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FC 28-12 Brushless Outrunner 1534kv

FC 28-12 Brushless Outrunner 1534kv

Tiny but mighty!
A well made and nicely finished outrunner. Excellent for small foamies and indoor shockflyers.

Weight: 39g (with wire & sticker etc)
Shaft: 3mm
Motor Length: 46mm
Diameter: 28mm
Stator Size: 22x10mm
Suggested prop: 7x4 or 7x6inch
Voltage: 11.1v or 14.8v (3-4S)
Kv: 1534RPM/V

Data ;
Prop size: 7x4
RPM: 12250
Max Curr: 10.5A
Thrust: 580g (1.27lb)

Prop size: 7x6
RPM: 11000
Max Curr: 15.5A
Thrust: 730g (1.61lb)



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Kv(rpm/v) 1534
Weight (g) 39
Max Current(A) 15.5
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 14
Power(W) 0
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 31
Diameter C (mm) 29
Can Length (mm) 13
Total Length E (mm) 47
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Weight: 53g
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  • Heatsink Stick Mount for FC 28-12 Brushless Outrunner Motor

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gokul  1 points - 7/4/2015
do i need an ESC to make this spin......can't i just connect the and - ends to a battery to make it spin?
 Leocopter 987 points
Gokul, this isn't a brushed motor. In a brushless motor there is basically 3 electro magnets that are charged in a rapid sequence by the ESC. There is to physical contact between the rotor and the stator only a magnetic field.
gokul  1 points - 7/3/2015
suggest me some 7x6 propeller for this motor
 Letzow 5 points
Use the APC Style make sure you use a minimun of 18A ESC if using 3S Lipo. Better be safer with a 25A ESC
 gokul 1 points
do i need an ESC to make this spin......can't i just connect the and - ends to a battery to make it spin?.....just to test the motor with the prop?
solentlife  170 points - 4/4/2015
I have this motor in a couple of my 3D machines and Angry Bird ... On a 7x5 - you can go vertical unlimited on about 400gr model. See the youtube link ... my scratchbuilt Mini Katana is 390 gr, winds are strong and blustery but she handles it well. I would not recc'd more than an 8x4 prop on this motor unless you have good capacity battery to supply it. 7x5 seems about ideal from my experience. The motor is actually the eMax CF2812 .... Very nice - does the job.
 solentlife 170 points
They quote 4S ... but I would take great care to not overload it on 4S ...
Midge5  5 points - 3/12/2015
Midge5  5 points - 3/12/2015
Here is a very short video of my setup using 4 of the CF2812 motors with 8 x 4.5 props (I wanted to use the suggested 7 x 6 props but HK UK don't stock them CW/CCW..... build list is in the youtube description ;-)) P.S. I am still very much a novice/beginner :p
 RonRC 4135 points
Yep, these are great motors but I've been using 8x4 props because they seem to get a little warm when I tried 8x4.5. Still, great motors. All the best and Happy flying!
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Overall Rating
Claudio Lerin Fernandez
52 thumbs up!
No. Of cells:2-3 Li-Poly
RPM/V: 1534 RMP/V
Max. efficiency:82pcnt
Max. efficiency current: 16 A (>75pcnt)
No load current / 10 V: 0,9 A
Internal Resistance: 150 mohm
Dimensions: 22x10 mm
Shaft diameter:3 mm
Weight: 39 g
Recomended model weight: 200 - 800 g
Recomended prop without gearbox:APC 8X3.8, APC 9X4.5 ,APC 10X5

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Overall Rating
stefan lecheler
33 thumbs up!
Very nice build motor. Also power and efficiency is more than OK.
Tested with
4,7 x 4,7 Graupner CamSpeed:
V A rpm
11,06 7,55 15835 x 5 Graupner CamSpeed:
V A easy to improve the internal cooling my modification of the three spokes. Simply abrade to bring them into a "propeller-like" shape.

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Overall Rating
Lee Aston
17 thumbs up!
I have multiple planes with this motor. The FC28-12 brushless motor is comparable to the BP-21 in performance. Perfect size with a sport 7X6 prop at 17A to carry a 15 oz plane at 70 MPH.

I like the motor but have had trouble with what I thought originally was bearings on three motors but ended up being debris on the magnets. This debris looked like fragments of a broken magnet but all of the magnets in the motors were intact. All of the motors came on the same order.

It's a little difficult to clean magnet fragments off of the magnets. The E clip was easy to remove and it was easy to remove the shaft. I used a dry cloth, toothbrush and air compressor and finally got the magnets clean and saw a drastic improvement in motor performance.

I will buy more of these motors but if they grind at all I will check the magnets and bearings.

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Overall Rating
wayne settree
10 thumbs up!
Amazing power to weight on my stock stryker 134kph 7x6 apc style prop 30amp esc 2200mah 20c approx 15min flite time full power all the way battery get warm motor stays cool only down side as pusher setup puts load on the small bearing tends to not last long but for the money just buy some more for spares easy to mount on brushless mount put motor on outside and if you got a spare motor put removeable mounting plate on in side of mount and bolt together you wont be dissapointed good cheap setup

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
I love theese babys. Low cost and enough power for my 350g Delta with 3s HC Rhino 1250mAh and APC e 7x6. That´s enough for vertical climb. 5 Stars!!

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