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HobbyKing® ™Brushless Car ESC 100A w/ Reverse (Upgrade version)

HobbyKing® ™Brushless Car ESC 100A w/ Reverse (Upgrade version)
HobbyKing® ™Brushless Car ESC 100A w/ Reverse (Upgrade version)

HobbyKing® ™ upgrade version ESC provide more power support to the MCU, resulting better throttle response and high speed performance.Also software upgrade gives better startup effect and support different type of motors.  

Full protection feature including low voltage, over-heat, throttle signal lost, startup
protection and self-check.
Compatible with sensorless brushless motor.
Excellent startup performance, linear and quick throttle response.
Supports highest motor speed 240,000RPM(2 poles), 80,000RPM(6 poles) and 40,000(12 poles).
Easy to configure with program card.
System can automatically detect throttle neutral point, and neutral range is adjustable.
Three work modes for different environments.
4 step reverse force adjustment
5 step start force adjustment.
3 step brake force adjustment
5 step drag brake force adjustment,
4 step initial brake force adjustment.
Input voltage: 5V-17V (support 2-4S lithium batteries)
Cont. Current: 100A
BEC output: 3A /5.5V (switch)
Size( length X width X high): 47x41x29mm
Weight: 95g


Weight: 161g
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Price  $35.99

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 Customer rated
Total of 283 discussions.
Ismail  22 points - 11/21/2015
for those looking for the program card search 'HKProg-card' and you can edit all your settings! the program card works with all hobbyking sensorless car escs. hope this helps all RC'ers!
Philip  1 points - 10/2/2015
My esc keep beeping and won't stop. Went step by step to calibrate and it won't allow me. Any ideas please help!
 bolbot 91 points
check neutral point, try to trim thortle full forward. while this transmitter has longer range forward as backward
Alex  5 points - 9/28/2015
What wires are attached to the ESC?
 Adam 1 points
For battery 12awg wires and for motor 14awg wires with 4mm connector.
Arimanni  37 points - 7/4/2015
Helllo, it seems like I can't adjust it correctly to my kids HSP 1/8 Savagery truck (stock engine). it seems like I can't find the "dead" point, it kind of "shivers" forword or backward.
 NicoD 32 points
Setting Throttle Range (Throttle range should be setup when a new transmitter is being used) Switch off the ESC→* Switch on the transmitter →* Press and hold the “* SET ”* KEY Switch on the ESC →* Push the throttle stick to the top point of forward within two seconds wait for one second System detects the Max throttle signal, and makes two “*beep-”* sounds, which denotes that Max throttle has been confirmed and saved Pull the throttle stick to the top point of backward System detects the Min throttle signal, makes two “*beep-”* sounds, which denotes that Min throttle has been confirmed and saved Release the “* SET ”* KEY Setting is finished. Push the throttle stick to the neutral position System detects the neutral throttle signal, makes a long “*beep-”* sound System detects battery voltage and makes several short “*beep-”* sounds, which denotes the number of battery cells when self-test is finished →*“* 1 2 3”* tone should be emitted →* Ready for start. If the system doesn’*t detect the throttle signal, it will make “*beep-”* sounds continuously without stopping.
Dmitriy  2 points - 5/21/2015
Can it support 4 pole motors?
 Justin 3 points
I am using this ESC with a Turnigy XK3674-B-2200KV motor. by the look of the stator, I am sure it is a 4 pole motor. Been running both 2s and 4s lipo and have had no troubles.
 guillaume 3 points
running turnigy XK 3650 5200 kv 4poles with 2s lipos without problem
 guillaume 3 points
i've try some other 4 poles motor and it's working well...very well on 2s
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
149 thumbs up!
Very nice car esc. was a breeze to setup without the program card. i have none of the issues that people here write about. it works as it should and cuttoff is perfekt.
im using with 2,4ghz sanwa clone pistolgrip and 2-4cells lipos in mini e revo 1.16 will use with bigger cars and all types of motores.
now please give us the two bigger versions :)
best regards from kristian

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Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
I have the same problem with a hpi stock am radio, sometimes it turns off the motor and resets the ESC when im going at full throtle. I will test with a external bec to see what happens, But i like the esc a lot

14 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
good ESC for my rustler i use vilenion brushless motor end 4s lipo battary. slow warm on ESC , slow warm on motor. I use program card it is very comfortable.

8 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
Using one in my Duratrax Evader BX Buggy running 8.5t Turnigy motor and 2s or 3s had issues keeping gearbox together but have over come problem with persisents. Leaves Traxxas Bandits and Team Associated at the track for dead.

4 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
Excellent esc, but didn't work whit Spektrum radio. The esc turns off the motor with the full throtle and restart. With AM, FM and PPM raduos works perfet!

4 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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