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Arkansas warehouse now open.
Our USA warehouse is now open! Low cost shipping and an ever growing variety make ordering from the Arkansas warehouse even better value!® API Service
The API service enables merchants to display real-time data on products and orders within their web sites.
The API is in constant development; below are the current parameters and data.


Product Query
Input Fields Type OccurrenceMeaning
id Integer required Product ID
switch Integer required
Input Meaning Return
1 Get Stock Level Integer
(pcs -99999 ~ 99999)
2 Get Shipping Weight Integer
(gram 0 ~ 9999)
3 Get Price Decimal
(0.00 ~ 9999.00)
4 Get Product Description Text
(1~60 characters)
level Integer Optional

This is only required when the switch = 3 (Price)

Input Meaning
1 Get Standard Membership Price (default)
2 Get Gold Membership Price
3 Get Platium Membership Price
id=[product id]
switch=[information to return]
level=[membership type] *optional, only required for getting the price
The following will return the Gold membership price of product 8731;


Order Query
Input Fields Type Occurrence Meaning
orderid Integer required Order ID
switch Integer required
Input Meaning Return
1 Get Posted Status Integer (True, False)
2 Get Tracking ID Text (1 ~ 30 characters)
orderid=[your order number]
switch=[information to return]
The following will return the tracking number of order 200185426;


Javascript sample;

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