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Predator UAV 74in Spy Plane ARF

Predator UAV 74in Spy Plane ARF

Predator UAV 74in Spy Plane ARF

The Predator scale model is as easy to fly as it is awe-inspiring to watch circle above, easy to build, this is an excellent park flyer. Set it up with a 400 size or 150-200W motor with a pusher prop and you have a stable flying topic of discussion at your next club day.

Watch people run for cover in fear of a pending missile attack with the Predator!
Model comes with detailed instructions.

Wing Span: 74in 
Wing Area: 370sq in
Weight: 560g
Length: 34in 
Engine Required: Speed 400 Size: 28-** Outrunner
Radio Required: 4Ch / 4 Servos
Pusher Prop required

*Color may vary from the photo.


Weight: 1575g
International Warehouse
Price HKD497.11

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 Customer rated
Total of 123 discussions.
ashwin  22 points - 11/22/2014
do i get the easy connectors with the kit or is it separate. what is max prop size with the stock landing gear. any idea where to put board camera
Michael  2 points - 9/6/2014
It's been over a week since I ordered the Predator - Will you process my order just as soon as possible to enable me to pay and for you to ship it to me - Thanks
 Tommy 1 points
It looks like it's on backorder, so just settle in for the wait or cancel the order. I waited for a model for three months but its real simple to just cancel and choose another.
 alboot 43 points
Michael this isnt reeally the place to be asking these sort of questions you would be better off with either the 24 hour live contact center top right of the page or the contact us section. the other thing is you would not be able to add other items to your order because this one is on back order or mixing items from different warehouses either
Michael  2 points - 9/3/2014
Predator UAV 74in Spy Plane ARF International warehouse - Please confirm you have my order for the above - I also need the related products but seem unable to add them to my cart - Please advise - Thanks
Michael  2 points - 9/2/2014
I have ordered the Predator UAV 74in Spy Plane ARF ( Predator - EP ) I will require the following additional items * Spec. Wing Span: 74in Wing Area: 370sq in Weight: 560g Length: 34in Engine Required: Speed 400 Size: 28-** Outrunner Radio Required: 4Ch / 4 Servos Pusher Prop required Will you add these items to my order - Will I require anything else ?
FRENCHY TOMCAT  5 points - 8/16/2014
I loose the manual witch is provided. Any chance to download one electronic manual ?
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
40 thumbs up!
This model is slightly larger than another popular 63" wingspan version from other online stores, which had quality issues in some reviews (warped wings reported). Otherwise it appears to be very similar in most aspects including the camouflage colours. Hopefully this Predator flies as good as it looks. I will be installing nose-wheel steering in mine with parts ordered from HobbyKing. Am eagerly waiting for the box to arrive. Hurry up HobbyKing!

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Overall Rating
35 thumbs up!
He pedido dos kit del predator, no porque me guste sino porque me enloquece la estetica de este avion espero que el vuelo sea estable y vuele nada mas la mitad de lo bonito que es.
Lo he estado buscando y por fin lo he conseguido.
gracias a hobbycity

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Overall Rating
27 thumbs up!
This plane has a nasty tendency to tip stall during aileron turns and low speeds! No serious damage as both test flights ended on soft spots at flying field. Plane was set up with Turnigy Aerodrive 1400kV motor, APC 9x6 prop, HXT900 servos, Zippy-R 2200mA Lipo and CG as instructed. AUW 1150gr.

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Overall Rating
26 thumbs up!
, , ! .
The cool device :),quality of manufacturing quite good but in the first flight there were broken wings from for poor-quality aluminium plates , Be are attentive! Also I recommend it to replace on carbon or qualitative aluminium tube

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Overall Rating
22 thumbs up!
I got one of these and found the following
The main gear did not arrive with the plane. Presumably it is still on the shipping table where it was placed when they added the extra stuff I ordered into the kit box. One of the 'rod extenders' - clevises - did not have the hole drilled in it. The wing is very thin - Hextronix 9000 leave a small bump I'll post flying info next.

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