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Variable pitch prop & motor set 10" Type A

Variable pitch prop & motor set 10" Type A

This easy to install unit will enable you to reverse the pitch of your brushless motor IN FLIGHT! The list of possible manuevers is endless! The unit includes 2 10" blades and outrunner motor, and the variable pitch assemble. You will need a servo to control the pitch assembly.

Motor: D3124-1600kv
Voltage: 11.1v
Weight: (About) 43g
Prop: 10inch

PRODUCT ID: OR025-01904

Kv(rpm/v) 1600
Weight (g) 43
Max Current(A) 0
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 11
Power(W) 0
Shaft A (mm) 4
Length B (mm) 23
Diameter C (mm) 31
Can Length (mm) 9
Total Length E (mm) 45
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Weight: 200g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD252.20

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Total of 13 discussions.
SANDEEP  2 points - 12/2/2013
How much thrust can it offer?
Brent  94 points - 8/13/2013
Anyone install this and successfully make a plane do an inverted hover? ie* make a plane stand on it's head?
 Miguel FP 1529 points
You mean this motor or any VPP motor?
Bernardo  25 points - 4/30/2013
If you need a varible pitch motor, take a look on this video. You can easily mount one with a DT750.
 MikyMike 7 points
just as is what is the KV on the bell outrunner
 Steffan 2 points
Hi, Very nice indeed Bernardo! Which tail rotor are you making use of? Thank you
skyfox60  1100 points - 3/18/2013
would it be a good idea to take 4 of them on a qutrrocopter, giving them same RPM via aux channel and let the pitch be controlled by throttle stick and a quad board. Could be able to fly head down also. Just an idea. The board then should control the prop via 4 small servos. Don t know the performance of this prop so may be a wight problem comes up. Would that be possible?
 skyfox60 1100 points
should read -weight problem-, sorry
 the right stuff 1691 points
You are right. You can just have the board control the servo adjusting the pitch and have the ESC's set up in Heli mode to give it constant head speed. Want to try that!
 Dobry 1 points
Hey check out Curtis Youngblood's quadcopter. He did something very similar to what you are proposing.
jamil  75 points - 4/29/2012
plse how to mount this motor becoz what i see in photo its make me really confuse if its Outrunners motor prop shuld be on front be i can see in this photo mounting shift near to prop plse some one help me with photo or describe me briefly becoz i m going to to build my first 4d plane thnaks
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Reinout Licher
12 thumbs up!
Performance can be improved by turning the motor and re-attaching the prop assembly.

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Overall Rating

5 thumbs up!
el sistema es bueno pero el motor no tiene potencia, se quemo a 25 amperes

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Overall Rating
Like it?
muito bom, vem de frente e vai de re, meu amigo esta aprendendo a andar de re... muito bom, altas manobras no chao, vira e alto torque pra puxa um mosquito

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Overall Rating
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son muy malos, he comprado 2, y los 2 crean vibraciones y explotan, no he podido volar con ellos

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Overall Rating
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looks different than on photo.

The one I got is even bigger.

performance is good, could be better.

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