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Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch

Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch

Plug it into your receiver and you instantly have an on/off switch controlled by any channel on your radio.
The Turnigy switch will complete a circuit when the radio channel passes 50%. Connect it to your flap or gear channel for an instant on/off switch!
Great for custom lighting, sound or effects projects, remote glow igniters, remote starter motors or even custom smoke machines. The possibilities are endless!
Maximum throughput : 10A / 30v
Weight: 7g



Click here for wiring diagram


Weight: 21g
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 Customer rated
Total of 247 discussions.
ravenit  73 points - 8/6/2015
For those who cant get it to work with 2 battery's you need to connect the neg of both battery's together to have a common negative system then all is good.
DutchRC  539 points - 5/31/2015
These switches actually work very well (for me at least). I have about 10 of them in some boats, to swtich lights, and water pumps.. I can recommend them! On the other hand, sometimes it is Allso fun to build things yourself. Especially when it costs next to nothing :) In this video I'll be building a remote controlled switch with some s**** materials... Hope you like it!
Alastair  11 points - 5/26/2015
Hi Rob, if you are using a servo reversing unit to get one flap servo to change direction then swap the servo leads over. Then it should work in the correct sense. If you are not using a servo reversing lead then i think your only option is to reverse the channel on the transmitter. This shouldmesn the landing ligjts come on when the flaps are lowered but the switch on the tx will work in the wrong sense.
 Rob_M 96 points
Thanks Alastair. Tried the reversing on the transmitter servos reverse but the light still goes on with the flaps retracted. Normal or reverse, the Spektrum Rx won't flip the logic. Looks like it's going to be the old fashioned micro servo/micro switch approach
 Alastair 11 points
Hi Rob, as your switch is working and controlling the lights that bit is fine. The issue is to get the flaps to go down when the lights come on. If you are using a flap reversing Y lead to reverse the direction of one of your flap servos then simply swap the leads around and bingo you have what you need. Then label the connections 1 and 2 so that you know which way round they need to be connected in future. If you are not currently using a flap reversing lead then get one. If both your flap servos lie in the same direction in the wing (like on the Durafly P51 or MK24 Spit) then you need to plug the Y lead supplying power to the servos into one of the 2 connectors on the reversing Y lead. again this should give you what you need but the reversing leads are not cheap. The last alternative is to dig the flap servos out of the wing modify where they sit and glue them back in facing the other way. Once you do this they will then push when they previously pulled. This is a cheap way of acheiving your goal but means modifying the aircraft. Personally I would buy a reversing lead and do it that way. Kind regards, Alastair.
Alastair  11 points - 4/24/2015
I wanted to know if it was possible to use this switch to turn on landing lights when you lower the flaps using the receiver as the power source using a Y lead set up. The answer is yes you can ! This means you don't need to have the common earth back to the battery. Points to note... you need to make sure that the aux (Flap) channel is set to "normal" rather than "reverse" on the transmitter. In normal mode the lights switch on when you move the switch from "0" to "1" position and the flaps go down. They go off when you raise the flaps. HOWEVER, if you have the channel reversed you will find the LED landing lights are permanently switched on and moving the aux/flap switch does nothing. I have uploaded my wiring diagram in the files section. Clearly using the switch in this way is only suitable for low current applications like LED lights.
 Rob_M 96 points
Alastair - did exactly that set up and I'm 180 degrees opposite (flaps up - lights on, flaps 15 deg and full landing config - lights off. Any ideas?
James  4 points - 8/1/2014
additionally, it appears that the BEC is upstream of the receiver and switch but NOT for the LOAD (lights). If this is true, why doesn't the lights/load need a BEC or does the on/off switch regulate that?
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Blue Angel
107 thumbs up!
This is a very good convenient tool.
I will use it to switch my lights in my planes on and off, but there are several other purposes for this tiny product.

weight: 7,7g
switches on above: 1550µs
switches off under: 1400µs

4 failsafe modes:
1. OFF
2. ON
3. Flash (ON-OFF-ON-OFF-...)
4. last Situation

Especially Nr. 3 is perfect for range checking. Failsafe form the receiver => flashing lights

It works with one or with two batteries as shown in the wiring diagram.
It is very important to use a common ground, otherwise the unit wont work.

5 stars
for this little cheap power tool

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Overall Rating

74 thumbs up!
I really surprised with this
cheap and usable tool.

I will use it to switch navigation lights on my La-Racer 40 plane, but there are several other purposes for this tiny product.

weight: 7,7g
switches on above: 1550s
switches off under: 1400s

4 failsafe modes:
1. OFF
2. ON
3. Flash (ON-OFF-ON-OFF-...)
4. last Situation

Especially Nr. 3 is perfect for range checking. Failsafe form the receiver => flashing lights

Also it is possible to install this switch into a system powered by two batteries - wiring diagram is included in technical documentation delivered with the switch.

It is very important to use a common ground, otherwise the unit wont work.

Excelent solution to switch on and off lights and to make range test.

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Overall Rating
73 thumbs up!
You need to connect it correctly for it to work.
The wires need a common ground.
I will upload a diagram today.

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Overall Rating
55 thumbs up!
I use this as on-off switch for LED headlight drawing ~1.6W power on my buggy. The switch stay as cool. Expect it could support more power. Great product!

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Overall Rating
23 thumbs up!
in use for landing lights in my agusta 109 A (6s robbe spirit inside)

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