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Turnigy Servo Tester

Turnigy Servo Tester

Servo & CCPM Servo Consistency Master/Checker
Size: 49x43x29mm
Input: 4.8 ~ 6V
Output up to 3 servos at once!


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 Customer rated
Total of 108 discussions.
leiff  91 points - 10/13/2016
Control a motor, not run a motor
tbigd  129 points - 6/4/2016
a bec in a speed control willl also power it , can be used to run a motor and test/center servos , very handy tool ....
JollyJ  5 points - 5/3/2016
Do you need a separate battery to operate the tester?
 austin 10 points
yes you need a battery for this, i think it can only accept up to 6v, here is a battery pack for AA battery's to opporate this, hope this helps, i bought one and it works
 waynemia 532 points
It can be powered by 4.8V to 6V. I keep a receiver battery around for these needs. A LIFE battery works well. You can also use a BEC. You can use this as a throttle control for an EP motor. Connect the tester to the ESC throttle lead (assuming it also has a BEC), set the value to minimum, then plug in the power. I am assuming you do not have a prop on the motor. You can then use the tester for programming the ESC, ******* the motor direction, ******* connections, etc.
DutchRC  939 points - 10/31/2015
Here is an other way to use a servo-tester like this :)
Cyrille  2 points - 10/25/2015
Does it works as well with analog AND digital servos ?
 loren 55 points
yes it does
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
66 thumbs up!
EXACTLY as advertised.

Makes setting up a plane or testing a servo easy!

You have your choice of 3 modes.

1. Manual using the knob

2. Neutral which will take your servo to it's neutral setting automatically

3. Auto which continuously cycles the servo limit to limit.

Will it replace your $100 servo tester....probably not but for everyday use it's great.

You won't be disappointed in this one.

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Overall Rating
18 thumbs up!
Useful little unit, has three modes identified by three blue LEDs that will have you seeing spots they are so bright. Neutral setting is useful for getting your servo horns centered without trial and error and the third option cycles the servo continuously. A few minutes will help seat and quiet noisy gears in new servos.

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Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
Nice, simple and does the job. Has 3 servo outputs that all get the SAME signal.

Has three modes:
1. Manual - set position by adjusting knob. Good for cheking how servo controls surfaces. Just be aware, that some radios/receiveirs can issue a wider travel range, so don't rely on this tester to show your servo's maximum travel.
2. Center - for aligning servo horns.
3. Auto - scrolls servo forth and back at constant speed. One period ~= 2 seconds.

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Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
Super Servotester,stabieles alugehause,mit 3 servoanschluessen paralell,einem jr stromeingang mit 4,5-6,0 volt.
es besitzt 3 automatische funktionen
1-neutral-servo mitte
2-automatik-servo bewegt sich vom re.zum li. anschlag
3-manual-servo wird ueber ein poti bewegt.
fazit und praedikat sehr empfehlenswert...
ciao Piperpaule
bis bald.....

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
A very good Item for a low price. The neutral setting is the same as on my MPX-transmitter. It is very good to adjust your servo before installing in the model.
The blue LEDs, however, are much to light. I have paste over them with a strip of tape. Then it is ok.

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