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Rhino 360mAh 2S 7.4v 20C Lipoly Pack

Rhino 360mAh 2S 7.4v 20C Lipoly Pack

Capacity : 360mAh
Constant discharge: 20C
Burst rate: 30C (15sec)
Configuration : 2S 7.4v
Pack size: 43x15x21mm
Weight : 22.5g

PRODUCT ID: R360-20-2

Capacity(mAh) 360
Config (s) 2
Discharge (c) 20
Weight (g) 23
Max Charge Rate (C) 2
Length-A(mm) 43
Height-B(mm) 15
Width-C(mm) 21
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Weight: 53g
International Warehouse
Price  $4.69

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Tugsuu  3 points - 8/21/2014
Why HK can't solve shipping cost? I wanted to purchase this battery. But shipping cost 95$ only for one battery. WTF is it?
JeffBr  402 points - 2/4/2014
Have been using a couple of these for approx. 3-4 years for ie. my Indoor Clik. Great performance and approx. 4-5 minutes flight time (depending on how lean you fly). Charge them in less then 30 minutes with the Turnigy 2S balance port (5ports) charger. Can absolutely recommend these. Cheers, JeffBr.
Binoca  36 points - 9/20/2013
Ima using this one in a glider n a 3a ubec, with 2 servos ima flying for like 20-25 min
david  1 points - 8/6/2013
what is burst rate
 icevtec 98 points
Burst is 30C (for max 15sec) which is about 11A of burst current. And 7A normal - 20C.
Matt  1 points - 6/11/2013
Probably a newb question but can you be a little more specific. I plan on switching the connector on my truck but I can't really tell if its a regular jst or a micro jst. As for the balance connector, I just wanna make sure I have the right one. It looks like I do but it's kinda hard to tell from the pics.
 nubli 20 points
make it simple, bro. if it's not the same, just cut it out and resolder your favourite connector, make sure to heat shrink cover any exposed wire
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
20 thumbs up!
Perfecta lipo para mini discus 2c, con motor de 6gr, regulador de 10A y helice plegable graupner 4,7x2,3 Cam folding prop, le podemos sacar 12 minutos de vuelo. Increible y an en la carga se queda en 300 mah por lo que tendramos un tiempo extra. Espero que os sirva de ayuda. Es perfecta.

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
buena opcion para hacer indoor, a mi me duran 6 minutos y sobra tiempo para hacer una tabla de f3p

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
Good light battery for indoor use

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
I cant say enough good things about this battery, I have over 20 of these and not one failure!! I am running these with an AXI 2203-46 and 8x4 dd prop on a sub 6 oz airframe with vertical power to spare!! Well done hobby city, one suggestion could you please supply these with mini deans? These would only make a great battery better!!

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
I bought 16 of these batteries and use them for F3p.

as they are used on super lightweight models once they are received the outer heat shrink is removed along with the balance lead. the connectors are then shortned to 10mm to leave the lightest pack in it's class. as there is no longer a balance lead they are then charged at 200mah to be on the safe side. the firs 5 batteries now have over 50 cycles on each.

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