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Turnigy Dual Power Unit for large scale models

Turnigy Dual Power Unit for large scale models

Turnigy Power Unit for Large scale models.
In large scale planes safety is paramount. Thats why you need a strong power system with dual regulators to ensure uninterrupted control.
Works with any radio
More power to all servos
Dual linear voltage regulator with high current output
6.2V/6.7V selectable, 8A direct power for High-drain servos
5.3V, 5A supply power to the receiver /Gyro /smaller servos
Heavy duty 16AWG input.
Compatible with standard servo plugs JR/Futaba.
Accepts 7.4V to 12.6V battery pack input voltage.
Weight: 89g



Weight: 127g Quantity: 

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 Customer rated
Total of 24 discussions.
Marcos  1 points - 3/25/2014
I've a question.... I want to buy this power unit and I would like know if this plate is recomended for use in a 40cc plane. I will use high tork servos. It is: 6 Toward pro MG996 digital.... You recomend this servos with this plate. Thanks a lot.
 Marios 15 points
no problem at all! mayby this unit is better than other very expensive brands.! i use it for a 3d plane 30cc for 6 months now and no problem
eliasin  17 points - 9/16/2013
Can i connect cdi to 5.2 v rx?
 Marios 15 points
yes but it is not recomented because cdi have some noise. better use a small regulator for cdi. most cdi take 5 volt. i use 6v regulator ,my cdi works fine!
scotch  143 points - 8/14/2013
Hi, does this thing really weighs 90 gr ???
Sam  2 points - 8/8/2013
Will this push 2 servos on Each channel with a Y splitter? For example if I have 2 aileron, Dual Flap, Dual elevator and SINGLE rudder, will this handle the draw of the servos? I'm looking to set-up this power supply that I bought but I don't know if it will handle multiple servos. help!
 Marios 15 points
i have 6 servos on this one using 2 Y for ailerons and elevator! no problem at all! plenty of AMPS! ONLY CHECK the temperature of the heatsink after 10 minutes of all servo testing.
Davide79  117 points - 3/31/2013
Hey guys this is a rendundant two regulator with one battery or the one regulator is single for servos and other is for rx? Thanks!
 Marios 15 points
this is one regulator that takes one battery (there are 2 cables for battery black and red). 4 servo input (from receiver) an 4 outputs (servos). BUT you can use Ycables for more servos.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
Colocando dos, con dos baterias independientes se dispone de una centralita economica de 8 canales, que funcionan aunque falle una de las baterias.

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
Il manque aumoins une voie ( 2 profs, 2 ailerons et la dérive => 5 servos coupleux minimum ). Sinon ce module est une solution économique pour éviter d'investir dans une box beaucoup plus chère ( Power.... Smart.....Blue....).
Et pour finir une prise Dean de bonne qualité sur l'entrée du module.
A noter pas d'info sur le courant en pointe admissible.
En tout cas, je vais la monter dans un Yak de 2.2m avec un récepteur R617FS Futaba. A suivre

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Overall Rating

9 thumbs up!
Lo coloqu en mi Extra 220 y funcina perfectamente.
Alimentando los servos de gran conumo atravs de la unidad (elevador , alerones y timn) y el resto directamente al receptor, aunque a mi juicio no estara de ms algn canal ms y adems gestiona la corriente de las lipos perfectamente.

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Overall Rating
Fred Bell
4 thumbs up!
very nice protection for 50 cc planes easy hook up .

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
Regulator itself, working fine, 4ch support is enough for heavy current sucking servos. I put this on my 50cc gas G-202. Two elev servos and Ails servos are connected through this regulator. other servos are connected as normal (direct from receiver). The only problem is the on/off switch configulation for this regulator. Short the circuit by turn slide switch move to 'on' position. Which is little concern for disconnect or contact problem

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