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FMA Co-Pilot 2-Channel Flight Stabilization System
raytrace (13 points)
  Still Backorder ? When it came back ?
-Reply from Sweden (162 points);
Its still backordered...
-Reply from znarfcram (97 points);
Its Back!
nowinkk (853 points)
  I am puzzled with this statement: "The CPD4 does not handle CCPM helicopters or aircraft configurations that include differential ailerons or flapperons"

Could some one pls elaborate? Thanks.
-Reply from 3900Kv (322 points);
The device does not do any mixing so it can only be used with straight 1 to 1 input and output.
-Reply from nowinkk (853 points);
Means cannot be used in a CCPM helicopter?
-Reply from Runny (189 points);
Exactly. not compatible with CCPM helis (version II IS compatible) In CCPM the output is mixed between the servos. this device cannot input nor output such mixing
-Reply from Nonkey Mutz (19 points);
I have checked the manual and it does deal with mixing. As for the heli side of thing I do not know. Get the manual by Googling: fma copilot manual. Select the first listing and then choosing the CPD4 manual.
-Reply from Jimbo738 (1 points);
Only works on basic aircraft with elevator, rudder and aileron. No flying wings, deltas, or other kind of wing. For this CCPM heli you use 3 servos to operate main rotor and the fma only has 2 output so this does not work either, old heli's use 2 servo for main rotor control steering. they might work.
Greet Jim
majik01 (7388 points)
  HD version of same video posted here. Cularis 2.6M sailplane with the FMA CP2, Quanum Telemetry unit and HK Wing HD camera. Glider can be reboxed for transport/storage.
Jurgenvonden (192 points)
  Hi guys, can be used this device as inertial stabilization for FPV? Im thinking about using this device together with the Eagle Tree OSD Pro to be able use the RTH ( return to home ) function. Had anybody tried it? Thanks for reply. BR JiriT.
-Reply from Florian (5 points);
...thats one of the most common combination for fpv. But you have to set it up by trying and adjusting. It's not a "out of the box solution"... Cheers
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
it can be used with Eagle Tree OSD Pro, but may have some problems. Look it in the manual Eagle Tree OSD Pro
Jurgenvonden (192 points)
  Do i have to calibrate the copilot before each flight? or is it required to do this procedure only when first launching the copilot?
-Reply from Sawdust (1910 points);
I have only just ordered this myself so no real world experience it but from reading the manual you can find in the files section you have to calibrate it at the start of each days flying and during the day again if the weather changes a lot. It looks like it's a very easy quick thing to do though.
-Reply from TurboJimmy (75 points);
you have to every time the system is powered up annoying but still great for the price
-Reply from chrisjij (41 points);
if you go to the files section of this items page you will find the manual, the preflight checklist and much more usefull and correct information. if you like me have spent the money to buy this thing read the manual
-Reply from NotDeadYet (224 points);
The Co-Pilot works by using the differences in temperature between the sky (0 degrees) and the ground. You calibrate it when you get to the field and then you can fly all day without re-calibrating. Calibrating takes about 20 seconds. You don't have to calibrate after removing the power, the settings are stored. You just have to calibrate when the environment changes (like flying on a different day with different weather). You could actually fly on different days without re-calibrating but it isn't a good practice. The Co-Pilot self adjusts in the air but you want to give it a good starting point..
-Reply from __alek (53 points);
You make initial setup. Then you need to calibrate it in the field only before the first flight on that day. Or re-calibrate when wheather conditions dramtically change. So, if you go flying on satruday morning, you calibrate it and you can do as many flights as you want on that day without having to re-calibrate it before each flight.
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
You must be calibrated, if the weather changed dramatically. Small changes in the weather can be ignored. You'll soon learn by experience
myrna (18 points)
  Hi, can I use this system also for a drift car or hovercraft?
-Reply from Julien (17 points);
It only detects an artificial horizon (based on different heat signatures) and can trim 2 channels to bring back the model to a stable flight. Don't think it has an application on a car or an hovercraft. Greetings
-Reply from Lazuri (8 points);
this product is only for air vehicle.
ChancesAU (53 points)
  I thought FMA discontinued their analogue thermopiles? Does anyone know if these co-pilots use the new digital thermopiles??
-Reply from Luiz (16 points);
These still use the analog thermopiles. Either it is still in production or they have a huge stock... *-) I actually like these better than the CPII for fpv as these have more authority.
-Reply from Lazuri (8 points);
absolutely not.
New copilot unit uses digital sensor with 3 wire plug. analogue thermopile sensors with 4 wire plug.
Felar Furlong (1127 points)
  good product. bought from "another" place for much more $$$. works as advertised. please also sell servo buffer, or it won't work correctly with digital receivers (when control pulses come at same time)
-Reply from JelleB (501 points);
There is no rule that all receivers with a microcontroller put out the pulses at the same time. Perhaps yours does, but it costs a lot less resources(timers) to put out each channel on its own pin sequentially. Did you measure with a osciloscope that yours puts out the pulses at the same time?
-Reply from Felar Furlong (1127 points);
no, haven't done measurement, but it behaved exactly as described at rcgroups. rx is corona synth 8ch dual conversion. i was forced to not to use in-flight sensitivity adjustment (one of three channels was already put through osd pro).
Stealth29(U.K) (27 points)
hi all
i have the mini brushless cessna 182 , is it ok to put the unit in the center in order to keep the roll balance the same or will the propeller wash affect it?,
-Reply from Stealth29(U.K) (27 points);
many thx to Sanjay from revolectrix for the following info*_

CPD4 or CPII main sensor should be positioned where the sensor windows can see all around the horizon. The sensors can have windows facing forward and backward, left and right. Or the sensor can be rotated to 45 degree angle. The sensors will not be affected by prop arc or prop wash. Small obstructions like a vertical stabilizer or landing gear will have no effect on performance. The sensors can not see through clear plastic ca
-Reply from Stealth29(U.K) (27 points);
The sensors can not see through clear plastic canopy, however. The sensors can also be mounted on the bottom of the aircraft upside-down. Whatever works best. But most important, the sensors should never be mounted in the exhaust stream. If the sensor windows get sprayed with engine exhaust, they will malfunction.

Hope this helps..

-Reply from amifi (5 points);
it is OK to put the unit in the center
like you have in the Manuel

-Reply from Shura (123 points);
yes it is possible you will not notice much difference
Stealth29(U.K) (27 points)
  hi all,
i got a Sapac Hawk ,Art-Tech su27 and a parkzone spitfire, a,u.w. for each is approx 750grams, would they cope with say 15mph winds with this device, i live in Bournemouth U.K and it is allways windy here, and it does seem to be getting worse every year......whats the windiest u guys have flown in with co-pilot and with what size planes?,
-Reply from NotDeadYet (224 points);
The wind is similar here. I have an aerostar that weighs about 5k. With the Co-Pilot installed and on it stays pretty flat. That's with some speed though, I haven't tried to fly it near stall speed with a cross wind or anything.
-Reply from imac1 (44 points);
You can control the level of the system's response
Also I flew triner model with winds of nearly 30 km h
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
i fly with wind almost 9 m/sec- it is very easy and stability. Sometimes the plane stayed in place and even moved back. Fly and do not worry!
-Reply from Stealth29(U.K) (27 points);
thats super, thx for the help guys, ive put it on my mini cessna, thats the lightest model ive got, the others should be no problem then,
thx again.
-Reply from lionawa (6 points);
hi I have flown a Multiplex Magister with winds upto about 15 mph.! It is fascinating to watch how the Co-pilot maintains level flight and land with ease on its own as you reduce throttle.But get your calibration spot on. Biggest fun is to fly your plane with Co Pilot in windy weather!!
-Reply from Stealth29(U.K) (27 points);
thx again , all yr advice is very much appreciated. ............ i just wonder now if Hobbyking will ever stock a MiG29/35 for me to put co pilot on!!!
Robachan (1160 points)
  Is this statement for real - " senses the difference in infrared signature between the earth and the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere"?? Can't imagine how sensing carbon dioxide would allow for level stabilization. Any tech geeks out there to help enlighten us? Anyways, this looks perfect for helping my girlfriend get into a 4 channel plane and me to fly more tricky ones. A little more info here - ***********fmadirect****/detail.htm?item=1489§ion=20
-Reply from Beaufighter (1811 points);
It says it measures the difference in IR signature between earth and the co2 of the athmosphere. Put simpler: The difference in temperature between ground and sky. It does not measure co2 levels.
-Reply from JelleB (501 points);
The CO2 has nothing to do with it, it would also work in a ,say nitrogen atmosphere. It relies on each object to radiate IR.
-Reply from Robachan (1160 points);
Can someone please elaborate on how this thing actually works? How does sensing IR signature/temperature differences make it know what is horizon level, elevation or original direction of travel? FMAdirect website says it must be mounted on the outside where it can "see" the horizon in all directions. What is this thing really doing? I can understand gyros sensing gravitational pull. I can't even begin to wrap my head around what this thing is doing.
-Reply from Terje (12 points);
The earth inner consist of hot magma that radiates. The universe is almost 0deg kelvin. So pointing up = cold, pointing down = hot. With 4 sensors one seek the attitude that gives the same temperature on all 4 sensors, that is level. Upside down is also level, but as that will require inverting servo direction (that does NOT happen) the air craft will quickly rotate back to normal flight. Quire simple. But on a cold winter day with snow there can be problems. Also remember to calibrate every day. T9
-Reply from JelleB (501 points);
Terje explains it quite well. This thing is like a very unfocussed IR camera. When it sees a lot of (warm) earth (when diving or banking) it gives a larger signal then the opposite sensor, which sees a lot of (cold) sky. The two signals are compared and the outcome tells you how far from level you are. Add a microcontroller to process the input and output of servo signals. BTW: a gyro does not sense gravity, that is what an acceleration sensor can do. A gyro measures rotation. You can use that alone to stabilise a plane, but the drift in the sensors will cause errors over a longer time. Thermopiles like this one don't have accumulating errors, but they are sensitive to things like a tall tree next to your flying field, which may bank your plane if you pass too low/close.
-Reply from Robachan (1160 points);
Thanks guys. Those explanations help a lot. I also found an FMAdirect support doc, The FMA Flight System. Google it or if this works - ***********fmadirect****/support_docs/item_1110.pdf Perfect quote from it is "In the infrared spectrum, the Earth is warm below the horizon, while the sky is cold above the horizon." Next, I thought that would only be one axis, but now I realize on an aircraft, it would account for both elevator and ailerons, but not rudder, so no directional control. So not any 2 axises, it must be those two. Would that be a correct assumption?
-Reply from Robachan (1160 points);
JelleB, instead of a gyro "sensing" gravity, I meant to say that a gyro is affected by the force of gravity. One quote from Wikipedia - "The torque on the gyroscope is supplied by a couple of forces: gravity acting downwards on the device's centre of mass, and an equal force acting upwards to support one end of the device."
-Reply from Beaufighter (1811 points);
Yes, Rob, not any 2 axis, only elevator and ailerons (known as pitch and roll axis), and only one servo output for each. A real gyro will work at 0 gravity (it works on the principal of inertia), but yes again, here on earth gravity is one of the forces that will affect it.
-Reply from Nonkey Mutz (19 points);
Re: Using Co pilot on mixed channel aircraft I own a Skyfun (2channels for controls which are mixed channels 1 ch for thrust) and I’m looking for a device like Co pilot (CPD4) or Co Pilot 2 (CP2). On the sales page for this device it says that “ The CPD4 does not handle CCPM helicopters or aircraft configurations that include differential ailerons or flapperons”. Which I assume that means my plane that has mix channel. However I go to the FMA website and download the manual (***********fmadirect****/support_docs/item_1126.pdf) for the CPD4 and it has a section (P.8&9) on how to configure “ an on-board elevon mixer”. They use the example of an electric flying wing which is a similar set up to my plane. Two questions: 1) On review of this information, do you think that this will work on my plane? 2) Do you think that FMA (makers of CPD4 and CP2) are just trying to sell their more expensive product???
-Reply from JRBeaman (318 points);
If you do NOT use transmiter mixers, you can use this. For Alerons, I use one chanel and a polarity switcher for one side, and it works just fine. Rudder turns left and right, and only effects roll if your plane is designed for it. (Most do it a bit anyway). If you have a wing, you need to use onboard mixers, and not your transmitter. If you can't/won't then this device will not help you.
-Reply from Jimbo738 (1 points);
look at diydrones website and lot of geeks explain the infrared sensors. Tricky planes only in normal config because it does not handle delta wing or flying wings.
Greet Jimmy
Bjarne K (100 points)
  does anybody know when these will be in stock thanks.
-Reply from Sweden (162 points);
I have waited since 10/6 for this one to arrive, and the 4channel version too. Restock time are long sometimes, but often they arrive sooner or later. If you plan to use it rightaway, Dont order a backordered item cuz it could take month sometimes.
ZERO27 (36 points)
  how does it work? how can i connect it to my plane? I have a hobbico nexstar 46 and futaba 6ex 2.4hgz
-Reply from vertigo sufferer (4 points);
Aileron and Elevator servo's plug into it, then the plugs from this go to RX, then configure as per instructions. Simple as it can get really.
-Reply from smolder (7 points);
É simples de ligar, no próprio equipamento já vem todas as indicações de ligações. O plug do servo é ligado de um lado e tem uma saída pro respectivo servo do outro, que já sairá estabilizada. O que é um pouco mais complicado são as configurações de setup. Mas tem tudo explicadinho no manual: ***********fmadirect****/support_docs/item_1049.pdf
-Reply from Steve (12 points);
The manual can be obtained from *******fmadirect****/support_docs/item_1126.pdf This will explain everything in plain english
-Reply from Dominic (5 points);
down load the pdf manual direct it's clear and easy to understand
rctestflight (34 points)
  will this work with a $pektrum radio system?
-Reply from aerofly (81 points);
this will work with any radio system
-Reply from Shurik (19 points);
Work without problems
rctestflight (34 points)
  Would this system work if you were flying next to a cliff or near mountains?
-Reply from 3900Kv (322 points);
It will work but will be biased if you fly very close to them. It will try to steer away from them.
-Reply from JRBeaman (318 points);
Terrain following... Kool. Never crash till ya run outa gas... Sweet. I have one and recommend you put one on every expensive plane. It will save you mucho grief.
-Reply from Jimbo738 (1 points);
Don't think so. More info on DIYdrones as they use them for autopilots and they say they don't work around mountains.
Greet Jimmy
-Reply from NotDeadYet (224 points);
I have one and I live near mountains. If you are less than 100 feet from the side of the mountain or cliff, the Co-Pilot will have trouble. Otherwise it self adjusts. You can fly it in a mountain valley without any issues as long as you keep it 100 feet from interfering objects (including trees etc). In fact it has more trouble with intermediate interferance (a tree less than 100 feet) than it does with constant interferance (a cliff at 100 feet).
alberto (12 points)
  Can use for a quadricopter??
-Reply from Dinel (22 points);
This is used to control servos, not regulate motors on a quad (it's how a quad controls pitch and roll - on a plane/heli pitch and roll is controlled via servos). For a quad stabilization you can use a quad solution you will find in the multi-rotors section of the store. Pace!
-Reply from Nicbonet (5 points);
perfect for my fixed wing!
sebip (71 points)
  when is arriving againg in stock ?
-Reply from Lazuri (8 points);
this product is in stock now.
-Reply from sebip (71 points);
the product is already left hk on the way to me :-)
  I saw comments that it does not work with digital servos. This comment is true? If so, I bull**** about having bought one for my heli.
-Reply from Beaufighter (1811 points);
It does not work with all digital servos, some may jitter.
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
you need digital servo buffer
EricZ (171 points)
  Does anybody know if this will work with the hobbyking line of radios - like the HK-7X? Thanks E.
-Reply from Runny (189 points);
It's radio technology independent. Note that it's not compatible with digital servos
-Reply from Shurik (19 points);
Work with any radio without problems - it connect between servos and receiver.
__bini (29 points)
  Have the unit on a big Zlin - works perfectly. I do have a question about auto trim on / off though. I've read the various instructions but still fail to understand the way the auto trim works. All the models have flown without the auto pilot and are trimmed on the transmitter for balanced flight. If auto trim is selected does it change this initial trim in any way? Does it retrim previous settings? Does anyone have an answer or the knowledge to give an explanation? Thanks guys bini
alan tung (19 points)
  Will this item suitable for quadcopter?
-Reply from heli-p (34 points);
No. This is designed for fixed-wing only. You will need a quadcopter control board, which is MUCH cheaper (ironically). Have a look at
-Reply from Steve (12 points);
I don't know much about quadcopters?, but the manual shows how to use it on a helicopter (if that helps) & can be found at *******fmadirect****/support_docs/item_1126.pdf
-Reply from Dominic (5 points);
Yes it does I have seen a couple of guys use it at my club
Aureo (21 points)
  Is it work whit analogic and digital servos?
-Reply from BMPBoss (10 points);
Yes it sure will. I am using all analog servo's on one of my planes and works perfectly. My other plane for fpv has all digital servo's and works great as well.

-Reply from Aureo (21 points);
Friend, is it necessary a PC to configure?
I have another question: I´*m going to have a problem with knife fly?
-Reply from plasticbaldy (514 points);
It won't help your knives fly. You need circus training for that mate.
Aureo (21 points)
  Is it good to plane with 2 servos in aileron?
-Reply from augustodj (6 points);
If it is perfect, this is how I have it and it works wonders. Best
-Reply from Yuri (8 points);
Yes it is. But you need to use a Y-connector.
-Reply from Lazuri (8 points);
I have been using it with my WD4 with 2 servos on aileron. These servos are connected to CH1 with Y-harness cable. It works perfectly.
Rangarid (411 points)
  Will this be available again soon?
-Reply from Sawdust (1910 points);
It's in stock now Rangarid just 2 days after you asked. Maybe they rushed it back into stock just for you :-)
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
I am waiting too.
Javier (14 points)
  Hi.. anyone used this in FPV in coast area? I got it to use it with Ikarus OSD (Ikarus uses the copilot head to "see" and stabylize the plane during autopilot mode) and i fly mainly in coast area.. some people tell me now that it might work badly in coast having sea on one side and land on the other... :/ .. i asume its the same as in lakes
-Reply from ogre1 (31 points);
it might affect the way it responds, water is always cooler than the earth and that is how it sees, it reads the infared temperature of its surroundings

Ixtocaltro (47 points)
  Will it works for a quad or octo copters? Thanks for your comments.
-Reply from Lazuri (8 points);
my friend,
please take a look this link.
-Reply from Lazuri (8 points);
opps! what happened the link! I have written them again.
vimeo com/10814646
wattflyer co m/forums/showthread.php?t=58415
rcgroups co m/forums/showthread.php?t=1289672
rcgroups co m/forums/showthread.php?t=1259696
-Reply from Ixtocaltro (47 points);
Thanks Fatih for links. You earn my credits. If you have more information, it will be welcome.
Riotnuts (851 points)
  will any 1 of my buddy pass me a buddy code here or at riotnuts*hotmail**** . thanks a lotta.
Hoover (34 points)
  Has anyone actually received one of these? I have been waiting since June 9. Up till now, the service from HK has been GREAT, but this is becoming a bit ridiculous. What's up HK? How about a delivery update or beter yet how about the CPD4? Thanks
-Reply from flyboy69 (81 points);
I also have had this and the co-pilot II on backorder since 18JUN10. I have had some back orders take up to 3 months. What irks me is that when I ordered it the Hobby king said 7-14 days for new goods to arrive. After a month they changed it to good will be available within 30 days. It is now 2 months I have waited. Looks like could be 3 months to get it. Who really knows?
-Reply from znarfcram (97 points);
Hmmm...they must have just got them back in stock over the past week. I placed my order Friday afternoon HK time, and my order was shipped out by the end of the day.
cednicek (21 points)
  Can anybody confirm me it will fit for HK YAK 54 EPO and Cessna with cca 500g flying weight? I am newbie to planes, so it should come handy... How large planes it supports, I have just two small, YAK and Cessna with 800mm wing. Thank you
-Reply from Rcmaniac101 (16 points);
It arrived at my door today!! I bought this for my trex450, bur I only see 2 servo slots on this thing. How can you set it up for a six channel heli? Where can you get the manual? Mine didn't come with one thanks
-Reply from Jurgenvonden (192 points);
Nazdar pane, jestli jsi to koupil blbe a chceš se toho zbavit, koupm, j to potrebuju jen jako stabilizaci ra pro FPVcko. Nadhod cenu pokud bys mel zjem. Dky J. tomsujiri*
-Reply from Stealth29(U.K) (27 points);
says it wont work with ccpm heli Lep, only helis with independent swash servos i think.
-Reply from simon (31 points);
Hi I have it on the HK yak epp wing span 840mm also iv'e used it on a epp pitts biplane and the AXN floater jet, I use it for testing new planes so yes it will work for you! it will work on larger planes any size , read the instructions carefully! double check your setup and be amazed!!! its excellent!!
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
you can use ANY planes various weights and sizes. In addition to very small-but do not pull the weight of the equipment :)
novost (37 points)
  Great product but please get the 605SB Servo buffer so I can use it with Futaba PCM!!!!
  Does Copilot works with digital servos?
-Reply from ogre1 (31 points);
no this system only works with analog servos unless you get a sbus servo cable

-Reply from repair (48 points);
You may have servo jitter or "hunting" when used in combination with very-high-speed digital servos. When interfacing Co Pilot CPD4 to a PCM or certain 2.4 GHz radio systems,you can use a servo buffer
sking0369 (60 points)
  After having an onboard camera on a plane and watchig the video I've thought that one of these would be the trick. In flight the plane is always jerking this way and that. Some sort of stabilization would be great.
-Reply from NotDeadYet (224 points);
I don't know of any stabilization solution that would keep an airplane perfectly level in the wind.

You can try to dial in the Co-Pilot and your plane to make it a bit more stable though. If you have a spare channel (especially with a POT switch) set up the CP to use that channel so you can adjust gain in the air.

Also, you may want to decrease the throws on your ailerons so that the plane rolls a bit slower.
-Reply from tomukas1990 (12 points);
Together with co-pilot you can use and Gyro. Adds stability
-Reply from LUNDY (533 points);
As long you don't interfere the flight with your steering stick its flying rock solid . Its adjustable from your transmitter, or from the unit itself what ever you like,start with low sensitivity or the plane start to wiggle like a goos . Just make your turn and ease of the stick and its stable all the time also in keeping altitude . I like it more than a Gyro .
tanerm3 (27 points)
  Does it work with this product Turnigy 9x control?
-Reply from simon (31 points);
It will work with allmost any Tx the 9x will allow you to set the sensitivity will in the air via the trim dials, nice one! you can also just switch it on and of via a channel switch a little easier.. good gear it will save you many times over!!!
-Reply from MarekM (7 points);
Its work with all kind of RC products (Turingy, futaba, JR, Graupner, Hobbykint, etc)
-Reply from TurboJimmy (75 points);
Yes it will work with any radio
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
it work with any radio system
Nonkey Mutz (19 points)
  Re: Using Co pilot on mixed channel aircraft. I own a Skyfun (2channels for controls which are mixed channels 1 ch for thrust) and I am looking for a device like Co pilot (CPD4) or Co Pilot 2 (CP2). On the sales page for this device it says that “ The CPD4 does not handle CCPM helicopters or aircraft configurations that include differential ailerons or flapperons”. Which I assume that means my plane that has mix channel. However I go to the FMA website and download the manual (***********fmadirect****/support_docs/item_1126.pdf) for the CPD4 and it has a section (P.8&9) on how to configure “ an on-board elevon mixer”. They use the example of an electric flying wing which is a similar set up to my plane. Two questions: 1) On review of this information, do you think that this will work on my plane? 2) Do you think that FMA (makers of CPD4 and CP2) are just trying to sell their more expensive product??? Ps. Google: fma copilot manual if my link does not come through. It’s the first one.
-Reply from Ditman (44 points);
David, it refers to an onboard mixer. These are small devices that do the mixing instead of the radio Tx. They are installed between the receiver and the servos, so that your Radio send normal signals for elevator and aileron and these devices do the mixing and move the servos accordingly. They are often used by people with non-digital Radios that don't support mixes. HK sells a couple of such devices.
ceandre (39 points)
  Olá*, algué*m tem alguma noticia de quando voltará* ao estoque? E algué*m tem buddy codes for it? :)
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
When in stock then can buddy!
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
Last one. You can use my buddy. www(dot)hobbyking(dot)com/buddy(dot)asp?code=3C371C1F-A37F-44FE-A712-50B6084355FA
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
budi kode in da zip file, click white icon ;)
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
budi kode in da zip file, click white icon to download ;)
ceandre (39 points)
  Hello, does anyone have any news of when will the stock? And does anyone have codes for it buddy? :)
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
Yes we can buddy but I think it's not manufactured any more? I hope big stock is sitting in somwhere ready to be unleashed :P I want at least 2 of them.
-Reply from ceandre (39 points);
it's not manufactured any more? Are you sure? :/
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
Last one. You can use my buddy. *******www(dot)hobbyking(dot)com/buddy(dot)asp?code=3C371C1F-A37F-44FE-A712-50B6084355FA
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
budi kode in da zip file ;)
ceandre (39 points)
-Reply from aditya gupta (59 points);
its the best for its price
-Reply from kingwang (5 points);
이*거* 쓰*면* 잘*남*? 이*거*쓰*다* 안*쓰*면* 즈*질* 송*꾸*락* 되*는*거* 아*님*?
-Reply from lee (1 points);
__alek (53 points)
  If I use two channel ailerons, is it possible to use it without Y cable? Will it work the same way, i.e. controlling both ailerons? I just ordered it and now noticed there is only one input for aileron servo.
-Reply from KaosKane (1886 points);
no u r right i have 1 only 1 ail and ele input als if left on changes how u fly if u let go or centre stick plane goes to straight instad of maintaining bank i sugges u put chanel to turn on or off so you can fly normaly and if u loose sorientation or hava prob u just swithc it on it is v cool
-Reply from AdrenaCo (150 points);
No, unfortunately the CPD4 does not handle configurations that include differential ailerons... Do you really need the differential ailerons? Otherwise you could still use this in combination with a V cable.
-Reply from __alek (53 points);
Yes, I can use Y-cable but I thought it could do either of them. Nevermind. I can live with that, I was just wondering what are the options.
-Reply from jason (10 points);
I used fma copilot. Answer is yes it will work. Acts the same as receiver. Y harness will do absolutely fine
-Reply from jbcoos (41 points);
you can mix it in your radio
-Reply from TurboJimmy (75 points);
No you need a Y lead sorry dude!!!
-Reply from simon (31 points);
Hi, I have the same co pilot you only have one aileron output to use, so a Y cable is your only choice?? its simple and works great saved my planes many times !!
-Reply from MarekM (7 points);
Yey, with y-cable you can control both ailerons via one channel.
-Reply from Dave (75 points);
Yes use a Y connector. It will work great
-Reply from Niels-Erik (44 points);
No-Only one indput for alieron and one for elevator-You need y-cabels if you have more than one servo for alieron ore elevator
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
CPD4 does not handle configurations that include differential ailerons
rwford (13 points)
  Thinking of buying this or the cpII, will this work in my f-16 jet that uses elevons ? One servo on each side controlling elevator and aileron ?
-Reply from Lazuri (8 points);
from Co-Pilot manual:
Aircraft types* Aileron/elevator, elevons or helicopter with standard linkages (Multi Channel Co-Pilot supports flaperons, differential ailerons, 3x120 CCPM and 4x90 CCPM helicopters)
-Reply from JPMD77 (33 points);
oui fonctionne sur 4 axes mais aussi un stabilisateur bien imaginé bon concept pour le pilotage avion
-Reply from rwford (13 points);
Thank you! I decided to put this in my mini f-35, tight fit but it fits. Now I'm going to dogfight with my wife! And I will see how well this device tames these little birds!
-Reply from aditya gupta (59 points);
well i lost my plane ..because this thing created problem in my reciever range and my glider flew cross-country..
solidcarlo (28 points)
  which is better, this thing or the kds flymentor 3d? whats the diference?
-Reply from majik01 (7388 points);
I have both. Both have external sensors. FMA CP2 has X/Y axis IR earth horizon stabilization - obviously will not work indoors. Flymentor has gyros for X/Y and a camera for "position" mode. FMA CP2 has a built in configuration routine. Flymentor needs a computer and the Helibal software to configure."Better" depends on what model you intend to stabilize. Both will work with Aileron Elevator Throttle Rudder AETR airplanes but FMA (AETR and Elevon)is optimal. Flymentor will be overkill as "positi
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
which is better- airplane or automobile? they can not be properly compared. different destination
Mitchell (10 points)
  hi, dose it work with a mode 1 tx futaba 6ex with a blade 400 helicopter? has it been done?
-Reply from NotDeadYet (224 points);
The Co-Pilot works by sitting between the reciever and the servos. It watches the signals sent to the ailerons and elevator and doesn't care what sent them, so the transmitter is irrelevent.

Your helicopter, however, is a problem. I believe the Blade 400 is a CCPM which means that (in most cases) the channels need to be mixed before they get to the heli. Therefore, the Co-Pilot will not work unless you have an onboard mixer to take care of the CCPM.
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
I agree with this
-Reply from Starving Studios (71 points);
you need the other fma copilot for heli copters, this barely works on airplanes without a v tail mixer, but does work well once it is set up and you get past the retarded manual.
-Reply from Mitchell (10 points);
KONSTANTINOS (24 points)
  hi.can i use the system with Rmilec UHF system?
__isi (13 points)
  i have problems with this sensor and the ap2000i, i have my ap2000i completely set up and linked with the cable but i dont know how to set it up, can someone please explain it to me?
VIV274 (9 points)
  VIV274 can you assist where does the RMT lead plug into? thank you.
VIV274 (9 points)
  VIV274,the light is now ON I have down loaded the Manual,all questions now answered thanks .VIV
siderat (7 points)
  When it will be inb stock?
-Reply from ceandre (39 points);
Good question >:/
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
Will it ever?
-Reply from majik01 (7388 points);
In stock now as of Mar 26 ...
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
pipercub (68 points)
  Ok so i want to use this system with Eagle Tree's OSD Pro, and the return to home function that accompanies it. Obviously the OSD Pro does not have gyros or any other stabilizing system so for another safety net i would like to add this system in. 1. would this work with Eagle Trees OSD Pro and 2. is there some way to turn this system off/on via a spare channel during flight?
-Reply from NotDeadYet (224 points);
It's hard to see in the pics, but there are three inputs for only two outputs. The third (RMT) is for the on/off switch. Actually, it's a sensativity switch, so if you put it on a channel controlled by a pot switch you can adjust in flight. A two or three position switch will function as on/off though.
ANGEL (20 points)
deankeogh17 (6 points)
  I am wondering if this will work with the turnigy servos i have on my hk600gt. BLS980 & BLS950. Thanks
-Reply from TurboJimmy (75 points);
It will work fine mate what ever the survo you use
-Reply from deankeogh17 (6 points);
The manual says some digital sevos are no good with this system
-Reply from __alek (53 points);
I do not think servo brand does matter. This unit is connected to your receiver and controls servos just like you control them with TX sticks. If your serovs work of when controling by hand, then they should work ok when controlled by the FMA.
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
This system DONT WORK with CCPM Helicopter. See manual
DingDuck (4 points)
  I have just recently fitted this to my Pitts (not flown with it yet). In setup mode it operates the control surfaces beautifully at full throw, but when I switch to normal operation all ground tests have had minimal throw (as in only move control surfaces a few mm). Have I done something wrong or is that normal? All IR windows are unobstructed and clean.
-Reply from NotDeadYet (224 points);
I don't have any technical data to post, just my experience with this issue. When I first set up my Co-Pilot it did the same thing, very short throw especially on the ailerons. Since I was already at the field and had it set up on a switch to enable in the air, I flew the plane anyway. Once up in the air fairly high I flipped the switch and the plane self stabilized without any problems. The field where I fly is always windy too, so it worked very well. I think that either the plane doesn't need that much throw to stabilize or the temperature differences between ground and sky are more pronounced in the air. Either way, it works. BTW, no matter what I would never fly any flight stabilization system without setting it up on a channel so I could test the setup high enough to not risk the plane.
-Reply from DingDuck (4 points);
Cool... thanks for the reply. I had already bound the sensitivity control to a dial on my TX for exactly the reason you stated :) Once I get some altitude I will play with it a bit and see what happens... just waiting for a nice dry sunny day when I'm not too trashed from work!
-Reply from Starving Studios (71 points);
doesn't need much for correction especially if it inst moving. also need to field calibrate before you fly
-Reply from solidcarlo (28 points);
which is better, this thing or the kds flymentor 3d? whats the diference?
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
I also have a small movement but it flies
tnt2k03 (25 points)
  Hi everyone, I am a beginner and wonder if you should Flymentor or Co-pilot 2? Thank you.
-Reply from NotDeadYet (224 points);
I don't have a Flymentor, but I do have a Co-Pilot.. From what I've heard the Flymentor is just for helicopters as it compares photos of the ground to control stabilization. The photos are concerning as well. What if there's snow on the ground or you're flying over a lake? The Co-Pilot doesn't have an issue with these cases. I've heard that the Flymentor is more difficult to set up than the Co-Pilot and isn't that great for beginners for this reason. I can say that the Co-Pilot is very easy to set up, which is essential for new pilots.
-Reply from heli-p (34 points);
Are you heli or fixed wing? Flymentor supports CCPM and FM cp 2 doesn't.
-Reply from majik01 (7388 points);
What are you going to use it for? The co-pilot is okay for Aileron/Rudder and Elevon airplanes as well as "normal" helicopters but will not work for CCPM helicopters (T-Rex, HK helis, etc.) The Flymentor is okay for all helis(needs a lot of adjustment/tuning) but is overkill for airplanes.
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
Co-Pilot is best product for beginners
Filip (5 points)
  I wanna do a FPV platform that fly on waypoints, is posible to use it ?
-Reply from reluctant (29 points);
No. All this will do is self level on 2 axis. To get full control/waypoint navigation etc you would need something like the multi wii flight controller with gps.
-Reply from majik01 (7388 points);
Reluctant .. close answer but more accurately for waypoints you need MegaPirateNG or something like its cousin Ardupilot with GPS of course.
-Reply from reluctant (29 points);
yep true...thanks
chumby (49 points)
  when using this with a futaba FF7uaps with a 2.4 gh FrSky DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for Futaba w/ Module & RX (V2)
on ppm mode i get jitter in ali chanel when elevator stick passes center ???? and very jittery over all ch1 and ch2 tryid a few servos futaber jr hk tower pro . can any one help ??? or do i have a falty co-pilot unit
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
reduce sensitivity and repeat calibration
-Reply from fjman (5 points);
When your Co Pilot is fully enabled * 100 your Ailerons work great, turn off co-pilot and only 1 aileron works. Or your elevator servo is extremely glitchy and even unresponsive at times. The missing link here is a servo buffer: ***********rcgroups****/forums/showthread.php?t=1169169
Willard (2 points)
  does it require some components to be be able to fly it w/ a copterx450?
-Reply from Willard (2 points);
ok so it needs to be paired up w/ an advanced servo buffer,correct me guys if i'm wrong.then why doesn't HK sell this buffer?
-Reply from NotDeadYet (224 points);
A quick search of the CopterX 450 showed that some early version were not CCPM? Anyhoo, CCPM helicopters will generally not work with the Co-Pilot since it seeks to control pitch and roll directly. I've heard of some folks who have gotten around it by using an onboard mixer, but that's a risk you'd have to work through yourself.

Also, I've heard Rumors that the newer Co-Pilot II can handle CCPM just fine, but I have no direct experience with that.
-Reply from Shura (123 points);
Be careful! DOES NOT WORK with CCPM helicopters.
Copterx450- is CCPM heli!
-Reply from tomukas1990 (12 points);
I think HK does sell buffer. Just look around

-Reply from NotDeadYet (224 points);
Perhaps I'm not interpreting 'buffer' correctly. My understanding of a buffer is that it will help correct problems with the PWM signal. If my understanding is correct, then CCPM helicopters need channels mixed, not buffed.

Buffer might be the preferred term for mixing in another country or something though. Please forgive my missunderstanding if that is so.
Capt. Morgan (240 points)
  OK... Will this work on a heli?? All I see is it being used on planes. Anybody used it on a heli and is there any special setup required? It is under helicopter tab and says its for heli?? I am soooo confused>>>> "S"
-Reply from reluctant (29 points);
yep, this will work on a heli.
-Reply from majik01 (7388 points);
Yes but on helis with 90 deg swash. One servo each for roll, forward and pitch. This model will not work for CCPM w/c have 120 deg swash plates.
Mar11 (2795 points)
  will this work with my MX2 its a 3d plane here on HK ?
-Reply from DarrenH (527 points);
Sure will, and will make hovering a breeze.
-Reply from Mar11 (2795 points);
did you try it ?
-Reply from DarrenH (527 points);
My friend has his on a 3d foamy and above 20 feet its rock solid and holds very well. Mine is in the mail and going on the Bixler 2 for FPV
Mar11 (2795 points)
  how good is this .. i ordered so long back but still not reached
Pacman69 (69 points)
  Can HobbyKing please stock the variant which supports Cyclic/collective pitch mixing (CCPM) on helicopters? Many thanks
thephoenixx (1 points)
Heitor (2 points)
  I have a model airplane World Star 40F Model of The World and a Futaba 6EX Transmitter and need to know if I can use this FMA FS8 co-pilot.Thank you.
Heitor C. B. Cardoso.
-Reply from waterlogged (3852 points);
You can use the Co Pilot on any radio system and it works amazingly well. It's much better than 2 Gyros. Have fun, I am with mine.
-Reply from Lazuri (8 points);
absolutely yes :)
FPVking (536 points)
  On the trainer plane would two gyros do the jame job for less money? Please explain.
-Reply from waterlogged (3852 points);
The co pilot is designed to keep your plane straight and level and do a very good job of it. Using two gyros will do something similar but nowhere near as well. The Gyros require correct adjustment, co pilot is ready to go. Gyros need 2 anchor points. Co Pilot needs just one.
-Reply from lobstermash (288 points);
Also gyros don't like vibration, so you have to find two spots that don't shake around too much. The advantage of gyros though is that they don't change performance over different surfaces (water, ice, tarmac, grass etc.).
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
What about the terrain? I don't believe it? When Flying over a lake or forest or grass park what's the difference?
-Reply from lobstermash (288 points);
Different surfaces reflect different amounts of heat. As the sensor is infra red and is calibrated when you plug it in (usually on a flying field), it is possible this thing may get confused. That said, this isn't supposed to be an autopilot system, and it usually only stuffs up where there are large-ish difference in heat signature between the calibration and another surface (like a cold lake)
-Reply from lobstermash (288 points);
Thanks for the credit, by the way. Not many people do it, despite the fact it doesn't cost anything. Anthony's intention was to get people participating in good discussions and providing useful advice.
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
If HK would send a mail with a link after a month passed first answer. Saying that U have a question up with answers - please credit someone. Then it would be 90% answers credited I believe. At the moment problem is You have to find Your questions wich is time consuming and complicated. In HK account there is no good place to see all Your questions. There are some but some of them just dissapears. Some bug I think.
-Reply from Luiz (16 points);
Not similar to 2 gyros at all. If the plane is pointing down or inverted, gyros will hold the plane there until you crash, while co-pilot will bring it back to level when you release the sticks. Works well over lakes, sea, grass, snow, etc - only get confused inside dense fog/clouds. I calibrate it over the sand and then fly over the sea/lake all the time with no issue, althought that is not ideal. It is an outstanding product for learning or relaxing flight.
-Reply from lobstermash (288 points);
Not to mention FPV
-Reply from aditya gupta (59 points);
really? can we fly over lakes ans seas?
FPVking (536 points)
  Save quite a lot of bucks. I give You the only buddycode available. Just email me: heavidin*gmail****
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
Just email me: heavidin(at)gmail(dot)com
-Reply from aditya gupta (59 points);
even i want to save money
FPVking (536 points)
  Anyone buddycode? Email please heavidin*gmail****
-Reply from FPVking (536 points);
Fabio Santos (1 points)
  Hello! I wonder if it is immediately available for the Brazil order items 2009080898?
rcwog (18 points)
  hi i want to buy the FMA Co-Pilot II the 4 channel version but can't seem to find it does hobby king still sell it. thanks
-Reply from wolfpret (8 points);
No, they only sell the original co-pilot system.
-Reply from aditya gupta (59 points);
they use to sell them ..but now they have discontinued them
-Reply from rcwog (18 points);
y i want one so bad ... any idea where i should by it form.
-Reply from ANGEL (20 points);
Hola. Tengo un easy glider pro, con sistema osd apache y hace unas semanas instalé* el copiloto fma-copilot. He de decir que funciona el copiloto perfectamente, lo he instalado en un canal con potenció*metro y lo regulo segú*n el viento y en vuelo puedes dejar ir las manos y entretenerte a mover la cá*mara o dedicar el tiempo necesario a buscarlo para aterrizar lo, por ejemplo. Lo ú*nico que hay problemas es a la hora de aterrizar y despegar, pues el copiloto hace los movimientos muy duros y es preferible desconectarlo, cuando lo despegas tiende a picarlo contra el suelo, porque tu quieres coger altura y cuando aterrizas tiende a subirlo para compensar el picado de aterrizaje y puede entrar en pé*rdida. Otra de las utilidades que tengo instaladas es un mó*dulo bidireccional que me pita cuando estoy lejos y se pierde la señ*al de radio, la radio es una turnigy, a parte he conectado un micro amplificador de 2 watt en la misma emisora que me da un alcance mucho mayor. Si queré*is o tené*is má*s informació*n, estamos en contacto. Saludos
-Reply from SCHUNK IBERICA (6 points);
Hola Angel, estoy pensando en poner uno de estos en un velero de 4 mts. para que cuanto tiene bastante altura me pueda despreocupar de la profuncidad y algo del alabeo, ya que a 300 mts pues no te enteras casi de esos movimientos. Dame tu opinió*n por favor.
autotechcare (4 points)
  Hello you all, Just ordered one fma co pilot unit...I want to set it up with a bixler and use turnigy 9x transmitter.. 1.will i have issues with the ailerons set up? do i configure the turnigy 9x radio to switch stability on and off and control sensitivity.. 3how do i position the sensor on the bixler? Kindly advise much appreciated
-Reply from opikandy (1 points);
I will help answer your questions 1. I use this product as long as I never have problems with my aileron 2. You can reduce the value of your digital tx Epoint in accordance with ch that you use if the value is smaller Epoint it will minimize the usefulness of this tool as well as vice versa 3. you can put it under the Wingspan
autotechcare (4 points)
  well for me it seems after a field calibration set up, my plane always pitches down when i switch to stabilize mode, the angle of pitching down varies and is at times worrying...wonder if its smthing i am doing wrong
-Reply from ogre1 (31 points);
try leveling your plane when you are calibrating if it is not level the horizon it sees will not be correct
fotofish (100 points)
-Reply from fotofish (100 points);
I mean if someone want a buddycode to save a few bucks then email me: heavidin (at) gmail****
aKid4ever (7 points)
  i plan on putting this in a A10 warthogg,if i place in the canopy would the plastic interfer with the infa red sensor ?
-Reply from TurboJimmy (75 points);
Yes it will it needs a clear view of the sky.
-Reply from majik01 (7388 points);
The sensors are along the side looking at the heat signature of the horizon at ground level. To Turbo's point and credit, the view should be unobstructed even with a clear plastic canopy that could diffuse the signatures.
julien (2 points)
  will this unit work on my raptor 50?
-Reply from Jose45 (6 points);
yes, it can control aileron and elevator. can not be use in CCPM helis.
-Reply from Filip (5 points);
-Reply from kanga (1185 points);
This will work on older non ccpm helis . the older raptor 50 is non ccpm. I use one on my Raptor 30 np. Non ccmp helis have a seperate servo for the pitch which is not connected directly to the swash plate. Raptor use a rocker system to change the pitch . Some older non ccpm helis had a hollow mainshaft with a wire going up the middle for the pitch. The hk 450 series are all ccpm so for them you need either a flymentor or the four channel co-pilot.
-Reply from majik01 (7388 points);
Hey Kanga - you seem like a pilot who knows your stuff. Have your tried a Multiwii board with self leveling on a CCPM heli? I have been reading through the threads but can't make heads or tails of how to make it work.
-Reply from kanga (1185 points);
No I have not but , it might be possible the software for a tricopter would be basically the same as a ccpm heli.
Finding a way to interface with the servos might be hard though .
I myself am looking at trying a Skookum 720 active flybarless in the future.
" Active means self leveling " most flybarless systems are only passsive .
-Reply from majik01 (7388 points);
Thanks kanga .. multiwii self levelling is via three or six axis accelerometers - not familiar with the FBL systems unfortunately. Indeed, the servo interphase is the challenge as pitch control has to be done via software. Looking forward to your posts.
The_Niji (10 points)
  Just wondering how well this works for flight training (not the best pilot) with my plane (PRODUCT ID: Flyingwings-1)..........would it help to stabilise it enough to find cg, motor angle ect? I'm asking this because i've never really had it off the ground long enough to do so :)

Which would be the better option...........this or the PRODUCT ID: 9171000156. Pros/cons of both?
Would prefer not to spend too much money, but my priority is to get the plane 'flying'
Thanks in advance
-Reply from ogre1 (31 points);
yes it will help with stabilization all you have to do is let go of the sticks. you can even land with it on, just manipulate the throttle. it will not bring it back to you but will level it out. it is not an autopilot.
Dinel (22 points)
-Reply from Dinel (22 points);
Stock is up again starting 13 June
Peter (2 points)
  Wohne in Hamburg mö*chte ü*ber Hamburg Warenhouse bestellen und abholen Wo muß* ich bei der Bestellung mein Hä*kchen machen ???
Wilson Rodrigues (1 points)
  Hello, I have a walkera v450d01 has 6 channels and flybarless, I also have a kds 450qs flybar, I wonder if it works well with these aircraft. Thank you.
-Reply from Lance (16 points);
no collective pitch helicopters - it will not work - use the flymentor
murilo (3 points)
-Reply from murilo (3 points);
Pode ser usado com Heli Align 600?
-Reply from WALTER (2 points);
Nã*o pode, somente em aviõ*es que usam 2 canais para nivelar o voo. Um helicó*ptero usa 3 canais, pit,elevator e aileron. Para helis deverá* ser flymentor
murilo (3 points)
  Pode ser usado num heli classe 600?? Nã*o consigo acessar a resposta.
-Reply from Luiz Claudio (6 points);
PODE e eu uso Já* me salvou muitas quedas por perda de controle Nã*o voe sem o cpd4 exelente para HK600!!!!!!
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