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PolyMax 3.5mm Gold Connectors 10 PAIRS (20PC)

PolyMax 3.5mm Gold Connectors 10 PAIRS (20PC)

3.5mm Gold connectors.
Rated to around 80A

Package contains 10 PAIRS (20PC) of connectors.


Shipped from:
International Warehouse



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 Customer rated
Total of 133 discussions.
McQuack  255 points - 7/30/2016
Buddy code (30/07/2016):
 Christ 900 points
hello Macquack the right place for budy code is not here. check on forum\warehouse enjoy
 McQuack 255 points
copy paste the route and you can find
Abu Saleh Moammed Shakil  6 points - 2/7/2016
it is still not perfect product until "Heat Shrink" not included with it for 10 pair 50 cm Heat Shrink needed... so hassle free purchase
 HSNRc 90 points
Hello my friend, you know that if the product include the heat shrink tube, they need to add the price on it and show the total price belongs to only connectors, heat shrink are free. but in this way, price is low, and you can buy heat shrink seperately in what color you want, if you really need it. for example last time when i ordered, i bought 20 sets of this. but i never got any heat shrink tube. because i have enough.
yes expert buyer **ke u... product is good as is........ but who r not expert , they get problem.. bcz they dont know what size heat shrink they need, what mm shrink is needed exactly for it etc etc..... i be**eve heat shrink is not so costly.... so it will increase **ttle price up but ... general / newbia get it easy way purchase...
 DR01D 124 points
Just for anyone still wondering, 4mm heat shrink is the perfect size for these connectors. 1m length should last a while for most people. Less than $1USD. Search PRODUCT ID: 9171000654-0
 HSNRc 90 points
5mm is also perfect. i use them in almost every soldering works.
Nivek11  4 points - 2/7/2016
When they say 3,5 mm connectors do they mean that 3,5 is the max diameter?
 HSNRc 90 points
yes my friend, it is the max diameter of the female one. if search for "3.5 mm gold bullet connectors diameters" on the search engine. you can find easily the details of diameters on the images pages. I hope, it helps. *)
 Nivek11 4 points
Thanks HSNRc
Alireza  1 points - 11/1/2015
Hi, can i use this plugs for 450L dominator stockmotor and ESC? I heard that 3mm is the one is it true?
 Adriano 15 points
Yes, you can.If the 3mm is the better, than 3.5mm is better than better :D
 John Banion 196 points
These would be the proper choice for a trex 450L. I do occasionally run into an old trex 450 with 3mm bullets. Doesn't matter. Either will work.
 Kevin 3 points
Yes, these should sufice
 Eric 1 points
if you buy the set and they don't fit, you can just replace the end you already have iwith this new one. Don't forget to shrink wrap them once they are installed so you don't blow everything up. *)
Winston  13 points - 8/21/2015
i ordered 10 pairs and they sent me 30 pairs...wooww
 John Banion 196 points
They want you to buy more motors and esc's!
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Overall Rating
73 thumbs up!
Just amazing connectors for small park flyers. I am using them on my 30 inch YAK foamy. Use them for motor connection for 2822 motor to 25 Amps Esc. Highly recommended. Solid connection and very easy to solder.

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Overall Rating
26 thumbs up!
These are the same as supplied with most HXT motors and are thus interchangeable. Use with 5mm HXT heatshrink as the thicker part of the cable bucket is 4mm dia (4mm insulation is too tight a fit especially if there is any solder on the outer surface of the bucket). Excellent value for money.

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Overall Rating
stefan lecheler
24 thumbs up!
Very good quality, independend from the nice price.
Easy to solder, fits very well also to other brands and easy to connect / disconnect. A big advantage is the short length. Best for narrow fuselages in combination with silicone cables. Perfect for currents less than 60 A.

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Overall Rating
Matej Krof
16 thumbs up!
i use just this connectors for everything.. they can handle 100A without geting warmed.. i use them for everything from 18A currents to 100A without problem.

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Overall Rating
Warren Andrews
11 thumbs up!
For hassle free assembly. Hold them vertically in a small bench vice (be gentle). Apply a large iron (around 80 watts)with a tinned and clean tip to the side of the connector. Melt the solder into the hole where the wire sits. Either have the wire protruding through the small hole in the side of the connector or for larger wire push it into the connector while heating the side with the iron. Don't move anything until it solidifies! After it cools, finish by sliding 5mm heatshrink tube over the joint and shrinking onto the connector. Works every time.

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