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Turnigy Marine 120A Brushless Boat ESC

Turnigy Marine 120A Brushless Boat ESC

TURNIGY marine ESCs are built with USA IR mosFETs for long run times and less heat.
Boat escs have a different requirement to air or car escs. Their need for sustained high-amp draw makes plane escs unsuitable and car escs with large amp spike capability, unnecessary.
Thats why TURNIGY marine escs are designed purely for boats, and coated in anti-static then water resistant laquer to prevent shorting should the esc get wet. They can handle sustained high amp/volt loads and handle heat better than a car or plane esc.
What makes this ESC better than others?
-Well designed MCU, with efficient code makes for faster sync and accurate timing.
-Fast clock cycle MCU combined with efficient code means 100,000rpm cpu cycle* 
-Efficient FETs reduce heat and deliver sustained switching at high amp/voltage.
-Well designed PCB (6 layer) and circuit diagram handles high-amp without burnout.
-Large motor comptability. Smooth starts, linear throttle curve.
-Active water cooled heatsink that actually works.

Programmable settings;
Low Voltage (none/2.8v/3v/3.2v/3.4v)
Brake: (none/soft/hard)
Timing (0.00/3.75/7.50/11.25/15.00/18.75/22.50/26.25)

Constant Current: 120A
Burst Current: 240A
Resistance: .0007ohm
Battery: 2-6S Lipoly
BEC: 3A/6v
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
Size: 94 x 33 x 18mm
Weight: 91g
*Speed: 100,000+rpm(2 Pole)


Weight: 139g Quantity: 

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 Customer rated
Total of 201 discussions.
Rainer  1 points - 7/8/2014
I bought 2 of them and found that they don't directly switch from forward to reverse driving. To switch from forward to reverse, you have to go to reverse (motor will only stop but not turn reverse), then to neutral, and then to reverse again.

How can I achieve that the ESC switches from forward to reverse directly? Is there a firmware update? Do I need a flash adapter, where can I buy that?
 larry 12 points
program brake [none] #1 try that...
 Rainer 1 points
The ESC doesn't allow to program "brake [none]".
 Scriptx 31 points
These ESCs are used in boats that have FLEX SHAFTS. They Use a Double Click method for reverse to keep you from damaging the Flex cable when you slam it to Reverse. All Boat ESC should be this way.
hugh  1 points - 7/1/2014
Can I use it on my Spartan as a replacement?
MIGUEL  5 points - 5/26/2014
very bad, with a motor 95A 3650, was burned. Muy malo, con un motor 3650 de 95A se ha quemado,
 zeeek1 557 points
What I find is that the cooling tubes get slightly blocked sometimes. I drill them out to larger diameter anyway and cooling is no problem running 3656, 2030kv motor for 4 minutes * 8o amps or so. I modify them from day one by taking off the heat-sink, remove the thermal pad and use thermal epoxy of higher quality. I also change capacitors to a pair of Rubycon 1000uF 35Vdc.
Crank  3 points - 5/25/2014
Does HK have any tube for the watercooling? Tried searching, and isn't able to find anything... The closest I got was: PRODUCT ID: 194000009 (Silicon Tube (1mtr) - Sprint F3, OuterLimits & Smash Shark Racing Boat) ....inner diameter 3.5mm's. Is that correct size?
 Obe 8 points
On my surge crusher I have the same 120A ESC, it does not overheat at all, I use fish tank air hose, ensure to put small zip ties to ensure that they don't come out. Hope this works for u.
Arvin  1 points - 5/15/2014
I smoked mine today after 6xrun since last summer i played with it . Should i save and have it fix or throw it
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
68 thumbs up!
This ESC working perfectly with 2s lipo battery. It starts very fast, no lag. It have main programing abilities, a lot of types of timing. Very powerful 3A 6v BEC. It is the best ESC which I have. I recommend it for everyone.

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Overall Rating
24 thumbs up!
I forgot to say that it is waterproof and it have amazing water cooling system which is very low weight. And it haves very huge capacitors which helps to start faster.

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Overall Rating
16 thumbs up!
The version HC is shipping now has aluminium watercooling tubes, and smaller capacitors: 390 piko Farads 35V.

All wires are 12AWG.

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Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
This ESC is great. I highly recommend as a replacement for the SV27 ESC. Makes the motor 10 times smoother at low throttles.

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Overall Rating
Very Happy Customer
7 thumbs up!
These have great performance, and actually put out more power than they are rated for. Mine is running a 580L sized motor in a 32" mono boat hull. Even after it was fully submerged i let it dry out and it work flawlessly.

Very highly recomended

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