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Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT)

Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT)
Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT)

Quanum is bringing FPV to the masses with the DIY FPV Goggle kit! It’s time you start flying RC with a birds eye view and a sense of flight. Until now, an immersive FPV experience through goggles was out of reach for some. No longer is a cost a barrier between you and the blue sky above.

The Quanum FPV goggle kit is based around a custom built 4.3in NON-blue screen monitor, providing a clear, bright, non blue image in even the worst of conditions. It contains a custom Fresnel lens, making the monitor crystal clear with a minimal viewing distance.  An ergonomic housing was custom molded to house the monitor and the lens, with adaptability to cater to various face types. The molded housing is made from EPP foam allowing you to carve and adjust the fit just right to your face and finishing it off with foam strips for a light tight seal. The goggles come with adjustable securing side straps and provisions for even a top strap. The top housing has a molded curved top for the option of attaching the goggle to the brim of your favorite ball cap for an even more custom DIY fit.

The monitor uses the common RCA style video in connections for video and audio, and has an included mini JST power adapter as well. The goggles can be switched between 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios and comes with 3 lenses included to find the most comfortable FPV viewing experience for you. 

With the Quanum DIY google’s large screen and broad immersive viewing angle, some will even prefer the view to other FPV options. The DIY kit is perfect to get into FPV or if you’re a seasoned FPV pilot who wants to give a bigger screen a try for a new feel in the sky. You could even use them as back up goggles or ride along goggles for spectators!

*Check out the build video by clicking here*

Monitor screen: NON-Blue screen custom TFT LCD
Screen size: 4.3in (16:9 or 4:3 switchable)
Format: PAL/NTSC supported
Supply voltage: 7~13V
Resolution: 480px (w)
Fresnel lens: 3X and 4X included
Size: 140x95x120mm
Weight: 195g

*Note: This is the viewing goggles only, and needs to be paired with your favorite Video receiver, transmitter and camera for the full FPV experience.

PRODUCT ID: 9171000444-0

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  • Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT)

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  • FatShark 250mW V3 5.8GHz Video Transmitter With NexwaveRF

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  • ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz Audio/Video Transmitter - FatShark compatible (600mw)

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  • Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 w/5 inch LCD Monitor (Kit)

    Combo Price: $27.46   BACKORDER
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Alexandre  1 points - 5/16/2016
Hello, I would like to know if is possible to order separately this "Fresnel lens: 3X and 4X included" ? Thank in advance
 mike 6 points
For right now it would seem like it is only with the kit included. Hope this helps
Richard  1 points - 5/12/2016
Yes, for a starter kit this is perfect
Jeffrey  1 points - 5/11/2016
PRODUCT ID: 9171000444-0 If I am reading this right the monitor comes with this goggle kit. Is that correct?
 NTTDnv 2 points
Yes, monitor 3 lenses, and the foam frame.
IVAN_MERINO  88 points - 4/27/2016
I have used this goggles on this video
 mike 6 points
For the money this is a great way to fly fpv hopes this helps.
Doug  20 points - 4/7/2016
For $30 this is a great way to get into FPV or have an extra pair to show your friends when you go fly. I've been flying FPV for a year now and have only used these goggles. Durable and easy to assemble, I highly recommend it. It's also easily upgradeable with various headtrackers (I taped a Quanum Headtracker - $20 - to the top) so you can use this for casual or more advanced FPVing. Here's me flying a sky eye with a headtracker and a pan/tilt using these goggles.
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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Good stuff! Very very cheap and with amazing usability!

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Overall Rating
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Version 2 could be made more versatile by being wide enough at the face end to accomodate people who wear glasses. Not all eye issues can be dealt with by magnifying lenses. The present version needs to be seriously modified to fit over glasses.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Well packaged, simple, quick assembly and is definitely usable. It wont replace my current setup but they sure are a nice INEXPENSIVE way to take people for a "ride" with you. TIP#1 on selecting the lens. Build the goggle completely except for the lens, don't glue it in yet.. Connect the goggle to a video source (Cable box, X Box, etc.) and place it on a flat surface so that the screen is facing the ceiling. Place a lens on the frame and lower your face to the goggle, adjust the lens, rince and repeat.. When you find the one that works best for you, you can attach it. TIP#2 use thin strips of double sided tape on the top and bottom to attach the lens, that way you can easily change it our if you need to. Great product at a great price.

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Overall Rating
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Great design and fantastic value! Fresnel lens is adjusted thru foam at the edges, and works very well. Light tight, light weight and light on the wallet! Fantastic value with the monitor included, they even slipped a couple of extra lenses in my package, I couldn't be happier......Ray

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Overall Rating
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- The screen is average, but enough to fly. Very noticeable graininess. - Mount lens is not the best. transmits light at the edges, had to glue some foam around. - Helmet shape successful lightly pasted wraparound edges and clipped under his nose. - Very light. 172 grams with wires and connectors (which can be cut off and throw another 20 grams)   In fact, for the price, a great acquisition to understand - what should be the helmet and refine it. As a blank - just shine.   - Buy a new monitor. - Buy a new lens for the entire clearance. - Neatly fit foam spacers for a person to not be reached by light.

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