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Yak-54 Micro 3D plane EPP Kit w/ Motor & ESC

Yak-54 Micro 3D plane EPP Kit w/ Motor & ESC

Hover in your kitchen, knife edge the hallway and display your harrier skills to family members previously too lazy to travel to the airfield on Sunday with you!
The ultra light and small Micro 3D Yak comes as a kit and will take you 1 evening to complete. Included is the micro motor and esc. Just include your own Rx and 2.5g servos.
Made from durable EPP foam and carbon fibre spars, this little kit will be bouncing back for more punishment each time!

Length : 458mm (18.0in)
Wing Span: 418mm (16.5in)
Flying Weight: 45~53g (with battery) 
Motor: C05 3700kv brushless outrunner
ESC: 7Amp 
Prop: GWS EP5030
Servo: 3x2.5g (NOT INCLUDED) 

Your own TX & RX
100~200mah 1~2S 20C Lipo 
3 x 2.5g servo

PRODUCT ID: Mini-Yak54

Weight: 362g
International Warehouse
Price  $22.50
was $44.99

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 Customer rated
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Heath1980  4 points - 5/26/2014
I am currently building this plane and i am unable to figure what order i should be soldering the motor wires to the ESC wires. All three wires on the motor are black and all three wires on the ESC are black and i have no idea what wire is what. Is there any order to the wires i should be following as the instruction do not mention how to connect the motor and i do not want to short anything before i get a chance to fly.
 Wik_E 8 points
You can connect them in any order. Test if you get the correct rotation direction. If it rotates the wrong way, switch two cables.
Moritz  3 points - 1/8/2014
i killed my engine, does anyone know if i can use another one like this: M 2024 1600KV Brushless, 1600 KV, 10A - max 12A, 80W - max 85W My esc is an 12A turnigy plush and i have lots of props, but where to start? I tried an 7x5 which didn't give me enought trust any advice for this plane?
Mark  13 points - 12/16/2013
I seem to have cured the problem I had with the motor juddering, i re-soldered the wires, however now when i open the throttle it runs for about 3 seconds then cuts out. Any ideas?
 Gary49 3992 points
Sounds like the speed controller is cutting due to either it is being overloaded (too many amps), your battery voltage is dropping underload or it is overheating. I think it may be too many amps or a battery problem as I do not think the thermal cut off will shut it down that quick. Try another battery or a smaller prop to see what happens.
jb1801  279 points - 12/16/2013
set the esc
Mark  13 points - 12/5/2013
I just finished assembling mine but I seem to have a problem with the motor or speed controller. When I move the throttle up the motor just judders a bit but doesnt turn . Any suggestions?
 Paul 2 points
Make sure your using a 2 cell lipo the speed controller is not compatible with 1 cell also be careful when gluing on your motor mount if you get any glue on the shaft on the rear of the motor it will gum it up just enough to keep it from spooling up freely, glue your wooden motor mount on first and then take a exacto knife and carve out the foam in the very center of the wooden mount that way there is no ubstruction in the way of the motor shaft, also do not use hot glue the motor does get a little warm when flying especially if your hovering a lot and the glue will melt. I used thick CA.
 Electric Power 693 points
that is a bad connetion to the motor, it is one of the wires. check all 3 wires and connections. Give each one a good pull as it maybe a bad solder joint.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
33 thumbs up!
Video should be up

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Overall Rating
32 thumbs up! 2nd flight ever with so small plane with desk profile, so apologize me please that I didnt show any aerobatics ,then the hall is not very big :-(

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Overall Rating
25 thumbs up!
Flown firt time yesterday and satisfaction. Used equipement - servo Hobby King S0361 3.6g / .45kg 3X , included Engine and ESC vorks OK, ACCU Turnigy 138mAh 2S 10C , after 30 sec of hovering gets the Engine a little bit hot, but ok. AUW weight 60 grams. Satisfied user.

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Overall Rating
21 thumbs up!
I was blown away, I order mine on Thursday night the fallowing Monday after noon Bam In my mail box. And I live in Anaheim Ca. Anyway, The plane is floppy but add the carbon that comes with it and its fine. 2hr and I was flying..

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Overall Rating
Paul 2
16 thumbs up!
Arrived today, flying today !!!. this plane took me just under 2 hours to build i used the supplied esc and brushless motor with a flightmax 180mah 2 cell lipo and suppled prop i am very impressed it has over a 2 to 1 power to weight ratio . using blue arrow 3.7g servos (purchased here at HC) it was slightly on the heavy side at 63g flying weight but fully 3d capable hovers quite nice. airframe a bit flimsy and flexible. very good for price

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