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Turnigy2836 brushless Outrunner 2350kv

Turnigy2836 brushless Outrunner 2350kv

Dimension: 28mm x 40mm, 56mm(with shaft)
Weight: 79g  (kv2350) (not including connectors)
Diameter of shaft:F4.0mm
Length of front shaft:F15mm
Lamination thickness: .2mm
Magnet type: 45SH

Max performance;
Voltage: 3-4S Lipoly
Prop: APC4.7x4.25
Thrust: 800g
Power: 480W

PRODUCT ID: T2836-2350

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Kv(rpm/v) 2350
Weight (g) 79
Max Current(A) 0
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 12
Power(W) 480
Shaft A (mm) 4
Length B (mm) 40
Diameter C (mm) 28
Can Length (mm) 25
Total Length E (mm) 55
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Weight: 135g
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Price $18.99

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Total of 101 discussions.
Chung  8 points - 9/11/2014
Can it handle 4s on 6x4prop(40A esc) ?
Andreas  3 points - 8/4/2014
Hello, how big is the bolt hole of this motor ?
Tim  2 points - 2/8/2014
Yes you can reverse the motor shaft on these,, watch this video on how to do it hope this helps you
Adam  17 points - 10/7/2013
does anyone know the size of the connectors that come included in this pack so I can order some more
 Mar11 2598 points
this one comes with no connector, i will use the 3.5 mm connectors, 1 full bad for 1.5 $
SkyHawk Newbie  84 points - 9/25/2013
Can you reverce the shaft on this motor.
 edwin46 112 points
yes you can
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Overall Rating
Dr. Katana
48 thumbs up!
This motor is very good for High speed plane. I bought for 'K & S Silkywind Racing'.
Measurement data, I use Eagle Tree data logger, Hyperion Emeter & Tahmazo thrustmeter on my Test Bench.
Please check my web site data is actual measurement.

Prop. Volt Current rpm Power Pitch spd Thrust Efficiency
APC S400 5.5x4.5 10.68V 31.81A 22321rpm 339.73W 153km/h 816.0g 77 ETA.
APC S400 6x4 10.65V 32.36A 21929rpm 344.63W 134km/h 1064.8g 82 ETA.
APC S400 6x5.5 10.24V 39.10A 19685rpm 400.38W 165km/h 869.7g 69 ETA.
APC Sport 7x5 9.87V 42.11A 17605rpm 415.63W 134km/h 1180g 63 ETA.

No load, 25500rpm 10V > kv 2550

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Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
i have now 4 off those, they are running on 4 lipo's 2500 30C zippy's ,i run it with a apc 4.5 x 4.1 in a funjet 6 a 8 min of running, it's pull out 550 WATT , with the apc 4.7 x 4.25 it's running at 600 WATT .
all on the ground .TURNIGY Sentry 40amp Speed Controller run's ok with it .
gr jolanda The nederlands

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Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
Here is the setup to get you to 110mph in a Funjet. 2836 2350, APC 5.5x4.5, 60A SS, At least a 2650mAh 4S 20C Turnigy (need to sustain 60A). I used a Wattsup meter to read 58A at 14.7V for 875W. Doppler at 110mph consistently and use WOT for 30-60 sec at a time.

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Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
I use this motor combined with a 4:1 planetary gearbox in a glider. With 4S lipo and aeronaut folding-prop I got awesome climbing-rates at 36A.

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Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
The motor seems ok and run wery well. But the wires are wery poor. I soldered bannana plugs on wires and after one test run, two of three broke of... Other turnigy motors have way better wires than this motor. I am wery dissapinted that for 17$ i got 5$ worth motor wires.... I would rewind with my good quality wire...

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