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Prop adapter to suit 3.175mm motor shaft (collet)

Prop adapter to suit 3.175mm motor shaft (collet)

Prop adapter.
Prop is held with large nut, while shaft held securely in place with a thick collet adapter.
Made from anodized alloy.


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 Customer rated
Total of 24 discussions.
Brandon  1 points - 3/2/2015
will this adapter fit an axn motor?
 Kimmerek 336 points
The AXN motor (like this one AXN-2208-2150) has 3mm shaft (not 3.175mm). It means that this prop adapter is too big for AXN motor.
 Ali Mas 4 points
don't worry Kimmerek it does the work this adapter is perfect for 3mm shaft trust me i ordered 7 of them and all fit to 3mm go ahead
Dereelmatts  40 points - 8/28/2014
How thick of a prop can this fit, other prop adapters say they are 22 or 24mm long, how about this one? How long is the area the prop sits on, not including the colet at the end that clamps down.
 Justin 128 points
5mm prop hole
 Ali Mas 4 points
Justin is right it should be 5mm
Giedrius  1 points - 8/17/2014
What are the shaft dimensions? Will they fit with
which have 5mm hole width?
 Ali Mas 4 points
if the hole 5mm make sure this adapter is great
cb1000rider  25 points - 6/1/2014
Shaft diameter is 3.17. These aren't the greatest in terms of quality. Buy 5, you'll likely get 3-4 that work well.
KOSTAS  7 points - 5/24/2014
If I'm right this adapter fits to motors with Shaft:3.17 mm. Can I use the following propellers:
,which fit to Shaft Diameter: 5~6mm (with adapters)?
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Tom Elder
13 thumbs up!
Not bad for the money. Buy 2 or 3 at a time to ensure that you get a good one. 3 here still cheeper than one at the local hobby shop. 1 out of 3 will be missed drilled. Vibrate the wing off. 2 orders now of 3 each. 1 bad both times.

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Overall Rating
Rudi Vanlaer
7 thumbs up!
Adapter fits nicely on a 3.17mm shaft.
The wire rod is a bit on the short side though. If you wanna use an APC prop and the supplied washer, you can hardly screw the cone on (only half a turn orso).
Also the cone on mine is not exactly centered, producing vibrations. Aparentely this is the case with about 1 out of 3 of these adapters.
Works fine without the cone though.

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Overall Rating
Thies Fromm
3 thumbs up!
Looks fine - watch out bore (hole in the center) of propeller has to be 6,2 mm in order to fit shaft.

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Overall Rating
shaft adapter
2 thumbs up!
Mine is really good. Im using it with an APC 6x4 and it fits perfectly. No vibration at all.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
They are larger ,maybe twice the size as a comparable adapter,however they are stronger in the same respect. High quality and the nicest aspect is that the hole is deeper than the comparable adapters making for a better fit.

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