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Turnigy 138mAh 1S 10C (Kyosho, E-flite, Parkzone Etc)

Turnigy 138mAh 1S 10C (Kyosho, E-flite, Parkzone Etc)

Excellent for the Kyosho Minium models and similar.
The new v2 battery has an improved layer packing and better formular, giving full capacity and a better discharge curve.

Capacity: 138mAh
Voltage: 1S / 1 Cell / 3.7v
Discharge: 10C Constant 
Weight: 3.7g (including balance & discharge plug)
Dimensions: 35x12x6mm
Balance & Discharge Plug: JST-XH

We have marked this cell as 138mAh, however other unscrupulous vendors may mark it as 150mAh.


Capacity(mAh) 138
Config (s) 1
Discharge (c) 10
Weight (g) 4
Max Charge Rate (C) 5
Length-A(mm) 35
Height-B(mm) 12
Width-C(mm) 6
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Weight: 11g
International Warehouse
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 Customer rated
Total of 56 discussions.
ross  7 points - 10/25/2011
does any one know if these batteries are an upgrade at all or atleast the equivalent to the e-fight 130 mah. thankyou.
 FLOATN 51 points
this battery is about the same as the 130mah e-flight batteries in every way.c rating and the true capacity is the same at about 115mah. hop this was helpful.
 Bouata 6 points
A little less power than the E-flight, Good for a basic UM P51 but not enough power for a brushless conversion IMO.
 julio 3 points
The difference between the two is very small but highly recommend the 138, 8mAh can make a difference.
 neo6969 2 points
its a good equivalent to the efight but you can also buy turnigy 160mah for your....MSR? :]
 debay 58 points
These batteries area all pretty much designd to fly the same sized R/C craft. YOu benefit from the higher mAh rating with increased flight times. Not all of them are quality and their advertised capacity may be "fudged" to increase sales. always read up on product reviews and choose a company with a good track record.
 charlie 1 points
i have used thes batteries for 7 mo now in my blade msr i have got more flight times and more power snd have thrown out my comparable eflight batteries that lasted 2mo max
 cale 58 points
they are about the same the e-flite and parkzone micro chargers will charge them. they work really well in my ultra micro cub, p-51 and ember 2. i do not recomend these for plans like the ultra micro 4-site because it is not beg enough.
 unialfred 6 points
They are about the same. however they have 10 mah more power.
 Michael 11 points
I found these to be an upgrade over the stock flight batteries
Ali Raza  22 points - 10/5/2011
can these batt be use with the solo pro v2?....
 munsaf 297 points
No, the connector doesn't fit. Straight good fit to Solo pro V2 batteries in HK, there are 3 options: GENUINE 120mah, weight 3.7gr (search NE4950001). Aftermarket 120mah, weight 3.7gr (search NE-B918). Aftermarket 150mah, weight 4.2 gr (search NE-1501S). I recommend the 150mah.
Dinukap4  277 points - 8/18/2011
I put 6 of these in my E maxx! And it did 60Mph for 5 Seconds :o
 Luiz Camargo 4 points
Is very goody batery.
 FPVking 504 points
Put 6 nanos 130mAh and get 80Mph 8-)
 Dinukap4 277 points
* Luiz Camargo lol dude :P Yes Nano i should try!
 Trevor 4 points
I bought some of these and it lasts a long time for me
 Jim159 26 points
Great battery. I use them in my micro J-3 Cub and Ember. [from: James]
 DAWGZ1LLA 6 points
Great little battery for micro flying, there is also a 150mAh for longer flight's. Just make sure you balance!
 seojeff 8 points
Be careful, I put 2 of these in a park flyer and puffed them after 3 mins. Fortunately they shrank back down overnight and still work.
 rdscholz 40 points
haha good job very cool
 Lucas1452 149 points
HAHA great
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
19 thumbs up!
Works great in a minumum but not in the new e-flite blade msr. The MSR has a load of about 1.2 - 1.5A and 10C 138 mAh should be enough but it isn't. With the 120mAh e-flite lipo's flight duration is avarage of 5:30. These zippy's are 3:00 to 4:00. A lot less. The work and fit perfectly but they drop in voltage a lot more then the original e-flite lipo's. Better get 240 mAh 20C cells's and extension cables for connectors :)

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Overall Rating
17 thumbs up!
Ottimo Prezzo imbattibile anche se le celle originali rendono molto di pi in termini di tempo in volo, comunque con 2 pacchi si ha lo stesso risultato spendendo sempre e comuqnue meno, ne ho gi prese 10 e funzionano bene il volo costante ma cedono subito alla fine del ciclo, comuqnue il rapporto qualit prezzo ottimo penso che ne prender ancora, io le uso con il mio MCX Blade,comuqnue il tempo di volo pi che ottimo .

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Overall Rating

12 thumbs up!
Like other reviews, the capacity is more like 100mAh, giving 7 mins on the Blade MCX rather than 8mins on the standard pack

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Overall Rating
livonia bob
10 thumbs up!
For the price they are OK but this batch V2 that was to be a minimum of 142mAh still doesn't last as long as a stock 120mAh.. But they are better than the batch before that I received in September.. I still think that the first ones I got back in June were the best ones as even with over 100 cycles on them they last longer than the V2 ones..

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
Very good batteries. Just -1 star because they are wrong labeled 138mAh. I tested six of them and after cycled charging they are all within 99-105mAh. Still great value!

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