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November Winner: Austin McElroy from USA with: Banking for a flyby
Austin will soon have his choice of Durafly model shipped to his front door, free of charge. Well done Austin!
December Winner: Sally Eckhart from USA with: Treetop Skyraider
Sally will soon have her choice of Durafly model shipped to his front door, free of charge. Well done Sally!
January Winner: Kyle Hatch with: One last pass before landing
Kyle will soon have his choice of Durafly model shipped to his front door, free of charge. Congratulations Kyle!
My Handmade Storch on her Maiden Flyt,,
Amitosh 0
Touching SKY
Amitosh 0
DJ with his JET Ranger
Amitosh 0
SBACH flying at RCTC Ground Kolkata INDIA
Amitosh 0
After hours of pimping my F4U, I forgot to check aileron's rate before taking off...
Gael 0
Boyington to ground control!
Gael 3
T-28 Trojan's ready for take off
Marco 0
no words
george 2
real colors 2
george 0
real colors
george 14
P51 Mustang
Joerg 0
Spit MK24
Joerg 0
Flying Legends of WW II
Joerg 0
SE5 ready to go
Malcolm 0
Corsair F4U
Steven 0
SE5A Ready for battle!
Kevin 0
On Final!
Marek 2
The two V's
Michael 0
The two V's
Michael 0
Hit full throttle whilst testing motor almost cut off my face!
david 0
2 hours outa box. Just beautiful
david 2
Jurassic Storch Sunset...... Broome , Western Australia.
Louis 0
"Durafly Resistance Force" Beach Force Landing Capture ! .... A Fi-156 persued and Force Land captured by Allied Air Support on a D Day beach...... trying to rescue a retreating General !
Louis 0
Durafly's Latest Release Fi-156 STORCH on Taxi Out for Maiden with extra Hop-Up Detailing in Paradise .... BROOME W.A.
Louis 2
mountain view fpv F4u
kyle 2
Still pretty after maiden :-)
Edwin 1
a spitty day in paradise
wating for first flight
tina 1
Gyro-copter flight
Conrad 1
Corsario RC venezuela
david 0
Vampire rolls out on its maiden flight
Larry 1
New painted Hoy King DH Vampire on "Swiss Army look."
Mario 0
My Mk24 Spit repaint
Mark 6
The Storch
Mark 5
Cessna 400 On Sunset
Steve 2
Monocoupe 110 ready to take off
Michel 0
Alexander 1
Alexander 0
Alexander 0
DH.110 Sea Vixen
Martin 0
DH.110 Sea Vixen after its maiden flight
Martin 1
A1 Banking turn
Anthony 0
Vampire flyby
Anthony 2
nose and wing repair after spinn
tina 0
310 in flight
Giovanni 5
310 takeoff
Giovanni 1
310 before maiden...
Giovanni 2
Beauty of 50's
Giovanni 33
"Scramble Alert " Desert Campaign Broome W.A. June 2013
Louis 2
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