reccomend me if i want to run my boat of 500mm large with 2S lipos? and how many Cs of the lipo?
-Reply from Ross (30 points);
I use the 50A birdy water cooled esc. I have run the same motor in a 500mm home made Jetboat with the 50A Esc and it runs really well. Read the reviews on the esc before buying, I here many have had their esc burn out. However I have 2 that are still running realy good. I have tyed both 2 cell and 3 cell. 2 cell run better in a jet boat, but there is a hell more power on the 3. hope this has helped. Cheers.
bingen (4 points)
  sorry ross but what prop do you use in you boat? thanks for the info!
-Reply from Ross (30 points);
No worries. The impeller in the jet unit is 20mm diameter. This motor could run a 30-35mm prop. That would be the maximum I would run in a boat that size with this motor.
rafael (1 points)
  I have a birdie 50a esc, and i would like to know what is the measurement of the electric connection, cause i lost one of 3 connectors :S
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
its 3.5mm connector
Jake (11 points)
  can any one tell me if this motor fits in a hornet f1 boat and a turnigy 120a esc goes on this motor
Jake (11 points)
  sorry only just started to this like thing that means yes
Kimberly (3 points)
  will somebody please give me the specs in like battery to moter to esc ratios
David (3 points)
  Who cam tell me what terminals colors Connect to the positive, negative, sensor for this Motor. I have blue, Yellow, Orange. thanks
-Reply from benjamin (56 points);
Colors are not important with brushless motors. You can try a connection and if the motor isn't turning as you want you cant exchange two plugs.
tony honda (3 points)
  hello all can you help me ....?? I do not know how the engine is coupled with the controller Esc ... help me??
-Reply from Lathalini (96 points);
You connect it to the esc in any way you want. If you see it running in reverse just swap two of the connectors.
alpha (1 points)
  hi, could any one help me out here i am new to this i have a 29 inches boat and i need to know if this motor will be ideally for this size of boat, pertaining to speed and what is the best size prop, batteries and esc that can be used with it i am seeing a lot of different stuff here could you please advise me thanks again
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
If i may help, 29" boat will suited 28 or 36mm motor. These motor is way too small for your boat. These motor for me is for small boats (less than 500mm).BTW if i may ask, what will be your target? speed? 2S or 3S set up?
alpha (1 points)
  the speed i want is 40 to 50 mph if i could get that.
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Above 40s, with these motor is hard to achieve that.
Take these 36mm motor PRODUCT ID: XK3674-B-2200
ESC you can use these PRODUCT ID: TR-M-120A
Prop, either PRODUCT ID: 377000016 or PRODUCT ID: 215000008 (currently available, others is backorder)
Lipos, single 4S or 2x2S in series rated above 30C
Im running my 31" mono with that motor on 4S, 45mm aloy prop (mentioned above) and reached 40mph with no problem. Hope this help.
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Btw, you need to buy cooling jacket from eBay, search for 36mm long version cooling jacket or just buy these PRODUCT ID: 151000016.
Just make sure you drive system is 4mm or bigger. So it will last long due to more current/amp flow from all the electronics. Sorry, im talking too much here. Hope this help.
alpha (1 points)
  Hi thanks shamrinHM for your info I will take your advice and get these stuff thanks again have a great day
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
No problem and have a great day to you too.
Yaroslav (3 points)
  К*а*к*о*й* п*о*с*о*в*е*т*у*е*т*е* н*а* э*т*о*т* м*о*т*о*р* р*е*г*у*л*я*т*о*р* с*к*о*р*о*с*т*и*?
-Reply from ttaaavv (2 points);
я* п*о*с*т*а*в*и*л* Turnigy Marine 35A Brushless Boat ESC н*а* 2х* б*а*н*о*ч*н*у*ю* л*и*п*о*л*ю* с* в*и*н*т*о*м* d-32 к*о*р*п*у*с* 35 с*м* л*о*д*к*и* с* с*и*с*т*е*м*о*й* о*х*л*а*ж*д*е*н*и*я* ,к*о*н*е*ч*н*о*, п*о*к*а* в*с*ё* ж*и*в*о*е* , н*а* х*о*д*у* .р*е*г* в*с*е*г*д*а* с*т*а*в*л*ю* с* з*а*п*а*с*о*м* п*о* м*о*щ*н*о*с*т*и* .
Yaroslav (3 points)
  which advise the speed control on this engine?
bryan (2 points)
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Yes you can, perfect upgrade for MG17 tho. Hope this help.
bryan (2 points)
  Thanks shamrin nh I kind of figured out before your answer and it's already ordered can't wait to get it , any suggestions for a metal prop ?
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Metal prop? how about these 3 blades aloy prop PRODUCT ID: D32P17D18X3 suitable for cat. Hope this help.
bryan (2 points)
  Rohan what speed did you acheived with this set up
bryan (2 points)
  Sharim nh might be a dumb question but will this prop fit the factory shaft
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Do not worry about the stock MG17 i owned the MG 24" version and it has 3.17mm prop sure the 17" version has the same or slightly smaller diameter too..if smaller, you just need to put shrink tube on the prop shaft for adaptor..Hope you get me..
bryan (2 points)
  Sharim just got around installing everything on the miss geico 17 just got a couple of questions got a hk item number 9261000008 esc and bought an octura 427 prop , regarding the esc if you hit reverse I will keep running on reverse until you hit forward is this normal
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Regarding the HK esc, i owned the 50A version and it's hard to understand the programming and i just change the running mode. Anyway, how did you programmed your esc? Make sure to use only 25% Reverse Force only.
bryan (2 points)
  Also have to play with the wires if I hit forward it I'll go the other way at least against the prop an vise versa
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Yup, you are right..need to play with the 3 wires and just make sure when you hit forward your boat/motor move forward too..hehe..anyway, have a nice day and happy boating.
bryan (2 points)
  Sharim I'm stuck with the programming how do I do it can't get the instrucctions they r not on the web can you give me a basic set up with the control peaseeee heeeeeellllpp. Thank you
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Sorry to hear that pal, anyway basic programming is using Tx/ steps as below:-
1- Connect your Motor to the Esc
2- Switch ON you Tx and put/push your trigger on FULL SPEED
3- Then Connect your Esc and Lipo together
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Make sure your Trigger still at full speed after these 3 steps..
After that, you can hear programming tones..after 3 musical tones, there will be another tones (optional tones, 5/6 different tones)
If i were you i will only change the 1st setting, which is Movement (forward and reverse options),
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Wait pal, there is still another steps, i need to type it step by make it simple, try download manual from Turnigy Marine ESC on a File Tab, from there you will get what i mean.
bryan (2 points)
  What then Sharim it keeps beeping will it ever ? When do I let go the trigger ? How do I know is ready ? I. Used to the old school electronics on rc sorry man thanks for the help by the way I'm in puerto Rico where r you give me your e mail so I can post a picture iPad won't let me post it here for some reason
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Once you let go the trigger it will enter to the program options, this will be difficult..just change the 1st options only so that your esc can responded to all..
after the single tones let the trigger go and you will hear another tones, Then put ther trigger on Full Speed again after another single tones.
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Disconnect your lipo and esc, then
try Reconnect it again, it should be bound already..
Hope everything alright. Good luck pal.
bryan (2 points)
  So basically when it stops beeping I'll should let go the throttle ??
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Hi Bryan, Sorry for my poor explainations below..How is you doing now?
bryan (2 points)
  Well thank you got it programmed I think but I have to reverse the polarity on the wires cause it runs backwards of the prop and I soldered the wires :(
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Glad to hear that, good for you, you soldered the 3 wires? hehe..normally we use the connectors and for these it is 3.5mm..anyway have a nice day and good luck.
bryan (2 points)
  Can't wait to go to the lake
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Happy boating :)
bryan (2 points)
  I'll keep you posted !! Where in the worl r you ???
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Nice Man...One of the ASEAN countries..btw thanks for the credit pal :)
bryan (2 points)
  Hey sharim , i think i have esc issues it starts very fast and quits an then you hear the beeps as the motor or esc resetting it had a hk 30 amps esc do you think im falling short of amperage or i still have programming issues it does not quit while not under load
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Hye Bryan, my esc behaved like yours boat suddently stop like the Rx dosen't received any signal from the Tx and the motor beeping a lot..i tried with new Rx and even another Tx and still the same..may be this is the bad things about that esc..
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Btw, if i were you i will use these esc PRODUCT ID: TR-M-35A very reliable, waterproof and very easy to programmed and it has reverse too..i have these on my Centurion mini..
-Reply from waterlogged (3853 points);
The ESC could be cutting out due to overheating. Try increasing the water intake by fitting a transom intake. I've seen a piece of copper tubing and even a piece of carbon fiber pipe cut a 45 degrees and epoxied to the transom to pick up water. Run the two intakes through a T piece and always go through the ESC first then into the motor then over the side. Make sure you wire tie the hose fittings to stop blow out from pressure.
Neale (1 points)
  what size motor would I use on a 600mm police boat fiber on balsa hull. This is not a speed boat more a scale boat so I don't need it to fast.
-Reply from benjamin (56 points);
Use a 2850 motor with a low kv. something like 3000kv with 2S battery.
-Reply from Yojik (7 points);
For a scale police boat of that size, I 'd rather use this one: Turnigy D2836/11 750KV Brushless Outrunner Motor with 3S battery. If speed really isn't of any concern a 2S would do too. 3000kV is way too much for this project.
ibrahim (11 points)
  can i use 3cm , 2 blade prop for this?
-Reply from Hussain Joharji (365 points);
Hello, Fortunately i will try 28&30mm 2 blade prop. i think it will works but need cooling system. Best Regards
ramon (1 points)
  can u put this in a miss geico 29 cat and how fast will it go?
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
MG29 with these motor is way too should look for 36mm or bigger so that you can play with the prop size and get better speed..these motor cannot handle bigger prop tho..hope this help..
Westin (1 points)
  Would this motor fit directly to the NQD rc jet boats stock coupler, or would you have to drill it out?
-Reply from ShamrinHM (578 points);
Im not sure about the NQD Jet, but i read some forum about it and saw there is someone using these motors on it..may be it suited/fitted the stock coupler since these BL motor has the smallest shaft diameter in the market as far as i know. Hope this help.
-Reply from Ross (30 points);
Yes, the orignal srews, and coupling fit staight up. I have run it in three of the NQD boats and it is prefect. May vibrate alittle, all of mine seem to. Hope this helps.
justin (1 points)
  Is this a 380 can size motor
-Reply from Mr wizzard (250 points);
the can is smaller than a 380.
matthew (1 points)
  would this work with a turnigy marine 60A brushless boat esc
Chris (1 points)
  scratch building first rc boat what mount guys?
-Reply from dominique (13 points);
small propeller to rotate faster me thanks hoby king for price a lot hoby king
-Reply from dominique (13 points);
treat the alignment and long life engine and hull
jorge (2 points)
  hola buenas este motor vale para un control de variador de 30amp
-Reply from Abhilekh (261 points);
hello Jorge. Rest assured that a 30A ESC works fine for this motor. Thanks.
arland (1 points)
  in Indonesia where can I buy this item?
-Reply from buaya instrument (2 points);
you can buy at buaya-instrument**** please check our website. thanks
ben (1 points)
  is the jet unit the only thing iv have to seal with sillicon
-Reply from Hussain Joharji (365 points);
Hello, also any hole like pushrods screws.. Best Regards
Jake (3 points)
  Will this motor work on a proboat shockwave 26 withe the motor mounts and things? Or is it to small if it's to small what motor do you recommend. I also have a 35 amp esc will that work for this motor, thanks.
-Reply from DaVilla (44 points);
I used a HB 35A ESC and ran it without a hassle. It was originally a Joysway Offshore Warrior Lite Deep Vee. Planning of using this same boat for my recovery boat project.
Louis (1 points)
  What for a good speedcontroller?
Tom (2 points)
  Hey Does anyone know what size motor mount this will fit into? Thanks
Boon Tiong (1 points)
  What's the esc suitable if I install 2 units motor in a boat?
-Reply from Hussain Joharji (365 points);
Hello, you can use two speed controls each 60A. OR you can use 120A or 150A ESCs Thanks. Best Regards
Jean-Louis (1 points)
  Hello everybody, somebody could tell me if this speed controller ( HobbyKing 50A Boat ESC 3A UBEC) will be compatible with this motor?, with a lipo 3S,1200mah 28C? Thank you in advance Maxime
-Reply from timmy1 (18 points);
Yes but go with a 60 amp speedy at least. Its cheap insurance.
-Reply from Emmanuel (3 points);
I'd Say it will run just fine with that ESC considering it's a very Current demanding motor. Though it goes pretty good at RPM, This motor is really a good deal for my planned boat.
Peter (1 points)
  Hello... I am more into classic, wood model boats. I am soon to be building a model 1939 Chris-craft barrel back. I want her to cut through the water just like the real one and I also want her to have power and stability... Since this motor seems it would be nice, and it would look more realistic with it actually pumping water out the lower back like the real one. I am wondering if I should purchase this motor. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks, Peter.
Aussie Pete (1 points)
  I have a Apriton single motor running 2 3s 5000 mah lipos and a 150 amp ESC. Will this motor be able to handle what I have, Thanks Pete
-Reply from Hussain Joharji (365 points);
Hello, Yes, but i dont think that this will give you enough power. BTW if ESC 60A will be good , means yes you can use the 150A easily. Best Regards
pascal (5 points)
  Quel coupleur utiliser avec la sortie d'arbre 2,3mm?
A.M.J. (4 points)
  M 2,5!
Danny (8 points)
  What size connectors does this motor come with?
-Reply from VRSS Greg (270 points);
3mm male connector
-Reply from Danny (8 points);
Thank you :)
Michael (1 points)
  Hi, I want to run a 3 foot catamaran. Would 2 2040SL 4800kv Brushless Inrunner (WaterCooled) engines be good or are they two small?
-Reply from Mr wizzard (250 points);
mike this motor is way two small
Jason (1 points)
  Is someone able to tell me what the standard size mounting holes are , what thread?? Thanks
alvaro (1 points)
  Hi, I need to put an engine for a submarine project scale, but i dont know if these motors are sealed and I dont have time to seal myself...
-Reply from Mr wizzard (250 points);
this is not a sealed motor
James (1 points)
  Hi all, i want to put this in a 17'' proboat cat will it work? i dont know much about boats
-Reply from Mr wizzard (250 points);
this should work for you with a 28mm propdont try to go more the motor wont handel it.
-Reply from DaVilla (44 points);
I've used this on a 30mm 1.4P and didn't even get warm. Just make sure that you get good water cooling pressure. Run it fast enough so that enough water goes through the water pick up and cools the motor. If you run it slow or there is not enough waterflow then you are in danger of burning it out. I installed this on a Joysways Offshore Lite Deep Vee to replace the stock brushed motor. It was actually smaller than the original motor but used some epoxy putty to hold it in place and worked like a charm. Ran it on 2S 2200mAh 30C battery and you should have seen the speed.
Ruediger (1 points)
  ESC: Could anyone recommend a suitable ESC for this motor from Hobbyking?
-Reply from MrBrick789 (73 points);
I used a 30amp hobbyking esc and it worked perfectly on 2s and 3a
Cooper (5 points)
  What size are the screws for this motor to mount?
-Reply from Ross (30 points);
2.5 mm. I find that if you lock tight a screw in then cut the head off you can make studs and have a nut hold the motor on. This makes for easy removing if need be. cheers.
bob (1 points)
  i wish to put two of these motors in a lindberg 30"constellation cabin cruser with duel 30 amp esc can any1 telll me if this will work these motors are the same size as the cheapies from the kit
-Reply from Mr wizzard (250 points);
this is a very highspeed motor a lower kv motor would better sute your needs
bob (1 points)
  omg thank you so much mr wizzard ya dont need speed this crist craft was not very fast just need a nice clean motor hoping to stay brushless if i can thanks so much just saved me some bucks n even some disapointment
-Reply from Mr wizzard (250 points);
any time bob enjoy the hobby.
Campbell (2 points)
  Does this motor bolt onto the NQD motor mount???
-Reply from Marc (6 points);
a nqd boat is not fit to handle the speed from this motor
-Reply from VRSS Greg (270 points);
I have one of these motors in my nod jet boat on 3s 2200mah and 3000mah and it is fine motor runs cool all the time and jet boat goes like a rocket
-Reply from Danny (8 points);
VRSS greg, im planning on building a dual pump nqd jet since you have one, do you think the boat could handle dual electronics without half the time?
Diogo (3 points)
  can someone tell me what the esc and propeller which I use in this engine?
-Reply from Devin (40 points);
i have a jet boat so i don't know the propeller, the ESC i have is a 120, the motor did fine. one thing is is i was surprised at how powerful the motor sounded.
Charles (4 points)
  what is the amp Rating for this motor?
Charles (4 points)
  Is this a good upgrade to the Aquacraft SuperV. would it fist without mdification other than an upgraded ESC. I woiuld like to use Lipo Batteies for the the Superv but I dont think stock setup will be compatible.
Nicholas (1 points)
  Does the motor come's with hardware hose Inlets and outlets
-Reply from VRSS Greg (270 points);
The motor comes with the cooling jacket, two o rings and two water nipples installed. No hose
tan (3 points)
  can anyone tells me how many amp esc is the best for this motor? will it be powerful enough to drive a t.tiger atlantic size boat?
-Reply from Marc (6 points);
Minimum 60A
-Reply from Byron (31 points);
30A is fine...I run 2s, 30mm prop with a 30amp ESC.
Muhammed (2 points)
  hi....Is this motor waterproof???
-Reply from john (19 points);
No it is not water proof, but is equipped with a water cooling jacket. Precautions should be taken to keep it dry.
-Reply from Devin (40 points);
one thing if you salter you need to be even more careful. i put mine in electrical tape when i was done with sauntering.
toby (8 points)
  what size mount does this motor need?
kero (3 points)
  how much is the max current for this motor
-Reply from john (19 points);
I wondered the same thing, so I looked at other 2040 4800kv motors, they recommended a 25 amp esc, so I would expect to use a 30 amp water cooled unit.
-Reply from Devin (40 points);
hey i will tell you what i put in my nqd jet boat. one i put this motor, Turnigy Marine 120A Brushless Boat ESC,HXT500 6.2g / 0.6kg / .08sec Micro Servo, and lastly,HobbyKing®* ™*HK-GT2B 3CH 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver w/Rechargable Li-ion Battery. it did work but i did something to the receiver and it fried. i have a new one on the way and a new battery that i hope fits into a switch i have. here is the battery, Rhino 1750mAh 2S 7.4v 20C Lipoly Pack (AR Warehouse). when i get it in the boat and test it all i can show you all. :)
Tom (3 points)
  what ESC should I use for this?
-Reply from Danny (8 points);
Turnigy plush 60a esc
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