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Hobbyking SS Series 15-18A ESC

Hobbyking SS Series 15-18A ESC

The Hobbyking SS series comes with a limited range of programming functions and are designed to be plug-n-play.
A perfect ESC for those looking for something simple to use and economic.

Weight: 15g
Size: 24x47x2mm
Cells: 2-3S (Auto Detect)
Max Current: 15A
Burst: 18A

User Programming options.
Battery setting: LiPo and NiMH
Brake: Enable/Disable


Weight: 30g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD54.32

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 Customer rated
Total of 109 discussions.
Jordan  1 points - 10/18/2014
I need to have this plane built for a school project in two weeks I cannot wait thirty days. I am buying the red swan balsa wood kit. is there any other type of ESC that would work?
 athos 91 points
Bonjour Jordan un ESC 20amp serait convenable sans tire trop de dans. Hello Jordan 20amp ESC would be fine without drawing too much in. cordialement raymond
JohnnyCanada  128 points - 10/15/2014
I use this ESC along with a 2822 1200kv motor on my new combat delta wing. Seems to hold up well (6 battery packs in at this point).
DustBuster  16 points - 7/2/2014
Does this come with the Bullet Connectors already on? And if it does is there a way I could connect the bullet connectors to a JST connector for a battery? Thanks!!
 Vette350 99 points
no connectors. you must solder on your own.
Harold  76 points - 6/27/2014
If i could upload the simon k to these i would be haaaaappppyyy!!!
 Zondre 7 points
You can!
Denis  12 points - 6/20/2014
Como ativar o freio desse esc?
 Galarda 4 points
Olá* Denis, faç*a isso sem o motor acoplado ao ESC e isole bem os terminais do ESC para nã*o fechar curto (só* por precauç*ã*o). Este ESC tem trê*s configuraç*õ*es. A primeira é* para proteç*ã*o das baterias LIPO (sub tensã*o). A segunda é* para utilizar baterias Ni. A terceira e a que você* perguntou é* para ativar/desativar o freio. Faç*a o seguinte para acessar o menu: Coloque o acelerador para cima e ligue a bateria. Você* vai escutar 1 "beep" duas vezes (é* o menu da tensã*o), depois 2 "beeps" duas vezes (é* o menu da escolha do tipo de bateria) e por fim 3 "beeps" duas vezes (é* o menu do freio). Para ativar o item abaixe o acelerador entre os "beeps" do menu escolhido. Para desativar basta esperar a repetiç*ã*o dos "beeps" e abaixar o acelerador somente no final da repetiç*ã*o dos "beeps" do menu escolhido.
Customer Reviews
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Overall Rating
98 thumbs up!
Good ESC. Peak measured current draw with my C20 Motor was 12 Amps. Very decently priced. LImited programming but can be done through the tx sticks. Good value for money. Recommended for indoor flying for model weight 120-200 gms.

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Overall Rating
22 thumbs up!
This is a no frills ESC that works great. I have tried it with both inrunner and out runner and both worked equally well. Just cant beat the price on these esc's!!!

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Overall Rating
Juergen Schmidl
15 thumbs up!
I ordered two of them for first tests because I want to use them in a little quadcopter project. They work very smooth with the AX-2308N1100 motor from Hobbycity. Unfortunetely, the two delivered ESCs are not identical with respect to the firmware: the beep sequence at startup is different and they have different working curves. Nevertheless, I have one in my ordering pipeline and will order two additional ones for that attractive price. So I hope to have success in finding a good combination for my quadcopter project.

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Overall Rating
Matthijs Van Essen
7 thumbs up!
good esc, very good price, but sometimes it had startproblems.

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Overall Rating
Max Jones
7 thumbs up!
Don't judge the super simple escs by the price! They work. The true value of these controllers is the ease of use. I have many other more expensive esc's, and the super simple actually have had fewer problems. If you try one you'll get more of them.

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