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Turnigy Brushless ESC 35A CAR ESC

Turnigy Brushless ESC 35A CAR ESC
Turnigy Brushless ESC 35A CAR ESC

The Turnigy series boasts features such as large burst currents, programmable breaking and reverse, low resistance, 2-3 Lipo cell capable and low weight.

Cont. Current: 35A
Burst Current: 190A
Resistance: 0.0015ohm
Car Size: 1/10
Suggested Motor: Around 9T / 3650kv
Battery: 2-3 Cell Lipo / 4-9 Cell Ni-XX
BEC: 6V/ 1.5A Output
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
Size: 31.5*27.5*24mm
Weight: 30g

All Turnigy's are programmable via the digital Turnigy programming card.


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Total of 106 discussions.
patrice  1 points - 10/18/2015
je veut bien ê*tre patient mais la ç*a fait plus de 4 mois qu'il n'est plus en stock. je penses que je vais arreter de commander sur hobbyking mon client attend son bateau.
 __Nmut 112 points
Il y a des é*quivalents pas hors de prix... Si tu es pressé*, c'est sû*r que HK, ce n'est pas toujours le meilleur choix! :-D Mais ils sont quand mê*me rapides sur l'entrepot europé*en (commandes reç*ues en max 1 semaine, en gé*né*ral 3 ou 4 jours). De toute faç*on ne jamais commander si il n'y a pas plusieurs objets en stock!
 patrice 1 points
le probleme c'est que sur mon bateau il y en a deux et j'en ai deja un. il me manques judte un et je ne peut mettre un turnigy et une autre marque. il faut que j'en rachete deux.
Ross  1 points - 9/4/2015
Is their more coming to hobbyking? or will their not be anymore 35A ESc's?
patrice  1 points - 8/28/2015
oui mais cela fait plus de deux mois, c'est tres long.
 __Nmut 112 points
La patience, c'est le dé*but de la sagesse! :-D
patrice  1 points - 7/31/2015
toujours pas en stock, savez-vous quand ce produit sera en stock. car c'est tres long.
 __Nmut 112 points
Ah ç*a, c'est toujours la lotterie. En gé*né*ral c'est de l'ordre du mois sur le magasin international, et c'est complè*tement alé*atoire pour les magasins UK et EU... :-/
Boat lover  4 points - 6/30/2015
Would like to use two of these controllers in a Boat. (US WWII destroyer) Like fan cooled no water needed. I have two motors Turnigy 2836/9 950KV 243watts 23.2A 3S lipo battery. Max R.P.M. of props about 10K Props 40mm by 1.5mm Is this practical except on occasional acceleration the motors will usually be about 4 to 6K for scale speed
 netik 45 points
props a littl e big for that esc try about a 34mm prop
 __Nmut 112 points
For long running time, water cooling is better (heat is not accumulated in the boat). This can work but it will depend on the volume in the boat, if the motors are water cooled or not and the average power you use...
 __Nmut 112 points
Reading again your description, I think that at 10k rpm, your boat will fly!!! You can reach 50mph with that speed?!?! :-P 2 x 240W: what is the size of your boat??? For a fast scale boat, for me, it is more 500-1000 rpm...
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Erik Plestenjak
109 thumbs up!
There is a small hack for the fan voltage. In the user manual you can see the fan is apropriate only for batteries up to 7,4V, any higher will detroy te fan. For higher voltage batteries you can buy a new fan (12V).

The hack is to solder the fan wire to the ESC BEC. The bec is providing 6V and output curent 1A (more than enough for the fan).

So all you have to do is solder the
FANplus wire on the spot where BECplus wire is soldered.


7 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
Very nice car esc, totally programmable.
I just plugged it in and drove my 1/10 buggy with a turnigy 540 motor kv 2000 ,3s 25c lipo kv 2000.
The only glitch is that the bec only gives 1,5 amps wich is not enough for big steeringservos. the esc worked like a charm and the brake is proportional if you want to.
My car rolled over the frontend many times, when i tested full braking power.
Totally worth the buck if you want to have full controll over the car/buggy.
You CAN use,a big heli-/ or plane-esc but there simply isnĀ“t the same precision and the driveability cannot match this car esc

4 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
This ESC is the best for 1/10 cars, i use it on Traxxas Rustler and HPI Firestorm with Lipo 3S.
After 1 hour of use, it doesn't get hot, if you push hard on it, the overheat cut off will work immediately.
All programable functions are easy with the program card, you can change everything in 5sec (brake force, timing, cut off, punch start...)
The fan is working with 11V (instructions says 7.2V), it spins very fast and makes cooling very efficient.
I recommand it with the 13T Ezrun motor, you can run up to 60mph.

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
Nice esc, but overheat protection do NOT work good. It burned in my M-03m chassis with 9t motor. Also big cogging and minimal speed.

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
I run the 9T combo on my TT01E with 2S and it's plenty fast.

Like the posts above said, just make sure you either rewire fan to run off BEC or change to 12V fan before running on 3S.

Also dump the tamiya connector and go for Deans Ultra-T, I guarantee you won't regret it!

Highly recommended if you want to go brushless on a budget.

3 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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