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Turnigy 12v 2-3S Basic Balance Charger

Turnigy 12v 2-3S Basic Balance Charger

This Turnigy balance charger is simple to use, reliable and safe for any modeler. It features a smart charge protection to ensure the batteries are not overcharged and has real time monitoring increasing the cycle life of your battery packs. It can be powered from any 12V output and charges at 800mA. Charging is through the JST-XH balance lead on your compatible battery. Suits all Turnigy, Zippy and most other battery types. You can easily connect several of these chargers to the same power source to charge multiple packs at once.

• Smart charging protection
• 2~3S Compatible
• Charges through the balance lead
• Easy to use, safe and reliable
• Includes power lead with Croc Clips

Input Voltage: 11~14V
Output Voltage: 8.4~12.6V DC
Output Current: 800mA (Max)
Dimensions: 74x50x25mm
Weight: 46g

PRODUCT ID: Turnigy-3S

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Weight: 99g
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  • Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Battery Chargers

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rva1945  16 points - 9/30/2014
I guess that it uses a switching technique to step up the output. Anyway, I think the charger will take longer to charge a pack if t is power by a 12V rather than a 15V source.
 anikeev 1227 points
Doesn't matter the voltage. As far as power supplu can give at least 1A output it will take same time to charge battery with 12V or 15V. You can even power it with 11V and charge 3S battery, but charger will take more current from power suppply.
rva1945  16 points - 9/29/2014
OK but how will the 3S pack reach 12.6 V while the charger is powered by a 12V source?
 DAJARAJA 510 points
Hi rva, In short,The charger requires 12V or 11V-14VDC at 1.2 a in order to operate and charge lipo's, not the lipo.the charger will only charge the 2s or 3s lipo's at 800mah max until the lipo's gets to full capacity.think of it like this,the 3s lipo battery is a storage tank and once you fill it up (12.6v)you can not put anymore in it.trying to keep my answer simple and hope it has helped.dont cred happy to help:)
 Patrick 1 points
It most likely uses a switching power supply that allows the charger to output a higher voltage than it gets in. At worst it uses a linear power supply what will do the same with less efficiency.
 DAJARAJA 510 points
google=Understanding RC LiPo Batteries - RC Helicopter Fun.scroll down to Charging RC LiPo Batteries for explanation to my answer.also look in accessory info=rc chargers and rc power supplies for info. good luck
 Patrick 1 points
Your response doesn't actually answer the OP's question. He/she is asking how does it charge to 12.6vdc if the input is 12vdc. The answer being, charger steps the voltage up to the required amount based on the cell count.
If you are going to use a gas tank analogy mAh would be more appropriate.
rva1945  16 points - 9/27/2014
Will it charge 3S when plugged to a 12V source? A fully charged 3S pack should reach 12.6V.
 paulx84 17 points
Yes it will charge any 3s li po, it s a bit slow at 800 mah, for a 2200mah li po it takes about 2 and a half hours from empty to full
mococa50  16 points - 9/24/2014
como sempre, boa e barata opç*ao para 2/3s
Maxinator  5 points - 9/19/2014
I just got two of these in my latest order last week, and both of them produced smoke/burnt smell and died after about 10 minutes of charging brand new 3000mAh battery packs. I already have 4 of these from previous orders and the old ones work fine. The new ones both brought the battery pack voltage up from about 11.68 to 11.88 before they died. The red led works and the green led still comes on when a battery pack is plugged in but no charging happens (no current flows). The smell is that familiar, acrid "burnt electronics" smell. Please be aware that the latest ones are defective. Since both of mine failed in the same way at about the same time, this must be a production problem. My 4 old chargers like this are fine. It's too bad because this used to be a nice charger. I hope they get the production problems fixed. P.S. The two battery packs that were connected when the two chargers burnt out charged fine with older versions of this charger.
 Pasan 173 points
I don't really recommend this charger for batteries above 1.5A. I use mine only to charge my 250 quad's 850mah batteries, for everything else I have a 200W charger.
 Maxinator 5 points
Just to be clear for anybody reading, the capacity of the 2S or 3S pack you are charging with this charger has nothing to do with whether the charger might die or not. In my case with 3000mAh packs the chargers both fried themselves within 10 minutes, so they would have fried themselves on 850mAh packs anyways, which take about 1 hour to charge with this type of charger.
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3Dimensional Pro
Overall Rating
40 thumbs up!
I haven't been able to fly my planes for a very long time because my family was in an economic crisis. I had nothing to do this christmas. I didn't get any gifts and i was sad because all this wonderful time was being wasted. Thanks to hobbycity they made my christmas a little more special. I had to sell my old charger for the money. I had no way of charging my lipos, i bought this charger and now i can go to the park and fly and do what i love.

15 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
29 thumbs up!
The charger comes with no instructions, but a quick check shows that the RED led means the charger is connected to 12 volts, the GREEN led means the unit is charging and the charging is complete when the GREEN led goes out.

The charger seems to work just fine and the price is hard to beat.

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
It's just red led is power on..
Red led & green Led.. Power ON and charging..
Other indicators/audio??? None...
It seems to charge at regular rate of around 500 mA so nothing else is needed..
If your batteries are in good shape (and they should always be) this little sucker is SO CHEAP! and effective.
At this price and current draw you could use several at once..
For obvious reasons, limited to 2S & 3S.
Balancing is well within the performance of other much more expensive units..
Definitely a buy even if, like me, you are just curious..

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
I am using this charger for more than a year and I am very happy with it. Individual cell voltages are in the 4.15 to 4.17 volt range. For me this is good, the 3 led version(AC or DC) overcharge cells 4.21 to 4.24 volt.
I have no proof that can balance packs, but surely at abnormal voltage the green led blinks. The 3 led version can charge individual cell of the pack. Recently I made a connector and measured charging current 0.82Ah as advertised

11 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
This charger is great! Bought 2 of them and it was money well spent! Every cell is balanced within .05v and the charger and battery keep at room temp during charge. I also got lucky and found an old 12 power supply from an old video game that works great with it. You can't beat the price! I will get more in the future!

5 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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