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TGS Precision Sport Propeller 6x5 Black (1pc)

TGS Precision Sport Propeller 6x5 Black (1pc)

TGS Sport Propeller
High Impact resin-polymer.
Precision moulded for an accurate balance.
Distortion resistant.
Low noise.
Includes adapter rings for different shaft sizes.


Length (Inch [X]) 6
Pitch (Inch [Y]) 5
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Schelli  1 points - 3/1/2016
Is this really a folding prop??? I used the Propeller finder for searching, and this item was presented as a folding prop. The heading also says folding propeller 6x5, but he pic says NOT folding prop, so please hellp me...
remle808  1 points - 3/24/2015
can anyone confirm that this is actually 6x5 now? As I need a replacement for my durafly efx racer. Thanks
 Kimmerek 336 points
Yes, this is a 6x5 propeller.
 SilbernerSurfer 153 points
Are you sure Kimmerek? I have bought one some month ago and it is more a 6x3 than a 6x5. Other customers confirmed this too!!!!!
 Kimmerek 336 points
Label on my prop says 6x5 so I'm pretty sure :)
 SilbernerSurfer 153 points
It is known since about 2 years that the prop is wrong labeled! You can put a TGS 6x5 and a 6x4 side by side together. You will see that the 6x4 has more pitch.
Espen  5 points - 2/20/2014
I can just confirm what martinlmtl wrote 28/12/2013. I got mine a month ago and I can confirm that the 6x4 has more pitch than the 6x5. So it is obvious that there is something wrong with the labelling.
 Greg_H 16 points
I can also confirm that these props are wrongly marked. I bought a couple of them and discovered that the pitch of both props is more like 6x3. Come on HK, get this sorted out!
 Espen 5 points
It's incredible that HB still sell this propeller with the wrong specification. Bad QA Hobbyking!
tim  2 points - 2/3/2014
martinlmtl  37 points - 12/28/2013
BE WARNED, I ordered an 6x4 and an 6x5 TGS prop. I discovered in fact the 6x5 is pulling less amperage than the 6x4 prop. In fact, the 6x4 prop have more pitch than the 6x5. They mixed up labelling and it's a known problem since almost 2 years (search rcgroups forum). I really don't understand why they didn't corrected this problem since this times and they are continuing to sell these props wrongly labelled.
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Benny P
5 thumbs up!
TGS sport 6x5E performance close to APC 6x5,5 same rpm and trust
I have tested this motor, propel, ECS and battery:
Motor FC28-12, propel TGS sport 6x5E, ECS SuperSimple 20A, Zippy flightmax1300 15c 3S.
I measured: 15600 RPM a static trust of 420 g power 10 Amp

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
last time i brought it a few months ago it had a bigger hole 6mm the new batch i got have smaller hole 4mm i had to ream it out.
wats going on, is this how they come now

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Overall Rating
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This is just speed warior :D

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Overall Rating
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Excellent propeller. Well finished, made with good materials an nearly always (I bought about 15 TGS propellers) well balanced. That have several adapters to different shaft diameters.
Is exactly the same propeller showed in the photo.
Best regards

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More nicely produced props that work well. These are not cheap looking and I would reccommend them

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