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Turnigy Accucel-8 150W 7A Balancer/Charger

Turnigy Accucel-8 150W 7A Balancer/Charger

The Accucel-8150 is a Lipoly/LiFe battery charging workhorse. Capable of handling up to 8S, 7A or a maximum of 150W charging current plus it balances and discharges packs which is critical for keeping your expensive batteries in perfect condition.
This charger has a 12v input and can be used with a mains 12v power supply or your car battery when at the field.
TURNIGY Accucel chargers are built with quality components and produced in robotic pick-n-place SMT technology machines to produce a reliable and accurate charger.
You wont find a better priced quality 8 Cell charger!

The Accucell has various programming and charging modes and will accept and safely charge NiCd,Lilo, Lipo, LiFe, Pb batteries.

There are several chargers now entering the China market that look similar to the Accucel-8. These chargers are produced with cheaper FET's and unfortunately much less accurate and very unsafe. There has been reports of the copied chargers over-charging packs and not balancing correctly.
Our chargers have CE and RoHS certification, proving there safety. Plus, thousands of customers the world over have used our chargers with excellent success.
Your batteries are expensive. We understand this and thats why we will not carry low-quality charging devices.
"CONNECTION BREAK" : This indicates you need to have the discharge AND balance plugs connected. This unit charges through the discharge wires and balances through the balance wires. Connect all wires or you will get a "CONNECTION BREAK" message.

Operating voltage range: 11.0~18.0V
Circuit power: max: 150W
Charge current range: 0.1~7.0A
Discharge current range: 0.1~5.0A
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 1~27 cells
Lithium bettery cell count: 1~8 Series
Pb battery voltage: 2 to 36V
Weight: 625g
Dimensions: 170X125X35mm

This charger has a JST-XH charge plug, which makes it compatible with Zippy, TURNIGY and any pack with a JST adapter, balance ports are for 3s~8s packs only.

Note: Power supply not included.

PRODUCT ID: Accucel8150

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Weight: 990g
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 Customer rated
Total of 387 discussions.
Guus  11 points - 4/14/2015
Charger energy consumption and efficiency In your discussions and reviews costumers often ask which power supply should I choose? Well after some measurements I find out that it takes a lot extra then you think. Why, first of all the voltage need to be much higher than 12 Volt from your battery. Mostly 20 Volts or more and when it has to deliver 5 Amps you lose a lot of energy as heat in your cables, casing and the most through your noisy fan. Example 1: 4,5 Amps charge 4 S LiPo needs 7,6 Amps at 12.3 Volt battery voltage. That means 4 x 3.85V per cel is 15,4 V x 4,5 A = 69,3W takes 7.6 A at 12,3 Volt which is 93,5W You lose 24,2 W. Example 2: 4,5 Amps charge 8 S LiPo needs 15,8 Amps at 12.1 Volt battery voltage. That means 8 x 3.85 V per cel is 30,8 V x 4,5 A = 138,6 W takes 15,8 A at 12,1 Volt which is 191,2W You lose 52.6 W.
Yesyns  138 points - 4/5/2015
How do I charge NiMh battery? See the pic target=_blank>chrg NiMh
 Yesyns 138 points
 Yesyns 138 points
I choose the function to discharge & discharge. Charging duration not more than 9 hrs.
 Yesyns 138 points
**fn discharge & charging**
Earth Magnet  14 points - 4/4/2015
Is this right? Only allows a 1C charge for Lipo ! In the manual at section, Warning and Safety Notes , LIPO: allowable fast charge current: 1C or less Is that right or have I got it backwards *rsewise..
 pdooley 31 points
you should only charge at 1c for safety and battery life, but this charger will do more.
 Earth Magnet 14 points
Thanks for the reply. I normally only charge at 1C but most Lipo can be charged at a higher C and its a nice option to have, the statement in the manual that fast charge must be no higher than 1C puts me off what looks like a good cheap charger. As for 1C charge its a bit confusing as most makers of lipos state that their lipos can be charged at higher rates. Anywho thanks again.
 Earth Magnet 14 points
Just thought, is it JUST the "fast charge" option that is limited to 1C or less? I mean that maybe under that option the balance monitoring isnt as strict as under a normal charge and thats why 1C> is recommended..
Guus  11 points - 1/17/2015
Remark: Wiring diagram and picture of the Turnigy Accucel-8 150W 7A Balancer/Charger see the Files.
Guus  11 points - 1/14/2015
Warning The batteries minus ( see picture) of the Turnigy Accucel-8 150 W 7A Balancer/Charger and probably all the Turnigy chargers in this segment is connected with all minus pins (right pin in every balance connector) When charging two batteries packs in series ( two 3 S packs or two 4S packs) be very careful connecting the balance leads (see wiring picture)
 miberlin 19 points
How else would you want to wire it? And - If you charge packs in series or parallel you always have to be very careful, regardless of what charger you use.
 Guus 11 points
Your right Miberlin and for support I try to send a wiring diagram to support this issue. Use of more than 6 S batteries becomes frequent and often they ask me if they can charge two 3 or 4 S batteries packs in series (parallel is not possible) as if this is a 6 S or 8 S battery. Now problem but beware, don’*t exchange balancer leads I tell them. That will kill your charger instantly By the way more expensive LiPo chargers like Graupner Ultramat have a galvanic separation between the charge minus and the balance minus pin.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Nicolas Augusto Schnyder Berte
54 thumbs up!
I Bought this charger because i tested a friends one and im really happy with it!!!
Best Price, excelent accesories.
You can charge really a123 at 7 amps!!!! this is 18 minute charge on 6s1pa123 pack

First i tested the Balancer, it works fine. Holds each cell at exactly 4.2V during charge. I didnt expect it to be that accurate.
You can set the minimum input battery voltage between 10 and 11V so you wont run your car battery dry.

Second tested the output voltages with my FLUKE tester. In a fresh charged pack in BALANCE mode, the results was:

6s1p 4000mah lipo

4.20 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.20 CHARGER

4.201 4.199 4.200 4.203 4.201 4.210
So there is an excelent balancer too!!!!

Third the temperatures of the internal circuits, never raise over 40Cº in a 5amp discharge, it seems that the cooling design was good

PC conectivity needs drivers and you can download the manual too if you haven´t one

My overall opinion is that this unit works very well, enables accurate charging, comes with just about every connector you might need, In both quality and function it is comparable to units costing 2 to 3 times as much.] Several of my friends are currently considering purchase of these now because of the great overall value. I would purchase another one without reservation especially in light of the cost to performance ratio. Absolutely incredible. I will be making more purchases from Hobby City.

The only thing i recomend to improve in this

14 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
35 thumbs up!
Balance mode works well - see this graph:
part battery was very unbalanced before first charging...

USB driver is compatible with Bantam LogView works with e-Station BC8 config

7 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
25 thumbs up!
Great charger.
Used it for my LiFE batterys.
BUT... after a couple months I can no longer select the LiFE batteries in the menu... it has disappeared without reason!!!
I can do no software update because the usb connection didn't work.

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
24 thumbs up!
Otherwise works as marketed but the voltages are off big time. plus-0.12 at worst and that really makes me wonder whether they calibrate these things at the factory at all. Also the "Energy" reading that the charger gives out when using the USB link is completely useless and no where near the realistic values. Hence 3 stars although due to not giving 5 stars this review is probably going to be deleted by the HobbyKing Gestapo in no time.

11 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
23 thumbs up!
There has been some changes to this charger. Gone are the temperature probe and the USB port. Plan to return as these 2 features are not implemented and there are other cheaper charger like Turnigy MAX80W 7A would be a better choice.

11 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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