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IMAX B6 50W 5A Charger/Discharger 1-6 Cells (GENUINE)

IMAX B6 50W 5A Charger/Discharger 1-6 Cells (GENUINE)

The IMAX B6 is a very advanced charger, able to charge, balance and discharge LiIon, LiPoly, LiFe (A123), NiCd and NiMH batteries. It is microprocessor controlled just like all the best chargers and will balance the indervidual cells in you Li-XX batteries. It will charge from 0.1 to 5.0A and is capable of charging packs up to 6S packs. It features input voltage protection so as not to flatten your car battery at the field and will also storage charge you packs for when you are not using them. You can power it with any power supply delivering from 11~18V so it is very flexible.

This is a GENUINE iMax B6.If you would like a lower priced 6S charger please check our website for other brands.

• Microprocessor controlled
• Delta-peak sensitivity
• Individual cell balancing
• LiIon, LiPoly and LiFe capable
• NiCd and NiMH capable
• Large range of charge currents
• Storage charge function
• Time limit function
• Input voltage monitoring (Protects car batteries at the field)
• Data storage (Store up to 5 packs in its memory)
• Battery break in and cycling.

Input Voltage: 11~18v
Circuit Power: Max Charge 50W - Max Discharge 5W
Charge Current Range: 0.1~5.0A
Discharge Current Range: 0.1~1.0A
NiMH/NiCd Cells: 1~15
LiIon/LiPoly Cells: 1~6
Pb Battery Voltage: 2~20v
Weight: 277g
Dimensions: 133x87x33mm

This charger has a JST-XH charge plug, which makes it compatible with Zippy, HXT, Loong Max and any pack with a JST adapter.

Note: Power supply not included.


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Total of 354 discussions.
igorc  37 points - 4/16/2014
is this identical to the turnigy accucel 6 ?
Wan Mohd  1 points - 4/12/2014
Hello, what is the best battery rating from turnigy nano to use at hpi firestorm flux,i just bought the 3s 2650mah, any idea?
 EstebanT 294 points
I don't know that truck in detail, but is important to know exactly what motor & ESC combination you have before choosing a LiPo battery. Can you provide this information? Thanks!
 Wan Mohd 1 points
Hello esteban, It says the esc compatible for 11.1v 3s and the motor is 4800kv, the esc is hpi flux vapor pro .i dont know if i buy a lipo rating 6k will burn my esc or not.
 EstebanT 294 points
Perfect. 3S LiPo is compatible with that combination. The battery capacity will not damage your truck. The higher the capacity, the longer endurance you will get (as a vague reference, AA Alkalines and AA NiMh provide 1500 to 2500 mAh capacity). The only limit will be the battery compartment size in the truck (which doesn't seem to be a problem) and the weight allowance. Another detail to take into consideration is the battery connector. The ESC of this truck is a Deans-T. Medium size Nano-Techs are fitted with XT60 and higher capacity ones (2650mAh and higher) with 4mm bullet connectors. Depending on the capacity you choose, will need the applicable adapter (or connector replacement). Best Regards!
 Wan Mohd 1 points
Cool.thanks for the info
Vitalij  1 points - 4/11/2014
Н*ello! What Item Includes? IMAX B6 original? Who the manufacturer of the device? С*heck iMAX B6 is available in the ****skyrc****/antifake/indexen.php ? Regards, Vitalij
 the right stuff 1635 points
Sky RC are the manufacturer, but there are many copies of this charger. This is the real McCoy! You get a bunch of wires with T connectors included and various adapters.
nonos  1 points - 4/6/2014
can i ask anyone know that one imaxb6 can i charge 4 batteries at the same time and using parallel board
 EstebanT 294 points
Yes, you can. However, take into account the power output limits of this charger (50W –* 5A), so, you can take advantage of this with small to medium size batteries. In my case, I use some 3S-2200mAh LiPo. If I want to charge 4 of these at the same time I will be limited by power to approx. 50W/(4x11.1V)=1.1A, i.e. charging at 0.5C. Not bad. It depends on what you expect from it. Do your own calculations. (IMPORTANT NOTE: in previous example the charger must be set for 4.4amps, 1.1A per pack). Other things to take in consideration: Only connect batteries with same number of cells when parallel charging, and try to get them with similar capacities for better balance managing. Hope this helps you! Best Regards!
JIN HYOUN  1 points - 4/2/2014
Dear, Esteban T
thank your for your detail reply.
It's very helpful for me to buy this product.~~
 EstebanT 294 points
You are welcome!
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating

24 thumbs up!
Not a bad charger, has some good features and it's not pricey. Does not have precise measuring like my other charger but is good enough and within the specified range. Display of my B6 had developed a fault after only 16 uses. Got a replacement after spending fair amount of time and money. I would recommend e-Station BC-6, BC-8 or Mega Power Infinity-960SR instead of this medium quality product.

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Overall Rating
Ben Caris
21 thumbs up!
Very good charger with only one problem: balancer is not accurate. Have found the problem ( 1 percent resistors used instead of 0.1 percent resistors). I am in contact with SkyRC about a possible improvement in the design.

But as said, besides the balancer incaccuracy this is a great product!

7 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
ken taylor
20 thumbs up!
works well but cell # 2 reads a higher voltage than reality. ends up with mismatched voltage when balancing.

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Stefan Tiganas
19 thumbs up!
Nice charger. It will be pesrfect and complet with a proper balance function. Unfortunatelly the cell are unbalanced to the tune of 0.1V and this is to much. I end up using an external balancer. I hope to fix it in the future with the proper rezistors.

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
19 thumbs up!
This is just IMAX charger. It's cheap, but all of them suffer the same problem. Voltages they report differ from reality. My charger shows 4.20V on all cells when there is 4.19V, 4.17V, 4.21V, 4.16V, 4.22V, 4.27V. The last value is much too high.
So before you buy one - read threads on describing how to make it more reliable (resistors change and/or charger calibration).

@John Cook: B5 suffers the same problem.

10 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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