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Futaba GY520 Gyro

Futaba GY520 Gyro

Futaba GY520 The smallest, lightest and most advanced gyro in the world.  GY Series technology revolutionized gyro performance in 2000 and the GY520 is doing it again today. Its cutting-edge MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) sensor design, ultra high-speed processing speed and advanced PID control algorithm put it a quantum leap ahead of all other heading hold gyros in size, weight and performance. It's the gyro of tomorrow and it's available today from Futaba.
Offers premium performance at a surprisingly affordable price
Weighs just 6.9 g - a full 9 g less than any other heli heading hold gyro!
Exceptionally compact, for fast, easy installation in helis ranging from electric micros to .91 glow 3D Monsters!
Cutting-edge MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) sensors detect smaller angle deviations than any other technology
Improved, ultra high-speed processing rates and an 800° /second rate range offer faster, smoother response and consistent pirouette rates
Delivers superior performance with analog servos and excels with digitals!
Width: 0.79in(20mm)
Length: 0.79in(20mm)
Height: 0.39in(10mm)
Weight: 0.243oz(6.9g)
Max. operating voltage: 3.8~6.0V(gyro only)
Current drain: 40mA(gyro only)
Selectable servo frame rate: 70Hz, 280Hz, and 560Hz
Center pulse width: 1520us(70Hz & 280Hz frame rate)
                               760us(560Hz frame rate)
Flight mode: User selectable F3C or 3D
Operating temperature: 14~113F
Control system: Advanced PID control
Sensor: MEMS vibrating structure gyro
Angular velocity range: +- 800 degrees per second
Recommended Servos:
250~450 size electric: Futaba S9257 EP Heli Digital (280Hz/1520us)
.31~.91 size helicopter: Futaba S9254 Digital Heli servo (280Hz/1520us)


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 Customer rated
Total of 20 discussions.
bagija  28 points - 2/25/2014
shopping at hobbyking number 2008669092 $ 115.24 Received orders, payments received but goods not delivered, contact customer support also can not, how responsibilities hobbyking??? Your credibility we have repeatedly questioned ...... I sent an email but no response, careful shopping at hobbyking, because you will always long to wait ... hobbyking is no customer care.
Chris  1 points - 7/31/2013
I have this gyro in a HK 550 but I can not stop it hunting. I have tried : Different thickness of foam mount All 3 response speeds Moved ball as close as possible to servo hub Oiled shaft on tail drive Tried many different gyro rates between 10% and 90% Is there anything else I can try or do I have a faulty gyro? Thank you in anticipation of your help Chris
 Aziris 5 points
I am not sure about this gyro and its rates, but on HK 401B(cheap and simple) rate 10(-50 / 50) is way to high. I can use that gyro both in rate and HH only op to value 5-6. Just in case try lowering the value even more, if it starts to spin before stopping wag - something is physically not free moving. Oiling tail shaft is not necessary helping as you can attract dust to is very fast. Important is that whole tail assembly is very freely moving when detached from servo and manipulated by hand. Maybe pitch arms are to tight or blade holders not moving smoothly. Also "Moved ball as close as possible to servo hub" - there is particular recommended ball link distance on servo arm on every heli size (both cyclic and rudder), research what is recommended for 550. Also if main blades spin clockwise, tail must go counter clockwise and the gyro compensation must by in right direction (will spin like crazy - happened to me).
 Chris 1 points
Thank you for your thoughts, they are much appreciated and stimulated even more thought in my mind, well whats left of it! At 10 the hunting was over 180 degrees so I assumed the next step would be spinning through 360 degrees. I have now changed the gyro and ........... it does exactly the same thing. I have therefore concluded that it is not the gyro that is at fault. Accordingly I have started replacing parts that i have not already replaced. I will let you know how I get on.
 Aziris 5 points
Weird... Is servo digital/analog and is the setup on gyro according to servo used? I dont know much about signal frequencies but does gyro support your servo frequency (760,1520 micro seconds), also, is the servo fast or slow is it working well with servo tester?
 Chris 1 points
I agree this is weird! The servo is digital and set up at 1520ms as required for operation of the servo.The servo is fast/very fast and having the linkage as close as possible to the centre of the output arm maximises the speed! - makes it even faster at the tail. In doing this I have checked there is still enough movement which there is.
 Aziris 5 points
Ok, I have no more ideas, put this issue in forum (if not yet) - not everybody is going through all item discussions. What I can tell - if the heli is wagging for 180°*, but not spinning, it means gyro is still somewhat working, as well servo, otherwise an uncontrolled spinning would occur. How about gyro orientation on heli - as suggested ? The last point - if you are ok with opening gyro - see if nothing is lose there - the board is well fixed and no soldering is loose. One more - the leads from Rx and to servo are not pulling on gyro - they must be bit loose. Hope you get this sorted out soon - "sitting on ground" because of technical problems is annoying *)
 Aziris 5 points
btw - there is documentation in File section, make sure you read and do everything as stated there. Suggested servo distance is 7.5 mm on 500 heli, you said you use very short servo arm - that could not be fastest reaction - horn has to travel more degrees to reach the same travel distance. Shorter arm could increase torque if needed, but might not be fast enough.
 Chris 1 points
Yes, you are correct, I apologize. I have just fitted the replacement parts. That is, replaced HK parts with Align parts on the tail. It has stopped hunting and is now rock solid. I was aware that there was a small amount of slop with the original HK parts but I did not think it was enough to affect the model, I was wrong! The slop movement on the tail was about 0.1 mm, not much but obviously enough to affect the model. With the Align parts there is now no slop at all. As this is a new model I had assumed that everything would be working correctly. I shall now put the GY520 gyro back into the model and hopefully all will be ok. Thank you for all of your input it is much appreciated and eventually, working together, we got to the answer. It is always useful to have someone else's ideas as this will often stimulate a different line of thought and so arrive at an answer that may not otherwise have been considered. Once again, thank you
 Aziris 5 points
Great! I have some minor slop on my hk450 as we, but tail is close to ok, holds but after rotation wags a bit. New tail is on way, hope that will do the trick.
 Chris 1 points
I hope so as well. Good luck
Success8  37 points - 4/17/2013
Cheers for taking the time to reply and advice accordingly.. Have opted for Ebar FBL setup on my 450 FBL v2.
Success8  37 points - 4/16/2013
Hi all... Is this ok for a flybarless setup? thanks for any replies..happy flying all.
 Bige66 11 points
Hi futaba gy520 gyro. Although it is an excellent gyro and very easy to set up it is only for flybar helis.
Marvyn  1 points - 3/7/2013
i got a trex 450 and it kelps on spinning around,should i got to replace my gyro? thank you
 Ibrahim2012 322 points
no no need to replace, you just have to reverse the tail servo operation from gyro menu it should help. try it first then do let me know if it helped or not . i'll be waiting for ur reply.
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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
Got one of these on a TREX 500, very impressive Gyro, rock solid. Its size makes it protected by the side frames and the deported connector is a very nice thing to make the wiring setup easier inside the helicopter frame

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2 thumbs up!
I think this is a gyro on the top and the smal size is only positive

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1 thumbs up!
Very nice Gyro, still waiting the backorder

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Miny Seven
1 thumbs up!
Best gyro in the world with the best price!

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Ce gyro marche trs fort, il me donne entierement satisfaction sur un hk450 equipe du servo 9257 futaba. mes reglages sont : mode F3C avec option servo rapide..Nickel. Il garde son cap quelque soit la situation meme avec du vent...Mon niveau : 3D legere, funnel ect... mais bien secoue tout de meme et pour les plus enerves il reste le mode 3D

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