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Arkansas warehouse now open.
Our USA warehouse is now open! Low cost shipping and an ever growing variety make ordering from the Arkansas warehouse even better value!

Batteries & Accessories

Hobbyking home to the largest range and the highest quality Lipo (li-Poly), NiMH, LiHV and NiZH batteries. No matter what your RC hobby is we’ve got you covered. Our range includes Graphene, Nano-Tech, MultiStar, Turnigy, Zippy, Bolt and much more.

We also have the largest range of accessories for you to choose from Whether your looking for Battery straps, Voltage Alarms, JST balance connectors or a Liposack to keep your batteries safe you'll find it at Hobbyking.
Li-Poly (All brands) Li-Poly (All brands)
Lithium (Lipo) batteries are the preferred power sources for most RC enthusiasts varying in capacities and voltage. No matter what your RC hobby is we’ve got you covered. Our range includes Graphene, Nano-Tech, MultiStar, Turnigy, Zippy and much more.
Multi-Rotors (All brands) Multi-Rotors (All brands)
Batteries designed with Multirotor racing in mind, light weight without compromising on power
Turnigy Graphene Turnigy Graphene
Turnigy Graphene Lipo batteries are a high performance battery for the serious hobbyists featuring high capacity energy storage, shorten charging times and longer cycles
Turnigy BOLT (LiHV) Turnigy BOLT (LiHV)
High Voltage lithium polymer (*LiHV) batteries providing competition level performance
MultiStar Batteries (Multi-Rotor) MultiStar Batteries (Multi-Rotor)
Want to dramatically increase your FPV Drone flight times without the penalty of added weight? We have the solution with Multi-star batteries each tailored for the best size/power/weight needed for their intended use
A-SPEC nano-tech A-SPEC nano-tech
Top notch performance and build quality make these packs ideal for high-demand flying such as 3D helicopters, EDFs, F3A and any other high current draw applications.
Turnigy nano-tech Turnigy nano-tech
TURNIGY nano-tech Lipoly batteries are smaller, Lighter, Higher Burst rate, Lower Internal Redistance, and a Higher Max Charge rate
Turnigy Lipoly Turnigy Lipoly
Turnigy batteries are known the world over for performance, reliability, delivering the full rated capacity at a price everyone can afford.
Turnigy E-Flite & Parkzone Turnigy E-Flite & Parkzone
These E-Flight and Pakzone battery packs are designed to fit your relevant models and deliver excellent power.
ZIPPY Lipoly ZIPPY Lipoly
Zippy batteries are the best value for money batteries on the market
ZIPPY Compact ZIPPY Compact
Zippy Compact, offer excellent performance and high quality in a "Compact" size.
Rhino Lipoly Rhino Lipoly
Rhino batteries provide an outstanding power/weight ratio. Equipped with copper tabs and most packs having opposing electrodes; the Rhino batteries are designed for high output & low internal resistance
Airsoft Batteries Airsoft Batteries
Our Airsoft batteries are designed for the Airsoft enthusiast in mind, The batteries are designed with less voltage sag and longer operation time
Ultimate nano-tech Ultimate nano-tech
Nano-tech Ultimate series of lithium polymer (Lipo) batteries are insane power that will put you on the podium!
Car Hardcase Packs Car Hardcase Packs
RC car enthusiast if you need a (ROAR Approved) battery for racing We have the right Hardcase and Hardscase Shorty packs that meet your needs.
Basher (LiHV) Basher (LiHV)
Basher LiHV hardcase packs are heavy hitters punching well above their weight, they can take a pounding and still pack a punch. High Voltage packs push your drive train harder meaning a higher top end speed and faster acceleration.
B-Grade Lipoly B-Grade Lipoly
B-grade lithium polymer packs are great for those not-so-important models or testing.
Polyquest Polyquest
Round Cell Lipoly Round Cell Lipoly
The Turnigy nano-tech round single series cells are the perfect solution for many applications where space and weight are at a premium. These round Lipoly cells can be soldered together to make custom packs to suit your needs.
LiFePo4 LiFePo4
Battery Management Systems Battery Management Systems
Camera Batteries Camera Batteries
Rx/Tx Batteries Rx/Tx Batteries
No matter what battery you need for your Transmitter and Receiver we have it here.
NiMH & NiZN Batteries NiMH & NiZN Batteries
Lipo Safe Bags Lipo Safe Bags
Protective Battery Cover Protective Battery Cover
Battery Adapters Battery Adapters
Battery Accessories Battery Accessories
Battery Voltage Indicators Battery Voltage Indicators
Battery Straps Battery Straps
90C Discharge 90C Discharge
50~65C Discharge 50~65C Discharge
45C Discharge 45C Discharge
40C Discharge 40C Discharge
35C Discharge 35C Discharge
30C Discharge 30C Discharge
25C Discharge 25C Discharge
20C Discharge 20C Discharge
15C Discharge 15C Discharge

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