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FC 28-12 Brushless Outrunner 1534kv

FC 28-12 Brushless Outrunner 1534kv

Tiny but mighty!
A well made and nicely finished outrunner. Excellent for small foamies and indoor shockflyers.

Weight: 39g (with wire & sticker etc)
Shaft: 3mm
Motor Length: 46mm
Diameter: 28mm
Stator Size: 22x10mm
Suggested prop: 7x4 or 7x6inch
Voltage: 11.1v or 14.8v (3-4S)
Kv: 1534RPM/V

Data ;
Prop size: 7x4
RPM: 12250
Max Curr: 10.5A
Thrust: 580g (1.27lb)

Prop size: 7x6
RPM: 11000
Max Curr: 15.5A
Thrust: 730g (1.61lb)



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Kv (rpm/v) 1534
Weight (g) 39
Max Current (A) 15.5
Resistance (mh) 0
Max Voltage (V) 14
Power(W) 0
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 31
Diameter C (mm) 29
Can Length D (mm) 13
Total Length E (mm) 47
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Weight: 53g Quantity: 
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 Customer rated
Total of 172 discussions.
sharank900  1 points - 4/10/2014
does any1 know the size of e-clip for this motor ?
 DAJARAJA 483 points
hi sharank900 this works for 3mm shaft,PRODUCT ID: 110BS-30779. don't cred happy to help:)
San Loko  8 points - 3/19/2014
anyone use this on 4s? I'm thinking to build micro quad with this motor with 5030 prop combo. thx.
 Karl 594 points
That would be a very very inefficent setup. If you want to run a micro quad on 5030 props then look at running Multistar motors that are rated for that size prop and a 3s battery. These are not the right motor for your setup in short,
 RonRC 3228 points
San Loko, If you want to run it on 4S, go with the 6x4.5 3 blade prop and a 30A ESC for insurance. Bearings will wear out quick on 4S with an unbalanced prop so I tend to use 3 blade because they can be balanced perfectly. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
 San Loko 8 points
RonRC, can't go with size 6, my frankenquad width is 245mm, max I can go is 5030. I'm looking at the 3 blade prop, but it's currently not available. So you suggesting 30A? I'm looking at 20A Multistar that can handle 4S.
 RonRC 3228 points
San Loko, With a 245mm quad, there should be some space between 6in props, but if you want to get some radical performance with 20A ESCs, all you need is the FC 28-05 motors. They are 2840kv and I ran 6x3 props on them but I'm sure they will turn either the 5x3 or the 5x4.5 3 blade props. These motors will make your quad SCREAM!! I'm thinking of putting the HK Pilot on mine because it gets out of visual range so quick and I can just put it in the smart mode, pull back the stick, and it comes back no matter which way it's oriented. Also, I can log the flight path and see how fast it's going. It was originally built to propel my UFO but I changed the UFO to have a permanent frame. Skip to 2:41 and it will show the quad out of the UFO. All the best and Happy flying!
 San Loko 8 points
I just check FC28-05 is back ordered :( so sad, all the things needed to make my quad is being delayed for 1-2 item missing. With my frankenquad, I'm on the wide hip style, not slim style I can't go size 6 prop, I tested with my 5030 from my Micro F3A, the tip of the prop just barely tap the quad middle section by approx 2mm with vibration and flexing, it may hit the prop tip. otherwise I need to make the prop elevation higher than the top plate frame
 Karl 594 points
Ron is right. You cant use this motor for your application. You need to look around rcgroups in the micro/mini quad forums to find the best motor for your application. Ron is right about the FC28-05, they are really nice little motors.
 RonRC 3228 points
San Loko, The FC 28-05 is in stock now and will work for your application. You will have a very fast quad with this motor on 3S. Hope this helps and happy flying!
 San Loko 8 points
Thank you Ron
RonRC  3228 points - 2/25/2014
Here is my Rudi Quad with the props ziptied on as well. I wanted to wait until it quit raining, but it hasn't stopped yet.. Ha ha! These motors work fantastic with 8x4 3blade props too.
 RonRC 3228 points
Here is some video shot from this quad with a hard mounted GoPro.
ervin  5 points - 2/24/2014
Does anyone uses this as replacement motor for bixler v1.1 or Sky Surfer? thanks. Fly safe!
 RonRC 3228 points
ervin, I suppose if you ran a 6x4 on a 4S battery it would work. This motor on a 3S really loves 8x4 props but with the Bixler, you need a 6x?? prop. Possibly a 6x5.5 would do it. I've been thinking of giving that prop a try with one of these motors but have yet to get around to it.
RonRC  3228 points - 2/22/2014
Great little motors. I used these motors on my UFO with 8x4 props. The hole in the props match the motor shaft (3mm) so I just press them on and run a zip tie through the bell and the opposite side of the prop around the motor shaft. This keeps the prop close to the motor to reduce vibration and the zip ties seem to induce less vibration than any prop adapter. All the best and Happy flying!
 Sawdust 1780 points
That's a handy and very useful tip. Lighter than any alloy adapter too. I am a little surprised you say it gives less vibration than any prop adapter since it's a three arm set up on the bell meaning it can't be across the centre. I will definitely try it myself though when I have a situation it could be handy.
 RonRC 3228 points
Sawdust, I go under one of the arms on the bell, loop it over the prop on the opposite side of the shaft as the bell arm and zip tie it off.
 Sokonomi 334 points
Holy ****, and thats good enough? What happens when you do a bit of acro with that?
 RonRC 3228 points
Sokonimi, Next time I have my acro tri out (with ziptied props) I'll shoot some video of it. Just one ziptie will hold WAY more than the weight of the multirotor. I've had prop saver donut washers fail but never had zipties fail. I've crashed and broken props but the zipties held. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
 Sawdust 1780 points
I haven't tried Ron's idea yet but I can sure remember trying to break zip ties off things before. Even the smallest ones are surprisingly strong. I can't remember ever not having to get a knife of side cutters to get one off. You'll often see the military and sometimes poilice using larger versions instead of steel hand cuffs, there's a good reason for that, they're bloody strong material. I can't see any problem assuming you use a quality brand and not some unknown el cheapo brand of course.
 Sokonomi 334 points
Its not so much strength im worried about, its the whole "seems off balance" thing thats making me wonder. That ziptie is gonna be off balance, odd how it doesnt seem to affect it apparently.
 RonRC 3228 points
Sokonomi, I can tell you with a great deal of confidence that they are much more balanced than most prop adapters. Even when the props are balanced, I've had vibration due to adapters. That's what pushed me to use prop savers which seemed to be much better. When I tried using zipties, I was quite surprised to find that not only were the props closer to the motor, but they virtually eliminated the vibration (close to the center of axis). I've now converted almost everything I have to use zipties. The only way you are going to know if they work for you is to give it a try. I'm quite sure you will be as surprised as I was in the smoothness it achieves. All the best and Happy flying!
 Sawdust 1780 points
That's my only worry with it too. From what Ron says it's not a major issue though. It would have to affect it but being so close to the center maybe not much. I would like to maybe try it on the bell and shaft off the rest of the motor but sitting through a couple of the same sized bearings, or something like that so the magnets aren't affecting things and see how it balances. Sand a bit off the prop till it's as good as I can get it. Then again I might just run it and if it's not shaking like $hit just use it :-)
 Sawdust 1780 points
Sorry Ron. You posted while I was still typing so I didn't see your post above where you covered all that before I posted mine.
 RonRC 3228 points
Ha ha! Now worries brother. All the best and Happy flying!
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Claudio Lerin Fernandez
52 thumbs up!
No. Of cells:2-3 Li-Poly
RPM/V: 1534 RMP/V
Max. efficiency:82pcnt
Max. efficiency current: 16 A (>75pcnt)
No load current / 10 V: 0,9 A
Internal Resistance: 150 mohm
Dimensions: 22x10 mm
Shaft diameter:3 mm
Weight: 39 g
Recomended model weight: 200 - 800 g
Recomended prop without gearbox:APC 8X3.8, APC 9X4.5 ,APC 10X5

5 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
stefan lecheler
33 thumbs up!
Very nice build motor. Also power and efficiency is more than OK.
Tested with
4,7 x 4,7 Graupner CamSpeed:
V A rpm
11,06 7,55 15835 x 5 Graupner CamSpeed:
V A easy to improve the internal cooling my modification of the three spokes. Simply abrade to bring them into a "propeller-like" shape.

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Lee Aston
17 thumbs up!
I have multiple planes with this motor. The FC28-12 brushless motor is comparable to the BP-21 in performance. Perfect size with a sport 7X6 prop at 17A to carry a 15 oz plane at 70 MPH.

I like the motor but have had trouble with what I thought originally was bearings on three motors but ended up being debris on the magnets. This debris looked like fragments of a broken magnet but all of the magnets in the motors were intact. All of the motors came on the same order.

It's a little difficult to clean magnet fragments off of the magnets. The E clip was easy to remove and it was easy to remove the shaft. I used a dry cloth, toothbrush and air compressor and finally got the magnets clean and saw a drastic improvement in motor performance.

I will buy more of these motors but if they grind at all I will check the magnets and bearings.

3 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
wayne settree
10 thumbs up!
Amazing power to weight on my stock stryker 134kph 7x6 apc style prop 30amp esc 2200mah 20c approx 15min flite time full power all the way battery get warm motor stays cool only down side as pusher setup puts load on the small bearing tends to not last long but for the money just buy some more for spares easy to mount on brushless mount put motor on outside and if you got a spare motor put removeable mounting plate on in side of mount and bolt together you wont be dissapointed good cheap setup

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
I love theese babys. Low cost and enough power for my 350g Delta with 3s HC Rhino 1250mAh and APC e 7x6. That´s enough for vertical climb. 5 Stars!!

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