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8MM gold connectors (12 pack)

8MM gold connectors (12 pack)

8mm Gold Connectors
Rated to around 170A
Excellent for high current systems.
Pack includes 12 male and 12 female.
Weight: 11g (per pair)


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International Warehouse



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Basstronics2  99 points - 3/5/2013
11g per pair x 12 pair = 132g total. Wheres the other 32g Hobby King? Or is this how you fleece customers on shipping?
 nlmbc 830 points
Did you weight the packaging material.? There weight is based on packaging material as well to give you the correct total shipping weight.
 Basstronics2 99 points
They come in a small plastic bag. It doesnt weigh 32 grams... I have ordered numerous bags but due to their current shipping pricing Im calling them out on where they fleece us.
 TOMRE 70 points
Ever heard of dimensional shipping weights?? Anyway, you still have to pay for the 200g shipping either way.
 nlmbc 830 points
you think the weight issue is bad for this one how about this items inflated weight VBP42-007 180g for 2 nuts and bolts ( Aluminum ) At least this product dose have weight behind it. and is pritty close.
 Basstronics2 99 points
I see the price went from $12.87 to $15.41 now... Price hike much?
 John 1 points
Hobby King used to be good. Recently I've been noticing price hikes and some sketchy listed shipping weights. Can't have nice things.....
splinter91  33 points - 9/2/2012
Hey guys Would these connecters be ok to use as battery connecters for my "2s 7600mah" and "3s 5000mah 3s" nano-tech (E-Revo)
 jmparatte 11 points
Yes, but a 6mm could be enough.
We have checked those connectors with a LiFe 16Ah (16000mAh) and a burst current of 150 to 200A: no significative voltage loss.
This connector can be difficult to braze due to the big metallic mass.
 sam 43 points
I've had 306a at 42v through these connectors with my losi 5ive conversion
Brian  6 points - 6/4/2012
how to solder them
 newbie guide 626 points
make holes on wood brick or tray and fill with the solder wire, then add the wire and heat the connector to solder in place.
Brian  6 points - 6/4/2012
are these good conductivity.
 newbie guide 626 points
yes, rated at 170amps is a lot of conductivity.
 sirricardo 33 points
They work well to start but mine are getting very hot and they need replacing after about 30 flights. Maybe a spark arrestor will help as they are blackened. Im using them on a 6s 5000 nano. Im going to try somthing else.
sabah ho  14 points - 2/23/2011
Any housing for this connector?
 ananasbrus 77 points
Use heat shrink tube, 10mm will fit nicely.
 MTA-4 93 points
I use these connectors and just wrap them in 8mm shrink tube. I also wire up the positive on the battery as Female, and the negative as male to prevent reverse polarity connections.
 KuSh_0g 12 points
i just use shrink tubing over the connector
 tayothin 105 points
No, You need addition order shink tube
 wouxun 6 points
nope. i just use a spot of super glue and some heat shrink tover the plugs and cut it back flush. nice and neat.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Frans Raaijmakers
12 thumbs up!
These are verry big connectors and yuo have to use a lot of force te get them together.
Good for hig currents.

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
great for high current applications. I use on my boat with feigao 6xl motor and hydra 240. So far no more melted solder joints.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
you will never need these, i got some and they are just too big and hard to pull apart to serve any use to me but they are great construction nice and sturdy

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
Not so good. Way too hard to put together the first time, but get very quickly too soft. Will look for alternatives.
Otherwise, it solders well even with that huge size!

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
These connectors are HUGE! One of my friends said they look like bullet shells/cases. LOL
They look like they can handle massive amounts of amps.
-Just knowing that castle's 6.5 mm connectors can handle 200A, these could handle more the 300A probably - due to their size.

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