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Arkansas warehouse now open.
Our USA warehouse is now open! Low cost shipping and an ever growing variety make ordering from the Arkansas warehouse even better value!

Batteries & Accessories

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Li-Poly (All brands) Li-Poly (All brands)
Multi-Rotors (All brands) Multi-Rotors (All brands)
Turnigy Graphene Turnigy Graphene
Turnigy BOLT (LiHV) Turnigy BOLT (LiHV)
MultiStar Batteries (Multi-Rotor) MultiStar Batteries (Multi-Rotor)
A-SPEC nano-tech A-SPEC nano-tech
Turnigy nano-tech Turnigy nano-tech
Turnigy Lipoly Turnigy Lipoly
Turnigy E-Flite & Parkzone Turnigy E-Flite & Parkzone
ZIPPY Lipoly ZIPPY Lipoly
ZIPPY Compact ZIPPY Compact
Rhino Lipoly Rhino Lipoly
Airsoft Batteries Airsoft Batteries
Ultimate nano-tech Ultimate nano-tech
Car Hardcase Packs Car Hardcase Packs
Basher (LiHV) Basher (LiHV)
B-Grade Lipoly B-Grade Lipoly
Polyquest Polyquest
Round Cell Lipoly Round Cell Lipoly
Battery Management Systems Battery Management Systems
Camera Batteries Camera Batteries
LiFePo4 LiFePo4
Rx/Tx Batteries Rx/Tx Batteries
NiMH & NiZN Batteries NiMH & NiZN Batteries
Lipo Safe Bags Lipo Safe Bags
Protective Battery Cover Protective Battery Cover
Battery Adapters Battery Adapters
Battery Accessories Battery Accessories
Battery Voltage Indicators Battery Voltage Indicators
90C Discharge 90C Discharge
50~65C Discharge 50~65C Discharge
45C Discharge 45C Discharge
40C Discharge 40C Discharge
35C Discharge 35C Discharge
30C Discharge 30C Discharge
25C Discharge 25C Discharge
20C Discharge 20C Discharge
15C Discharge 15C Discharge

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