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Rhino 610mAh 3S 11.1v 20C Lipoly Pack

Rhino 610mAh 3S 11.1v 20C Lipoly Pack

Rhino batteries provide an outstanding power/weight ratio. Equipped with copper tabs and most packs having opposing electrodes; the Rhino batteries are designed for high output & low internal resistance.

Capacity : 610mAh
Constant discharge: 20C
Burst rate: 30C (15sec)
Configuration : 3S 11.1v
Pack size: 55x31x16mm
Weight : 50.9g

PRODUCT ID: R610-20-3

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Capacity(mAh) 610
Config (s) 3
Discharge (c) 20
Weight (g) 51
Max Charge Rate (C) 2
Length-A(mm) 55
Height-B(mm) 31
Width-C(mm) 16
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Weight: 81g
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 Customer rated
Total of 36 discussions.
Bigde34  7 points - 3/14/2015
Any chance of answer for the 180 cfx, will this lipo work with the Blade 180 CFX
Guido  1 points - 3/1/2015
Which charger should I use to this battery? I haven't found any JST charger, does it only use this "secondary" multi-colored cable?
 Evan 55 points
yes, the "secondary" multi-colored cable is a balance charge cable
JREUING  29 points - 2/24/2015
Any chance of answering Greg's question anybody? Does this lipo work with the Blade CFX 180? Cheers
Greg  3 points - 12/19/2014
Would this battery work well in a Blade 180 CFX heli? I am hoping to increase flight time versus the provided 450 mAH E-Filte battery but I want to ensure that this battery provides enough peak output current due to being rated 20C (versus 30C for the stock E-Flite battery).
 blehy 102 points
I would never substitute a 20C battery for a 30C. Go higher C rating not lower.
Jorrit  1 points - 10/5/2014
Hello, Does this battery give me enough power to power my gimbal and fpv transmitter for 20 minutes (at the same time)? Does this battery give me enough power for 20 minutes receiver and monitor too(at the same time)?
 Maria 251 points
depends on how much current you draw
 Maria 251 points
remeber: Battery capacity (in Ah)/device current draw (in A)=time the device will run (in hours)
 James 1 points
It should have enough for a small fpv transmitter, but its not going to have near enough juice for a monitor and receiver. I would recommend 1500~2000 mAh for that.
 Guyon33 89 points
As the other guys are saying here, you need to do the math... you need to add your video transmitter and gimbal max power usage and figure out if 600Mah will be enough to run them for 20 mins. If they are on the small side, say GoPro gimbal and 600milliwatt transmitter, I would guess that would be OK, but in any case, why not power the gimbal from the main battery and just the Video Cam and transmitter from this one? The advantage is more power for your cam and a cleaner supply, as the gimbal will mess it up a bit. As for the ground station, this would be very inadequate, I use an old 5,000 Mah 3S Lipo which is past it's best for flying, but just fine for the Video and receiver for well over an hour.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Lance Dalton
26 thumbs up!
Bought three of these and so far I'm pleased. More power than my TP PL 730's but not the run time. Getting 10 minutes with a Pink Wonder 24 gram 1500kv and a 8x4 DD prop and the power is excellent.

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Overall Rating
zachary alford
13 thumbs up!
i bought this battery along with a rhino 430 mah 3s to try out the different weights in my plane. this battery is one of the best i have ever used, and at a quarter of the price of my thunder power batteries i couldnt have asked for a better deal. this battery gave me 6.5 minute run times with an e-flite 370, e-flite 10a contoller and an apc 10x3.8 doing moderate to intense 3d. i'm going to use the 430mah for indoor flying when winter time rolls around. this is a great battery at a great price. thanks hc

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Overall Rating
Lance Dalton
11 thumbs up!
The weight and size are correct on the specs. I used a 4 prong Deans connector and with Velcro the weight is 51.3 grams. I also like that they have a balance plug. My TP PL 730 3s with the same Deans power plug and Velcro is 50.5 grams. No balance plug on the TP's.

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Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
Perfect size lipo for use with the HXT 1300kv - 1700kv 24g "Blue Wonder" motors [or the Turnigy 2730 equivalent]. Using the Turnigy Plush 10a esc, 2 HXT500 Servos, & Spektrum AR6000 rx, I routinely get 15plus minute flight times at 1/2-3/4 throttle.

Amazing pack at this price, pick some up while they actually have them in stock!

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Overall Rating
dave hiflyer 2
8 thumbs up!
rhino 610 mah 11.1v 3s battery pack. what can i say , this battery converted my extra 300 foamy 240g 9/4 gws d/d prop thin type powered by a e-flight park 300 from a plane that would not even pull a full loop from level flight in to a full on 3d power machine. hovering at quarter throttle and more than ample power for any type of flying . i can not belive just how much differance this battery has made. the battery is very cool after flight.

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