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Replacement CDI Ignition for FTL Engines

Replacement CDI Ignition for FTL Engines

Replacement CDI Ignition for FTL Engines.

TIP: Before suspecting your CDI ignition of being faulty, please ensure you have the spark-plug socket pushed all the way over the spark-plug head. In some cases this is extremely tight and requires a lot of pressure.


Weight: 150g
International Warehouse
Price  $35.77

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danny  21 points - 7/21/2015
On the pocture is a rxcel cdi but in discription is ftl .. when its ordered witch one is it??
Danilo  2 points - 4/12/2015
Este CDI pode ser utilizado no RCG 26cc ?
Stuart  7 points - 9/4/2014
how much should advance is it 28 degrees as I've read
 rowdyjoe 80 points
I replaced the ignition for my FTL 52cc and 28deg. worked fine for me.
 Kenneth 1 points
28 deg is normal
Lucas  16 points - 6/15/2014
Good Day! Is ignition (CDI) is for the engine NGH GT9 9cc? Mine is failing and need to replace it. Someone please help me? Thank you!
kacavida  6 points - 5/8/2014
Hi, I have a problem with this CDI ignition and FTL 52 engine. I have changed my previous CDI (which is working normally and engine turns on) with this one, and spark on the spark plug is very weak, and I can not start the engine. Spark is thrown at the exact moment (when magnet passes HAL sensor) but is very faint. Normally I use a BEC 5V 3A, but I also tried with an 2S Lipo (specs on CDI box says 4.8 - 8.4 V), but spark is allways very weak. What can I do? Do I have to return it to HobbyKing or is there something I am missing? Thanks!
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
buck naked
20 thumbs up!
Running on a Zenoah 20 on a T Rex gasser. I'm liking it much better than the other ignitions. Has good timing advance from mid range to high rpm. Never a problem with low Idle 1850 rpm. Actually sounds pretty good lopping at that rpm. With this ignition, a tuned pipe and a port job the heli ripps 3D without bogging. Very eazy to start. Prime carburator, turn ignition off, pull pullstart 2 times, turn ignition on and starts on first pull.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
I have 6 gassers. This is a Great CDI Running my Zenoah G20 with it.It runs better than original CDI... Will cnvert the rest of non RCexl CDI gassers to this one

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Overall Rating

3 thumbs up!
Using this to replace the ignition on my Fuji 43. much less interference with this ignition compared to the Fuji's unshielded plug wire. Servos would twitch before and this fixed the issue.

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
bought this CDI in remplacement for 3W70 motor.
bought also the hall sensor.
need to reverse it to make it run
tested with 4.8V (shoud work also at 6V)
sparks are very light and engine run well
good product

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
this ignition made my XYZ26 back to live!
original "blue box" module show me some kind of sparks but I can't start engine. It coughs and tries to start, but not works. Blue ignition probably dead.
With this module connected my engine starts easily and has good idle and fast trotle response. Much better than original blue module!

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